Full Moon in Scorpio Partial Lunar Eclipse 25/4/2013

HAPPY Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse & Lord Hanuman’s birthday

Thursday 25 April

FULL MOON in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus at 20:58 BST London and

PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 21:09 London (Seen in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia)

Element Water/Earth

Celebration of Diversity & Action of Your Life

On the Menu we have:Ayhan

  1. Invocation Blessing for Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE
  2. ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE(Element: Water/Earth)Scientific
    1. Energetic: Old Memories, Completions & Endings, Emphasis, Blessings, Heart of the Lunar Eclipse & Questions to Consider, Change your Self Talk, Journey through the Frustration,  In-between Time Between Eclipses & Questions to Consider
    2. Celebrating the Eclipses at MIND BODY SPIRIT
  3. Lord Hanuman’s Birthdayrice and greens
  4. QUOTE: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Quote
  5. ACTION: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Action is Celebrating
    1. Jeremy Coker, Virgin London Marathon
    2. Sharing Two Wonderful Friends
      1. Caroline Harper Jantuar
      2. Catherine Jackson
  6. What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop
  7. Feedback from Last Workshop: New Moon in Aries
    1. Shavana
  8. Homework
  9. 2013 Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment

INVOCATION BLESSING for Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus & PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE

Catherine and JJ

We Greet You

Merging With Magnetic Horse Energy

Letting Go of Any Stresses

Allowing Exquisite Fullness of Life

We Greet You


We Greet You

Spreading Invaluable Healing Love

Moving In Your Physical Body

Relaxing Your Treasured Breathing

We Greet You

group hug

We Greet You

Cascading With Peaceful Energy

Balancing Your Splendid Chakras

Healing Your Consciousness

We Greet You

Genevieve, Gary & his mother

We Greet You

Glowing With Gem Colours

Recharging Your Precious Essence

Invigorating Your Unconsciousness

We Greet You

Radiating Love

We Greet You

Radiating Out & In With Opulence

Tube Tuberous Movements

Empowering Your Magnificence

We Greet You

Vietnamese Altar

We Greet You

Seeing Your Ancestral  Continuum

Visibly Unlocking Eclipses of Time

Releasing Hidden Truths

We Greet You

hugging tree

We Greet You

Connecting Your Tree of Life

To Your Family Tree & Humanity’s Tree

Knowing A Good Death = A Good Ancestor

We Greet You

Christian Altar

We Greet You

Filling Up Your Altar

Offerings of Devotion & Prayer

Communicating with Spirit Telepathically

We Greet You

full moon

We Greet You

Doing the Ritual of the Full Moon

Expressing Gratitude for Your Completions

Mother Earth & Father Sky Ceremony

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Telling Your Simple Story

Listening with Understanding

Increasing Your Happiness

We Greet You

Singing Your Song

We Greet You

Singing Your Song

At the Beginning of an Ocean

Freeing Your Soul Mastering Your Life

We Greet You

Happy Family

We Greet You

Smiling at Life Intimately & Romantically

Frustrations Gone

Feeling You are Enough & You are Loved

We Greet You

Golden You

We Greet You

Radiating Your Glittering Golden Energy

Elegantly Pulsating Brain Joyfulness

Valuably Understanding Your Life

We Greet YOU

shadows of your life

We Greet You

Facing Your Shadows

Vibrational Resonances of You

Energetic Exuberances of You

We Greet You

The Face

We Greet You

Radiating Your Inner Glow

Comfortable Who You Have Become

Celebrating Your Inspiring NOW

We Greet You


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Energy of Now 25/4/2013

ENERGY OF NOW: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE(Element: Water/Earth)

SCIENTIFIC: A Lunar Eclipse happens when the earth is in the middle of the sun and moon – the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon. There is always a Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse and a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse. This Lunar Eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse. ECLIPSES come in and complete each other.  They come in pairs.  This eclipse portal has 3 eclipses. This is the first of five ePaul Dunn with Toks Cokerclipses in 2013.

