Full Moon Triggers

Many beings will awake with this Full Moon. Are you one of them?

Join us at the Full Moon Meditation at 5pm on Zoom. What will we do?

We will release any conflicts, oppositions and issues to clear your energy.

We will activate DNA, Light Codes and Light Portals to accelerate your growth..

We will celebrate your triumphs, through all your challenges, issues and conflicts.

We will anchor in our emotions, in a practical and factual way, that creates a balance within.

We will be celebrating the Super Full Moon and the URSIDS METEOR SHOWER.

We will do all the above and more at the Full Moon, Cold Moon Medicine Meditation. Join us.

Toks Rainbow

The opening of this Full Moon (22 December) has been empowered by the Winter Solstice (21 December), making it very potent. To the Druids, it is the First Full Moon of the Solar Year, which started on the Winter Solstice. For others, it is the Last Full Moon of the year 2018. Did you light a candle on the Winter Solstice? Yes? No? Will you light one for the Full Moon? Yes? No?

If you reflected on your life with a lit candle on 21 December, the Winter Solstice; this Full Moon I would like you to light a candle to celebrate your completions, your blossoming and your triumphs. For you see, Winter Solstice is a day of reflection with seeding of new beginnings to the Pagans. Full Moon, 22 December, is about recognising the blossoming and triumphs from past seedings.

This is definitely, an insightful and revealing Full Moon, with lots of actions and conversations.  As one chapter closes another opens. The Wisdom Keepers are watching. The Greatest Light has emerged. There is a Mass Awakening within the darkness of humanity. Liberation of the human race is a big project. Will you be part of this?

What will you be doing? Will you be going out? Will you join us on line before you go out?

We will do more downloads this Full Moon, with golden light balls of codes for healing and rejuvenation. Healing will be given to your whole body, when you are on line with me for the Meditation. Are you ready?

Make sure you book your Moon Meditation on the Full Moon. Here is the link: Golden Light Full Moon Medicine Meditation

  • Saturday 22 December (5:50pm London)
  • Cold Moon
  • Elements – Water/Earth
  • Time of Full Moon Meditation with Toks 5:30pm-6:30pm on Zoom
  • In the comfort of your own space
  • Receive the recording immediately.

3 Wise Men


GRATITUDE: Write down all the things you are grateful for in 2018 and in your life.

THANKS: Give thanks for 2018. Give thanks to the people who have supported you, helped you, etc. Name them.  Tell them. Write a note to them to say thank you.

GIFTING: Gift 3 strangers something small with this Full Moon.

LOVE: The strength of your love can break down any barrier.

Hands of Light team

CHANGES – What changes will you be celebrating? What changes would you have implemented by the Full Moon? What changes brought you a sense of freedom and liberation? What changes empowered you to be lighter and stronger? What changes were you afraid to do, but felt better after doing them? For me, it was a simple thing, such as colouring my hair. Do you know you can CELEBRATE CHANGE?

FAVOURITE SENTENCE – What is your favourite sentence right now? Mine is YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL YOURSELF.  DO A GOOD JOB.

PREGNANT – This Super Full Moon is pregnant with life, power and magic.

EMOTIONS – This Super Full Moon is round and full and fat with emotions. The emotions are overwhelming. The emotions are overrunning – they are running over.

EXTREME EMOTIONS – Extreme emotions such as calm vs. anger. rage vs. joy, trigger ripple effects, if not monitored this Full Moon. When you throw a stone into a river you see the ripple effect on the surface of the river. It seems to go on forever. There is just too much going on energetically. Extreme emotions causes eruptions, disagreement, conflict and chaos. Extreme feelings causes separation, disorder, separation and war. The trick is maintaining a balance. Are you able to do this?

AMPLIFICATION – All your feelings are amplified by this Super Full Moon. Your thinking can be overwhelming too. You may feel you are overcharging and ready to explode. You may feel like ignoring life and people. The extremes of feelings and emotions you have to be alert to.  You must take control and not live with regret because you were not able to control your emotions.

