Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 7 August 2017

Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan, celebrating love between sisters and brothers: sister tying thread to brother (Hinduism)

Happy Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday (Ireland / Scotland)

WelcomeWELCOME.  So much to celebrate with the coming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Happy Full Moon. Happy Lunar Eclipse.  Happy Raksha Bandhan. Happy Bank Holiday.

When you walk on a quiet day with a cool breeze, enjoying the sunshine and feeling joy in your heart, something suddenly happens. It rains. It pours quickly and immediately.  If you have an umbrella you are ready for it. If not you get wet or run for cover,  The Energetic Light Codes are pouring in like a tornado. Like a monsoon. Like a waterfall. They will either knock you out, knock you down or you will be able to take the download with ease.  I do not think there are many people who can take the Light Codes transitions in their stride. It is as if nothing is waiting for us with this energy – it is like a fast car racing away and you must make sure you are in control of the car or it will take control of your life and may lead to a car crash!!! Make sure you have your hands on the steering wheel and your wits about you.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse GATHERING Monday 7 August at 6.30pm

moon lunar eclipse 15 May 2014 Stephanie Harrison1Last New Moon in Leo we had the First Vortex of Light Code Downloads as we seeded our new moon wishes.  We have the SECOND VORTEX OF POWER with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and Sun in Leo this Monday 7 August.

Come join our amazing gathering of light workers.

Monday 7 AugustSmilePARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia – LUNAR ECLIPSE – Earth PASSES between sun and moon [occurs in Full Moon only]  Earth blocks sun.  SmileFull Moon in Aquarius and Sun in LeoSmileSturgeon MoonSmileElement – Air/FireSmile Actual Time of the Full Moon in London 19:11 BST (7.11pm)


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Full Moon in Aquarius - Sun in Leo

Energy of Now

GatheringWelcome to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 7 August and the 8:8 vibration on 8 August.  We have all been feeling this energy of pull and push for a while: The extreme emotions of yes and no. The feeling stuck. The things happening beyond our control.  The feeling of powerlessness and extreme vulnerability. The overwhelming feeling of doom and gloom and the final question – WHO IS GOING TO HELP ME?

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines it light so you can see clearly and ‘celebrate’.  You have gone through and experienced inevitable or fated events you have had no power over such as being told your child has cancer.  The shock. The despair. The frozen feeling. The struck energy. It feels as if fate has visited uninvited. We have not consciously invited this in – it just invited itself in – without our permission.  How annoying.  Even our responses are out of our control and unpredictable. One thing that is sure is pain and suffering and shock and a feeling of stuck-ness.

What I have noticed with this energy of feeling stuck and lifeless is that it ends almost as quickly as it started.  It gradually builds up and you feel something is happening but you cannot put your foot on it. Then suddenly it rears its ugly head and looks you with a smile!!! And you definitedancingFullnessly DO NOT smile back! Then it peaks …. and as you go through the process in the journey – it slows down and stops for a while – then starts to move again. You feel the Energy moving – like pushing a stuck car – you have to push and push and push and then it moves – but sometimes it takes a while.  You need to have DETERMINATION, PERSISTANCE, FOCUS AND PERSEVERANCE.

Welcome to the CELEBRATION of your TRIUMPH over adversity, resistance, retrogrades, fear, doubts, negative beliefs and limiting thoughts.  Come let us gather in meditation and celebrate your life and your momentum.  As we gather and sit in silence we call forth the HIDDEN UNSEEN FORCES to aid us – just like the blood pumps inside our body, and we do not feel it or see it, and it gives us Life Force and Energy – So it is, that these POSITIVE Unseen Forces protect us and look after us – if we choose to call forth their help.  ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. KNOCK AND THE DOOR WILL BE OPEN TO YOU. You have to knock so they know you are at the door. You have to be ready to receive with an open hand, mind, body and spirit when you are offered what you are wanting or even something better than what you are wanting. Are you ready?  I am.

Build Up to the Eclipse: Resistance & Retrograde

We have all been feeling a lot of resistance in one form or another in the Energy of Now, as we move up to the Eclipse. Things have been going wrong and things have been going right?

What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?  Which one of these applies to you?

Miscommunication – messages delivered upset and give the opposite intention causing friction, separation, divorce and dis-ease.

