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In 2022 you can join one, or four group programs of 8-weeks to help you heal from Loss, Grief and Trauma, introduce Self-Love, bring harmony into your Relationships, and awaken your Soul-Aligned Sacred Sparkle.

The Four Programs are:

The Healing Path

Say Yes to (before, during and after) Loss, Grief and Trauma

The Journey to Self-Love

Say Yes to your Best Self

The Path of Love

Say Yes to your Relationships

The Spiritual Path

Say Yes to your Soul-Aligned Sacred Sparkle

Benefit of all 4 programs

Structure for all 4 Programmes

Weekly one hour group session on Zoom. All sessions
recorded for you to watch later if you are unable to attend.

Day: Monday
Time: 8 pm – 9 pm GMT UK Time
Length: One Hour
When: Weekly
Where: Zoom on-line
Duration: 8 Weeks

Maximum Number of Participants: 10

Staying Connected during all 4 programs

We all stay connected on WhatsApp. This creates a supportive and helpful community. You share your wins, insights, learnings, and progress. It is a sacred space for questions and answers where you can all support each other. You communicate with each other with ease and invite in a new creation process in your new Say Yes to My Life process. You can access Toks only on the Group WhatsApp, during the programme.

I felt heard and listened to. Toks held the energy for me without judgment. I am transformed because I decided to try something new. Thank you, Toks. I feel very blessed to have met you at one of the most traumatic times of my life.


The Healing Path

Say YES to life after loss, grief, and trauma


This is a program for those going through the emotions of loss, grief, and death and who want to allocate quality time to personal healing and transformation. It is for anyone who is ready to forgive and move on. It is for anyone who has had enough and wants to try something different.
Forgiveness is for anyone who wants to heal and move on from the pain, suffering, and negative feelings, thoughts, and actions that have been around for a while. Forgiveness comes when you have decided it is time to let go and move on. It is time to be free from this negative attachment that limits and disempowers. Forgiveness is for you if you are ready to explore and look at the reality of your situation with an objective eye, which is very difficult. You come to forgiveness when you have had enough of the toxicity in your relationships and your life. You have to acknowledge the pain and the part you played in the outcome. You have to be ready to heal on a very deep level. Releasing sets you free from the past. It lets you go on to a new life. Lack of forgiveness eats up your energy.


The Journey to Self-Love

Say YES to life and your best self

2 MAY - 27 JULY 2022

This is for anyone who knows that deep down they are worthy of true deep self-love, and respect. They want to have the paradigm shift that empowers them in their very own self-love.

They know there is something more they have to offer, and they know they can only do this by loving themselves first. They are ready to really love and accept themselves for who they really are. They know it is not an easy process, but they will achieve it. They are ready to start now.

The expression Self-love is Divine Love is Saying Yes to Your Life is a powerful expression. It is knowing all your faults, failings, and failures and still loving yourself. It is forgiving yourself. It is allowing yourself the grace of self-love. There will be lots of practical exercises, insights, and aha moments to shift your energy into a loving vibration for yourself. It is time to reveal the real you and to love who you truly are.



Say YES to life in your relationships

4 JULY - 29 AUGUST 2022

This is for anyone who really wants a relationship and is ready to do the work to change and manifest their partner or work on a current relationship, whether it’s your partner, a family member, or a friend.

Perhaps you have a loved one in your life, and you are wanting to develop more love between the two of you.

Perhaps you have no one in your life and you are ready to open your heart to love and allow love into your life.

We all want to be loved and cherished, and yet many of us never experience giving or receiving love. We hold on, we do not trust. We watch and wait. We do nothing. We do not even initiate self-love in our lives.

Perhaps you have never had love and are looking for love. Perhaps you have had enough of going from one failed relationship to another. Perhaps you have had enough of pretending to yourself.

You know deep down you are ready to open your heart to more love through healing your pain and moving on. You are ready to learn how to communicate in a loving way. You are ready to learn how to listen 100% consciously. You are read to Say Yes to a Relationship.

There is no guarantee or promise here. It all depends on you to do the work and act. Your partner may be round the corner… Who knows the blessings awaiting you.



Say YES to life and your soul-aligned sacred sparkle


This is for anyone who wants to learn about healing without getting the qualification. If you are already a healer, you can refresh yourself. Your spiritual journey can be a slow or quick process. 8 weeks with Toks, an expert, allows you time to practice what you have learned. It empowers your healing ability and strengthens you to step forward. You begin to develop your healing capabilities with simple practical exercises.

You will learn to manifest healing in yourself and others. You will know what to do when, before, you did not. You will learn about protection, various healing tools, chakra systems and a lot more. Toks packs a lot in her classes. You will experience a change in your abilities and inner knowing as you feel empowered in your own healing abilities. Energy healing is a big topic, and you will learn and practice various forms of healing. 7 principles of healing with tools with practical exercises to empower your Divine Sparkle.

A discussion will be had to understand where you are right now in your spiritual journey and where you want to go. From that discussion, Toks will be able to assess what level you are at and then move forward. She will go back to basics to make sure the basics of healing are secure and grounded. It is important that the ego rests and understands the difference between intuition, ordinary power, and spiritual power. It will be an exciting program. Let us begin.

About Toks

Hi, I’m Toks and my strength is dealing with the emotions of a person and transforming that fundamental darkness into medicine. I’m very loving. I’m very strict. Don’t come if you don’t want the truth and don’t come if you don’t want strict guidance. Saying YES to Life is not always an easy thing to do, as we meet our personal (and collective) challenges and difficulties, in any area of our lives: personal, business, relationship, family, etc. My powerful life experiences and training enable me to help people in all sorts of ways. I am truly blessed to be able to do this. As you look through my website, I hope you feel the compassion, healing, commitment I have, to wanting you to be happy and safe.

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The powerful awareness of forgiveness, gratitude, and presence allows me to bring forth the best version of myself daily, with constant practice.

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