Happy Full Moon in Capricorn | Sun in Cancer

Full Moon in Capricorn – Sun in Cancer. Also known as the Buck Moon.

Hello loves, You can read below what I posted on 19 July.  Today I post about the Energy this Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer brings to your table and share some experiences of the Moon Gathering on 19 and 20 July.  It was a wonderful gathering of Legions of Light – the perfect gathering.  We stated the Moon Gathering Workshop be first connecting to a Legion of Light family in Turkey and celebrated an engagement, a future wedding and a family gathering of love.  Gave a Blessing to the couple, knelt down to the mother and father; and then said goodbyes to the family. We then continued with our gathering in London, tuning in to the people who had asked for distant healing and including them in the power vortex.  I asked everyone to write what they have achieved and what they have stated and not yet achieved on two separate sheets of paper. The evening flowed.

Full Moon BlessingsComing to the Moon Gatherings with Toks has enabled me to speak up and speak my truth.  Seeing the Moon and the BigDipper was a wonderful experience for me during the Full Moon in Capricorn.  Love the Moon above my head.

I enjoyed eating outside on the green grass in Primrose Hill. It was magical looking at the Full Moon while Toks read her Invocation Blessing for the World. It was a fabulous meditation.  Thank you.

I want to come to all of them a I am seeing the positive results. Every single time it gets stronger and stronger now. Legion of Light Psychologist, Model, Actress

The Energy of Capricorn asks us to look at the practical things in our lives that we have achieved and that we have not achieved.  This makes us feel overwhelmed with emotions and the Sun in Cancer releases the tears so we create flow with the tears releasing our emotions of pain or happiness.  Water is a wonderful healing agent with the Moon.  The Moon is a feminine water sign and the Moon is affects us all. There is nothing more magical than sitting watching the brilliant shiny moon radiating to us healing Moon Light in the various colours it reflects: gold, white, blue, silver, etc.  I love the Moon Light.  I love the influence it has on calming our emotions and centring us.

19 on 19 JulyOne of the most wonderful things I have noticed is the amount of pain in the air and in people’s eyes.  The stresses they are going through is revealed in their body language, their eyes, the sound of their voices, the tone, the way they put the sentences together and their sighs.  The issues are all varied and all important to each person feeling their own individual pain and suffering, whether it is finding the right partner, the right job, the right home, the right plane, the right business partner and the right plan.  Just feeling the energy of the world we see the loss, grief, death, abandonment, disappointment in life and people, betrayal, deceit and deception.  We see the effects of human behaviour on humans, on animals and on the land.  We see heart break and despair.  We feel the inertia, the stagnation and the isolation.  How are we going to move forward with all of this when the pain is so overwhelming making you feel like a failure, and you have nothing to live for.

Capricorn is hard working, focused, goal focused and driven.  It is ruled by the planet Saturn which I find restricting.  It is great with helping to form boundaries but can create too much rigid structure that causes opposition.  Rules are meant to be broken and Saturn can break rule and people and institutions and lives.  This is hard. A lot of people on Earth are going through hard times caused by separation and segregation leading to conflict.  So if you are feeling overwhelmed with the energy in your life and around you you are not alone.  It is a cosmic alignment that is forcing change in all areas of our lives and on Mother Earth.  I dread what the Gods in the Sky are saying or perhaps they are instigating all this!  So the element of Sun in Cancer soften all this with water, tears and creates flow. Tears mean flow.  Tears mean the grief is shifting. Tears mean you are releasing.  Whatever the type of tears you make in your daily, practical life is valid.  Just allow the tears and thereby allow your process. Then take action.

We all need to give ourselves and each other a break.  Taking time out is important more than ever in todays stressful living way.

Full Moon ConnectionI flew into London from Germany knowing that on the Full Moon in Capricorn I would be celebrating a lot of things in my life.  The Moon Gathering was powerful.  It was truly calling in the energy and I was completely immersed in the vortex, during the channelling invocation blessing and while making the crystal matrix.  I loved the group work of making the Crystal Matrix grid for the world.  I loved Toks hosting.  The invocation blessing was powerful with incredible inner energy.  It was nice to be bathed in the energy and light of the Full Moon too.

I am taking away with me immense power, new beginnings, empowerment, healing and a new auric field protection.  Toks continues to provide powerful healing and sacred space.  Together we created two incredible vortexes, sending healing to the world, us and our ancestors.  With Toks in our lives we become even better versions of ourselves.  Thank you Toks. Legion of Light Maxi

Capricorn is structure, practical and loves systems.  Cancer is emotional and needing to flow.  When there is stagnation in ones life or in the world we have revolutions, revolts war, migration and uprisings.  We have terror, fear, oppression, bullying, aggressive behaviour, deception and lies. We have people living unbearable lives and being confused.  We have countries with internal and external conflicts, fighting each other and fighting themselves. We live in turbulent times of extremes such as the politic around the world bringing extreme polarities such as Obama vs Trump in USA, Britex in UK, uprising in Turkey, disruption in Egypt and  much more.  We are reminded of the time when the Berlin wall was built and the World Wars.  We remember the Berlin Wall being built and being broken down.  We remember slavery and human wickedness to humans. These are all practical actions (Capricorn) that cause so much flowing of pain and tears (emotional Cancer). Living today is like living in a film only this is real and you cannot switch the TV off.  The devastating effects of all of this is massive and insidious.  There seems to be a systematic flow for destruction of life.  We as Light Workers need to concentrate more on bringing in the balance.