  1. Partial Lunar Eclipse on 25 April
  2. Annular Solar Eclipse on 10 May (Ring of Fire)
  3. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 25 May
  4. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 18 October
  5. Total Solar Eclipse on 3 November (Hybrid)                http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OH2013.html

ENERGETIC: All Eclipses are emotional times.  Lunar Eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses and they can affect us on a deep level and we may not even be aware or conscious of the changes that are occurring in our lives.

OLD MEMORIES: They can bring up old memories and feelings making you feel confused, overwhelmed and in crisis. Previously unexamined areas of your life will light up into your awareness with a lunar eclipse; forcing you to look at your patterns and behaviour.

COMPLETIONS & ENDINGS: Lunar Eclipses come with the Full Moon which means they come completing things or ending things with a lot of emotions.

EMPHASIS: They emphasis things in your life and make you look at the crisis around you. Sudden unexpected emotions or events or issues may erupt causing disruption, pain, and may have long term effects. The feeling of uncertainty can be overwhelming: making you cry and feel anxious and alone. The days before, during and after an eclipse can be unnerving and unpredictable but the transition will bring in fresh air into your lungs.

blessings from the light of the full moon lunar eclipseBLESSINGS: Eclipses come with blessings.What blessings are you drawing down to you today and tonight?  As you call in your blessings and appreciate what you have received bless yourself and others. Feel the fullness of your life today and celebrate it joyfully with movement.  Move your body (earth) and Feel your flowing body (water).

 Connecting through the Heart of the Eclipse helps you to feel your heart and to take responsibility for your relationships – your valuable relationships. Do not assume you are happy: breathe in happiness and dance in happiness. QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: What was hidden and is now revealed with the lunar eclipse? What are you ending? What has ended with this lunar eclipse? What old emotional pattern have you let go off? What habit have you stopped? What person/people are you letting go of?

CHANGE YOUR SELF TALK: MAKE IT HAPPY  This is a time to be aware of your self talk, to change your story is to change your life.  Full Moon wants to celebrate accomplishments and freedom NOT imprisonment.  Do not let the story you tell yourself imprison you. PLEASE do not let your stMr Frogory imprison you.  This is a time to be free. Be aware of the ‘story’ that imprison you.  What story are you telling yourself? Do you not want to stop reciting these stories to yourself? Which story is running your life now?  How is your story ruining you now? Do you find yourself saying: “I can’t live with myself any longer!” “Are there two of me? Or one of me? How many am I?”    All this is negative self-talk.  This is the shadow side of the eclipse.  The voices and feelings in your head, body, mind may consume you to want to self-harm or do something you would not normally want or think of doing.  BEWARE negative self talk about yourself and others as this can twist you up inside and outside!  This awful dark pain in your body, mind and spirit is the impetus to move you to the light of relief and no pain – IF you have had enough of the pain and you are ready to move on and out of the pain energy and pain body.  Let the efforts you make for yourself help you to follow a great dream for yourself.  This is really a time to balance both sides of your nature.  We all have a positive and negative side: the ying and yang.  We are all seeking balance within and balance in the environment to. Make your Self-Talk Happy and you make others Happy.

JOURNEY THROUGH THE FRUSTRATION: Full Moon in Scorpio is passionate, sexy and intense; and with the addiction to smokingSun in Taurus the energy becomes practical, earthy and safe.  This combination of energy makes you think about your money situation and your sexuality all at once.  Frustration with this energy can erupt into anger and arguments.  Sudden quick responses may or may not yield good results.  The energy can swing from one thing to another.  The one good thing is that all the frustration, pain, and hunger in you makes you a want to change and creates a tornado [water]  in your life to balance and calm [earthy].  If you let your story inspire you or teach you something; you will move forward with aspiration.

