Giving my Best with this New Moon

Happy New Moon my Radiant Ones

I hope this finds you well with the Fire element of Aries.

Every day we wake up from our sleep – which may have been good or bad.  We get up with our Body following our Thoughts. Let me explain:  I need to get out of bed, you get up.  I need to brush my teeth. You go brush your teeth.  I have to have a shower. You have a shower. I have to decide what to where.  You go sort out your clothes to wear to the gym or to work.  I have to run to catch the train. Your body runs to catch the train.  In just these simple events, you can see how your Body is following your Thoughts.  Thoughts are important and influenced us in many ways.

Giving My Best means you are Thinking this, and then, you have to take action with your Body to do so. What action do you perform to show that you are giving and doing your Best?  How will you know you are giving your Best? When will others know you have given your Best?  What is your Best may be different from someone else’s Best.  However, each person Giving their Best will be following there Thoughts first, the Body will be following their Thoughts. There actions will be following their Thoughts.

What we think matters. What we do matters. What we say matters. We all have to take responsibility for what we think, say and do. Battling our own Ego is not an easy task to do and we cannot always do it on our own.

The sage battles  his/her own ego. The fool battles everyone else’s. Lovely Sufi saying.

Giving your Best means you are taking the time to give 100% to the person or situation you are in. It is a decision people arrive at due to a choice they have made. This choice may have been triggered by many reasons such as by trauma, health problems, realisation, anger, pain, disrespect, a life lesson, etc. If a health problem, perhaps you decide to look after yourself and put yourself first, instead of sacrificing yourself for others. In this way you are Giving Your Best to Yourself.  If you have been disrespectful to another, and they no longer talk with you, you many learn from they experience, and decide to start Giving Your Best. The choice as always is your.

What choices will you make this New Moon in Aries?  Aries is the ‘baby’ of the Zodiac, that likes to have its own way and cries when it does not. It is fearless and demanding, letting  you know when it wants to eat, play or change the nappy. Sometimes not very convenient!

What new thing are you going to do and say?  Where are you going to be fearless? Where are you going to Give Your Best? What will you do?  How will you do it?  When will you start?  Why would you do so?  Really think about these questions as you take the step forward into your new life with this New Moon in Aries.

Sometimes seeking what is New is scary, uncomfortable, frightening, and unpredictable. It involves change that can be unknown, uncomfortable, and risky. The challenges in changing can be paralysing or freeing. Choose to free yourself from Thoughts that keep you locked up in the prison of your mind, feelings or emotions. The Fire Element of Airs is a good time to free yourself from what no longer serves you. Start with your baby steps.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. This is a wonderful Chinese saying.

We will see you on 16 April at 7pm. Click this link to find our more:  New Me Giving My Best

How about starting with a Prayer and setting a good intention?

You cannot have a future if you keep holding on to the past. You need to let go of the past to move forward. Also you cannot keeping living in the future, refusing to live in the present.  What is important is to live in the Now.

These Moon Gatherings are Energy of Now Alchemy Gatherings, calling you to look at your life though the power of change and refinement with Quantum Meditation.  and reboot and rewire your life.  They are like a stepping stone to your greatness.

How about reflection on your life? Perhaps it is a good idea to look at your core beliefs that stop you from Being Your Best.

Perhaps you could become aware of the Thinking Mind Viruses, that stop you from Being Your Best.  The Brain is a big computer that needs to be rebooted and reprogrammed from time to time. Perhaps you could decide to activate a Quantum Leap in your life with this New Moon?

Remember, the Body is not your Mind.  You can change your Mind and change your Thoughts and create new Thoughts that influence your habit and your behaviour.  You can create New Thoughts, New Choices, New Behaviour, New Experiences and New Emotions that empower you and move you forward.

Your Thoughts are not fixed, you cannot touch them, you cannot see them. They are in space – in your energy field – in the space around you.  Did you know that your VISIONS and GOALS come from the realm of Spirit? These all start with Thought, which involves IMAGINATION and VISUALISATION.

The dancing FIRE of our Life Force keeps us thinking, living, achieving, etc. Thoughts may come to you randomly or not.  You can Think them into being. You cannot always control them.   They can take over your Body, and you say Words you may later regret or not.  Thoughts move your Body to do things. Let your Thoughts be Good Thoughts that inspire a change in your life that nurture the world and you and your environment. Be the change you seek.

Be the Master of your Mind, rather than let your Mind Master you. This is a wonderful Buddhist saying.


So many events to celebrate in the Month of May. Which did you celebrate? Which will you celebrate?

So which ones did you pick?  Perhaps you have others you are going to celebrate? Good.

We will see you on 16 April at 7pm. Click this link to find our more:  New Me Giving My Best



Love Always

Toks xxxx


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