Misunderstanding – causes friction, tension, stress and holds up the time frame of a job being completed on time.  Misunderstanding can lead to dishonesty.

treeLifeMuddling – Dates and Times are muddled up or missed. The chaos created breeds lack of trust or feelings of being treated with disrespected.  Broken promises.

Distortions – The muddled mind cannot see things clearly so their is distortion of facts and figures. There is a time delay in everything. Misleading information. Changes in contracts, agreements, etc. causing stress all round and lack of trust.

Power Struggles – within relationships, business, marriage, politics, partnerships – cause disunity and separation.  Opposition gives rise to war and conflict. Negations go wrong.

Dissatisfaction – there is acute dissatisfaction on many levels – in society, in politics, in religion, in relating to others.  There is a warped form of relating on all levels. It is like you are in an internal war with yourself, as well as, others outside yourself.

Weird Things start to happen.  Breakdowns. Computer glitches. Misunderstandings. Disruptions. Delays. Disappointments. Blocks. Stagnation.  Something is not working – something is not right. Something is off mark.

What should you do during this time?

As you sense and experience the things that could be wrong or are going wrong what do you do? Which of these applies to you?

Reconnect to yourself. Compose yourself. Calm yourself. Step back and stay still. BE patient. Reflect slowly – but not too much as this may mess your mind up if you are in a negative self chatter.

Be vigilant. Back up your data. Look after your means of communication – your computer, telephone, iPad, mobile. Fix anything that is broken. Look after your means of transportation – your car, your bike, your truck. Look after your home. Look after your finances.happyFullMoonDo not make any big decisions yet – imagine you are watching an elderly person crossing the road – they go slowly, and the other cars have to wait for them to cross before they move.  If they do not then karma comes in to play a big part in their lives.

As you look at Resistance and Retrograde this is a time for the RE-words – review, rethink, re-evaluate, reflect, re-assess, relax, replay, reconsider, re-do, re-start, revise, re-connect, remembering.

Review your karma, your life situation. Look practically at your life and look at areas you can make a change – big or small. Look at other ways of doing what you want to do – I call this turning the box inside out, opening it up, folding it another way, using it for a different reason, turning it upside down, inside out, to the left and to the right. Looking at a new way of doing the same thing. Changing the people you are working with. Giving someone a different task that best suits them and their skills and talents – empowering yourself and others. Change your life style – or simply appreciate who you are.

Re-asses your life, your views, your eating habits, your lifestyle. Does it support who you are becoming? Re-assess your priorities, your plans, your projects, your results, your productivity, your truth.

Practice DETACHMENT and DISCERNMENT. Be patient with yourself especially. Do not be influenced by negative thoughts that pull you down. Do not rush into anything contractual or binding – allow the energy to slow down before agreeing to anything.

Speak your truth. Let people know what you want. Air old problems and discuss the situation openly and see how the stress disappears. For example, in a family situation, allow your children to celebrate your 60 birthday party, take control and allow them to gift to you and make a fuss over you. Sometimes we need to allow others to look after us and just RELAX.  Sit still and watch a movie that makes you laugh. Sit with people who engage with you and love you.  Go into a silent retreat within yourself.

Better still, Come to a gathering with me and relax and come back home to yourself. Come to your space of being away with yourself.

What could possibly go right?

During the time of the resistance, stuckness, aloneness, confusion or chaos – what could possible go right? All along we have the Energy of Now playing havoc in your life. Yet after a while – The plane lands on time. Things fall into place. Your patience pays off.  Your stepping back allowed the process.

Why is this? Because all the while there is something happening behind the scenes – like you have your eyebrows and cannot see them, yet it does not mean you do not have your eyebrows, because you cannot see them. So it is we have ‘hidden’ and ‘unseen’ forces at work – both working to create a positive and/or negative experience/result.

Mercury/Hermes is a Teacher and the Messenger of the Gods moving swiftly and delivering messages with ease. Working behind the scenes as well as in front of the scenes they grace our presence with many gifts. Gifts we want and gifts we do not want.  Mercury/Hermes rules thinking, reflection, communication and perception. They help you to focus and be clear about what you truly want, as opposed to what you think you want.

So during this very difficult time things do go right. What did you do during this time – as we asked in the above topic – What should you do during this time? What went right for you because you did the above suggestions? What deep realisation did you have? What applies to you here?