IN BETWEEN TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSES: This Full Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus comes with a Partial Lunar Eclipse and following this we will have the New Moon in Taurus with an Annular Solar Ecascadingclipse (ring of fire eclipse) on Friday 10 May. In between this time we will have many celebrations:3 May Orthodox Good Friday, 4 May Orthodox Holy Saturday, 5 May Orthodox Easter, 6 May Bank Holiday, 6 May Orthodox Easter Monday, and 9 May Ascension Day. The time between eclipses are VORTEXES OF CHANGE or TORNADOS OF CHANGE both collectively and individually. We will all go through a vortex of change once more and have to face our chaos within us and the crisis that occurs outside us! These vortexes of time and change boost personality change and spice up your life; as you go through lots of ups and downs. Get ready to hold on to something as we journey through all this. QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: What no longer serves your way of being? What lies did you discover? What was revealed? What truths did you discover? What internal conflicts did you go through? What assumptions did you make that were wrong/right?

MIND BODY SPIRIT FESTIVAL MAY 26: Join TOKS COKER in a FREE guided Full Moon Meditaamathyst wandstion celebrating the Full Moon & Penumbral Lunar Eclipse; on Sunday 26 May 2013 from 17:00-17:30. This healing meditation will inspire you and help you know what you need to know right now. With the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse, we celebrate our greatness. You will see and know and feel and touch what is hidden and what is revealed in your live. The question to be answered: What do I need to know right now in my life? Calling in the power of energetic now we create a safe space of warmth and glow.  http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/mind-body-spirit-london-festival-26-may-2013/

TODAY 25/4/2013 IS THE BIRTHDAY OF Lord Hanuman’s birthdayFile:Hanuman fetches the herb-bearing mountain, in a print from the Ravi Varma Press, 1910's.jpg (Hindu Monkey God). He is God of power, strength, valour and knowledge. He is known as the ‘param bhakt’ of lord Rama and is the incarnation of Lord Shiva.  Hanuman, the monkey God is believed to live eternally.  Today call in the energy of power, strength, valour and knowledge into your life.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanuman and http://www.festivalsofindia.in/Deites/HinduGods/Hanuman.aspx

Buddha’s Birthday  / Wesak Day  is in May 2013



QUOTE: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Quote

Jemima Ella Freedman SMILING

The Flower Garland and the other various sutras are like stars in this dark night, while the Lotus Sutra is like the moon. For those who have faith in the Lotus Sutra, but whose faith is not deep, it is as though a half moon were lighting the darkness. But for those who have profound faith, it is as though a full moon were illuminating the night.’ (The Essence of the “Medicine King” Chapter, WND 94)

“I would rather be here now.”

ACTION: Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Action

Full Moon is always a time to celebrate and be seen.  What two actions of celebration have you done before this Full Moon and Eclipse?  What two actions of celebration will you do after this Full Moon and Eclipse? I share two actions of celebration before this Full Moon.

Jeremy Coker London Marathon 2013My brother JEREMY COKER ran the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday so we went to support him AND celebrate  him.  http://www.cokerassociates.co.uk/

We made sure we did not miss him this year as we missed him last year.  We all spread out along the route to greet him.  I was waving a pink boa and wearing bright yellow to celebrate him. We were fortunate to be at the front of the line and greeted him at Canary Wharf at 30km and Westminster after 40km.  Fiona Jeremy Toks PatricAtiti Sosimi and her children were at Victoria Embankment.  Remi, my sister, was at the finishing line to greet him.  It was a very challenging time for us spectators: shouting and cheering everyone to keep going on!!

My highlight of Sunday was my brother hugging me when he saw me at Canary Wharf. I will always remember the look on his face – a look of pure joy and surprise and happiness.  I will carry it to my death.  I cried as he continued the marathon.  group hugWhen he saw us again at Westminster he gave us a I Did It. 5th marathon congratulations Jeremy 2013high five. I am a proud big sister. He was so happy he saw everyone he said. It was different from last year. It made him feel supported and loved.  “I love you Jeremy, my brother.  Well Done.”

Please support his worthy cause by donating a little something, even if it is just £1 as every penny counts and your contribution will make a difference. Thank you xxx    https://www.justgiving.com/JeremyCoker/

We are also celebrating the blind marathon runner strapped to his runner guide, the disabled wheelchair marathon participants and the disabled marathon runner with one hand pictured below.  Thank you. xxxx

Toks Patric Jeremy Remiblind marathon runner strapped to his guid runnermarathon disabled runner with a disabled arm

disabled wheelchair marathon participants

Sharing Two Wonderful Friends

Caroline Harper Jantuah

We are also Celebrating two wonderful friends with this Full Moon energy: Caroline Harper and Catherine Jackson.  The contribution they make to the world is important and invaluable.  Thank you for the gifts you share with the world.  You are both champions in  your fields.