BALANCE & REBALANCE – Wishing you great balance and rebalance. BE alert. Watch your perceptions which may be influenced by your feelings rather than common sense and wisdom. I suggest taking deep breathes before you take actions. You could ask yourself this question: Would this action serve me? Would this behaviour empower both myself and another? Would I like it if someone did this to me? These kinds of questions help you to rebalance your responses and reactions. Good Luck.

OPPOSITION – With the Full Moon in opposite signs – CANCER and CAPRICORN – we find a lot of opportunities for creating opposition. Opposing forces and polarities come into play – you may find yourself feeling insecure, unsure and unstable. We find an upside down house.  Trying to balance the extreme polarities can be challenging. Some opposition may be difficult to balance, such as: practical vs. emotional,  light vs. dark,   anger vs. joy,  work vs. home,  need vs. want,  inner vs. outer,  internal vs. external,  intimate vs. public,  private vs. public. Which of the ones listed here relates/applies to you? Do you live in an upside down house?

TRIGGERS – Triggers can create extreme emotions with reference to your life, your relationships, your money or your feelings. Triggers can cause you to feel unsettled, even if you know you are settled. These triggers create more negative ripples in your life. Triggers can make you question pathways to truth. Triggers can unnerve you. Are you prepared to be triggered this Full Moon, this Christmas, this New Year? I hope your answer was NO.

CELEBRATION – With so many things set against you celebrating your life let us make this Super Full Moon one of Celebration. Celebration of surprises. Celebration of excitement. I am remembered of the song – I am so excited I think I like it, I am about to lose control – by the Pointer Sisters.

What will you celebrate this Full Moon? Will you be open to more fun and adventure in your life? Will the light of the Full Moon illuminate unexpected opportunities and possibilities? Will you be one of the awakened? Will you be one of the awakening?

Working with the energy of Capricorn how will you react to MONEY? What practical things will you do to help anchor your fullness in your own life?

This Full Moon is a GIFT of healing, a GIFT of self-healing. This Full Moon really anchors us to more LOVE, more UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Are you able to rise to it?

This Full Moon highlights your RELATIONSHIPS in so many layers. Are you able to shine the light of the Full Moon on your relationships and see the truths and the lies?

What level of CONSCIOUSNESS are you at right now? This Full Moon shines it light without mercy. As you open to more in your Consciousness you begin to realise the greatness of you.

MISTAKES – I am looking at all the mistakes and taking them in and acknowledging them. Just now I posted this blog without finishing it. How very auspicious.  Reminding me to be practical and of the moment. Being aware always of what I am doing. Also recognising the mistakes and moving one to correct them or override them.

WATCH OUT – for extreme truths, extreme points of view and blind spots.  Watch out for lies, deception and confusion. Remember we are dealing with extremes and misrepresentations.

NOTICE – your instincts, feelings, intuition, and gut feelings. Are they serving you or not?

BRAIN – We will be working on balancing yourself and finding an equilibrium through the chaos. The brain creates consciousness. We will be doing a meditation on the brain with the pituitary and pineal gland.

FREE WILL – We all have free will, and yet, we feel trapped, in feeling, we do not have free will.  Waking up to a greater truth. Waking up to a deeper truth. Waking up to convergence of truth. That is Free Will, but do we understand it?


Well, I think I have said enough about this Super Full Moon in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn. The only thing to do now is to meditate on the deeper meaning and implication in our lives and receive downloads. Join me in the expansion of your mind and the intelligence of your Soul.

I am celebrating omens, magic, signs, symbols in my life. I am celebrating my life. I am celebrating my existence. I am celebrating my relationships!!! I am celebrating my opportunities and my ability to take them and make them mine.

Will you join me? What are you celebrating?

Make sure you book your Moon Meditation on the Full Moon. Here is the link: Golden Light Full Moon Medicine Meditation

  • Saturday 22 December (5:50pm London)
  • Cold Moon
  • Elements – Water/Earth
  • Time of Full Moon Meditation with Toks 5:30pm-6:30pm on Zoom
  • In the comfort of your own space
  • Receive the recording immediately.

Toks Rainbow

See you on the Full Moon.

Love Always Toks xxx


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