CelebratingMandalaPeople feel heard and listened to.  People feel seen and valued. We learn lessons. We gain insights. We transform an old way of doing things to a new more rewarding way of doing the same thing.  We acknowledge our growth and our insights – maybe with a rawness – and a sureness that things are improving. The ship did not capsize. We learn a new set of values for our lives. We learn to play in the Game of Life with Mercury/Hermes – a new set of rules and values come into play as we question our relationships and how we relate to others and to ourselves. By facing the unforeseen and the unknown we enter a state of challenging the way we have been living life.

We look at our RELATIONSHIP and the PATTERNS we are repeating that serve us and that do not serve us. We start to ‘manage’ our relationships better – less conflict, less opposition. We to into more awareness, more depth, more love, more relating, more understanding. We get an uncanny insight of what no longer serves us as we start to understand the importance of our relationship and our relating to each other. We grow more in respect and reverence. We honour the old traditions that work and discard the ones that do not work any more.

You rekindle old relationships – they text you, phone you or you suddenly bump into them.  You forgive them and each other. You forgive yourself. You allow a new RE-friendship. You welcome in a new way of friendship and being in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS TOGETHER. Together you have healed the war-like conflict. You both feel free and the tension and stress has evaporated. A COSMIC CORRECTION has been orchestrated for you.

SacredGeometryWe open up the WISDOM of the UNCONSCIOUS MIND, the POWER of the INTUITION and INNER KNOWING of SPIRITUA INTELLIGENCE, the TRUE SOURCE. There is a great change in the RYTHM of your life as you set new boundaries or redefine old boundaries.  There is a clarity of communication that allows you to be heard and stand strong in your being heard and in your heart felt truthful expression.  There is an ALLOWING of YOU, Yourself, and Others. There is a CELEBRATING of THE MANDALA OF LIFE.

You see Past, Present and Future in a wonderful way.  Your Soul Sings with this Full Moon. You resonate your note with ease as you come back home to yourself ready to receive great insights, LIGHT CODES, DIVINE HEALING, CRYSTAL MATRIX TEMPLATES and more. You are having a KARMIC SHIFT and Evolution and REvolution.

Welcome to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that reveals what you need to see in your life. In your palms you hold the GOLDEN MATRIX OF THE FLOWER OF LIFE with the EGYPTIAN GODS, STAR BEINGS, ACTUARIANS, SIRIANS, ASCENDANT MASTER, ANGELS, ETC.

Benefits of a Moon Medicine Session

with Toks Coker

  1. Have answers to questions.
  2. Gather in a safe healing space
  3. Receive Profound Healing on many levels e.g. karmic, relationship, dis-ease, grief, loss, etc.
  4. Get amazing insight that has been locked away from you.
  5. Improve your Intuition and connection to Divine.
  6. Relaxing – Deep relaxation of brain, mind, body, emotions and spirit
  7. Calming influence in all areas of your life.
  8. Release stress and tension
  9. Improve Immune System
  10. Inspire creative ideas and solutions
  11. Be in the reality of your life – the Energy of Now
  12. Be in the presence of a True Elder, in the vortex of Kindness and Strictness. Holder of the Light of Forgiveness and Truth. A Woman who means Spirit, Soul, Business and Love.

number 8infinity8

8:8 Meditation: 8 August 7.30pm-8.30pm £10

I will be holding a one hour meditation on the 8 August from 7.30pm-8.30pm in my flat for £10.  Please arrive by 7pm for a prompt start at 7.30pm.  Contact Yanni for details;  07961044895  Thank you.

GET  YOUR TICKET HERE:https://88medicinemeditation2017.eventbrite.co.uk/

A lot of information will be shared and you will be transported to your Infinite Possibilities with the Ancient Actuarians, Sirians, and Egyptians.  You will receive your own particular Light Code for your Ascension and more.

You can read more by clicking this link: http://blog.tokscoker.com/2016/08/18/full-moon-in-aquarius-and-sun-in-leo-19-august-2016/

Did you know there is a METEOR SHOWER that is also bringing in a lot of light to Mother Earth? You can read more by clicking the link here: http://www.sci-techuniverse.com/2017/07/get-ready-brightest-meteor-shower-in.html



Invocation Blessing

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

7 August 2017

This is being channelled though at the moment. Once revealed will share. If not before Monday, then it will be channelled LIVE at the Moon Medicine Gathering on 7 August, 6.30pm

Blessings of Love xxx


With Celestial Blessings and Love Toks xxxxxxx

© Toks Coker 2017


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