I am celebrating CAROLINE HARPER JANTUAH for her impact on diversity worldwide and her passion with inclusion. “You are a stable influence and a graceful presence of knowledge.  As promised I will be visiting you this weekend.” http://diversitypractice.com/  and http://www.factor8assessment.com/ and uk.linkedin.com/in/carolineharperjantuah

I am celebrating CATHERINE JACKSON for her brilliant delivery of information in a direct Catherine Jackson and JJ her lovely horsesimple effective way to inspire one to professional action.  “You are a true gem.  It was lovely to meet up with you to discuss business packaging. I love the picture of you and your lovely horse. I hope you enjoyed your riding.”

When I asked Catherine what she was celebrating this Full Moon she wrote:  “I celebrate having my horse, JJ, in my life; he’s everything to me. I am so grateful to have JJ in my world because there is something incredibly special and spiritual about horses.”  You can read more about Catherine Jackson on www.mindtrainingsystems.com and www.helpmeloseweight.us.com and uk.linkedin.com/in/catherinejacksonnlp

What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop

We will be celebrating all the above and more…. With this powerful vortex we will also

    1. be healing a complex issue in your life
    2. be looking at an old memory that no longer serves you and removing it
    3. be looking at the crisis around you and holding it in the light of the FullMoon

Feedback from Last Workshop: Wednesday 10 April
New Moon in Aries 10:36 BST London Element Fire

shavana1“This workshops was extremely powerful.  I am actually finding it hard to describe it as it was an experience I’ve never had before.  I am new to the whole spirituality world.  I never used to believe it existed.  My intuition was just my mind to me.  I was a very rational person and spiritual stuff all seemed a bit ‘airy fairy’.

This workshop totally changed my view and my life.  When you see or hear truth you cannot deny it.  This was the experience I had with Toks.  I couldn’t deny what I was experiencing. I felt the energy in my body move, so much so, I broke down into tears because the revaluation was so intense.  I left the meditation workshop feeling so empowered as a person and understand the potential i have in me to be great, powerful and a beacon of light to others. Peace, Love, Power  Shavana


  1. What are you celebrating today? What two actions of celebration have you done before this full moon and eclipse? What two actions of celebration will you do after this full moon and eclipse?
  2. How loving have you been?
  3. How have you discovered joy in yourself?
  4. Where do you feel imprisoned? Why do you feel imprisoned? How do you feel imprisoned?
  5. Create a Shrine of Gratitude with Sacred Objects and Symbols representing Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

    We Greet You

    Kneeling at Your Shrine

    Sacred Objects & Symbols

    Earth: Crystals & Flowers

    Fire: Candles & Matches

    Air: Feathers & Incense

    Water: Shells & Water Cup

    We Greet You

Diary, Contact Details & Spiritual Investment

Venue & Spiritual Investment for THIS Crystal Meditation: Thursday 25 April, Full Moon in Scorpio & Sun in Taurus, 20:58 BST London; Element Water/Earth; with PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, 21:09 BST London (Seen in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia):  http://fullmoon250413-eorg.eventbrite.com/#     Please bring something to share if you can e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. Thank you.

FUTURE Crystal Meditation Workshop Dates:  http://www.eventbrite.com/org/350851891?s=12540716  Please bring something to share if you can e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. Thank you.

2013 dates: http://tokscoker.wordpress.com/2013-dates-Toks Coker 2013celebration-moon-workshops/

Info on Meditation: https://www.tokscoker.com/moon_meditation.html

Info on New Moon Meditation: https://www.tokscoker.com_moon_meditation.html

Info on Full Moon Meditation: https://www.tokscoker.com/full_moon_meditation.html

See you at this meditation. Book your private and confidential 1:1 package sessions. Love Toks xxxxxx

The content and images on this blog are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Toks Coker 2013


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