Thank you Chani Niholas for this extract from your reflective newsletter:

These cosmic currents have correlated with monumental events here on earth. Heart-breaking, earth-shattering events that seem to be relentless. Everyday a new headline. Everyday a new expression of the effects of living in systems of terror, violence and oppression.

If we live under a system that refuses to grant us our human rights, there will be push back. Violence begets more violence. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hatred begets more hatred. Inequality will destroy everything in the end. America is founded on violence. So much of the world’s wealth has been and is accumulated through immeasurable violence. Systemic violence. Historic violence. Imbedded violence.

We must refuse these archaic ways of being. We must stand for something greater. It’s time.

If we don’t work at looking at and dealing with the violence that lays both inside of us and surrounding us, all we are left with is the effects of it. We are powerful creators. We are powerful initiators of change. We are powerful and influential. Each of us. Choosing to examine our internal worlds as well as our external ones through the lens of critical compassion will help us to take the actions necessary.

This is no time to rebel without a cause. This is the time to be deeply mindful about how and what we stand for, and to stand firmly for it. Knowing ourselves, seeing ourselves and validating the highest expression of love and justice that moves through us is the only way out of this mess.

The outer events of the world are reflecting the deep wounds that lay at the heart of it. We can heal this if we really want to. But it will take every ounce of effort from every single one of us to do so.Chani Nicholas

Healing the Pain

Full Moon AllowingThere are many ways to heal pain.  You can talk to someone who listens, without judgement, so you feel heard.  You can go out dancing.  You can watch comedy.  You can face the pain and truth of the situation such as  She is truly dead.  He really does not like me.  I did not get the job.  When we ask Why me? we are wanting to understand the pain, frustration and disappointment.  Healing the pain is very important in life. If you can heal the pain you can list your pain and be free of it and the negative effects it leaves you with.  Healing pain helps you to learn the lesson and move on.

I will now share two exercises with you that you can do to help you release your pain and suffering.  It may help you or it may not. I find it always helps me.

Energy Exercise with Mars

  1. First you identify where the pain is in your body e.g. you know the energy of your pain is on the left side of your brain. It is consuming you.
  2. Hold your hand over your left brain where you feel the pain (suffering, sense of failure, etc.)  Feel it and greet it.
  3. Connect to the planet Mars and say Hello to the planet Mars and its Red Chi.  Mars is a planet of war, desire, passion, action and decisions.
  4. Collect all the negative energy in your palms from your left brain.  Feel it fill up in your palms till it becomes a negative Chi ball.
  5. Connect to the planet Mars and ask it to send in the Red Chi to burn the debris and negativity away completely in the negative Chi ball.
  6. Keep doing this till you feel the negative energy has gone.
  7. Once you feel there is no more negative energy then fill up your left side of your left brain with healing Violet Light.
  8. Keep filling your left brain with healing Violet Light until you start feeling energised and revitalised.

    Energy Exercise with Mother Earth

    1. First you identify where the pain is in your body e.g. you know the energy of your pain is on the left side of your brain. It is consuming you.
    2. Hold your hand over your left brain where you feel the pain (suffering, sense of failure, etc.)  Feel it and greet it.
    3. Connect to the Mother Earth and say Hello to Mother Earth.  Tell her you are going to call upon her help.
    4. Collect all the negative energy in your palms from your left brain.  Feel it fill up in your palms till it becomes a negative Chi ball.
    5. Connect to Mother Earth and tell her you are going to dig a big hole and you would like her to take the negative energy from you and bury it deep inside her womb and turn the poison in your life to medicine.
    6. You dig a big hole in Mother Earth.  You put all the negative Chi ball into the hole.  Mother Earth will take and bury it.
    7. Once you feel all the negativity has gone to Mother Earth close up the hole you dug.  Make sure the hole is completely covered.
    8. Keep filling your left brain with healing Violet Light until you start feeling energised and revitalised.  It is always a good thing to put Healing Energising Violet Light into the empty space. This empowers and protects you.  It cushions you and keeps you safe.

    Energy Exercise with the MoonFull Moon Annointment

    Sitting with the Moon is a wonderful way to spend an evening.  You can do it alone or with friends. You can sit and simply look at the Moon till you fall asleep.  You can sit looking at the Moon praying and asking for help. You can sit and look at the moon meditating.  You can closes your eyes and pray or meditate.  You can eat with the Moon.  You can dance with the Moon.  You can fly with the Moon.  I love looking at the Moon.  I find it very peaceful and mesmerising.  I find it all very stilling.  Looking at the Moon concentrating on looking at the Moon enables a peaceful stillness within.  Enjoy looking at the Moon.  One of the most powerful things to do is to talk to the Moon and give thanks to the Moon and ask for help from the Moon.  This is not worshipping the Moon.  It is giving honour and respect and recognition to the Moon.  It is giving gratitude to the Moon.  Every Full Moon and New Moon I hold a very powerful gathering full of love and healing.  Many who come find their lives transformed and changed in a positive way.  It enables them to look more clearly at their lives and really see where they are at.  Your spiritual task is to awaken your potential and life the best life you can manifest.  Do it now.  Take time to come to a Moon gathering with me and celebrate and push your life forward to even more happiness.  Click this link for dates I hold these gatherings:  Moon Gatherings with Toks Coker.

    moon manI found it simple and easy and yet it was incredibly deep and potent.  I loved co-creating the Mandalas and the reading of the blessing on Primrose Hill.

    The ease with which I wrote down my completions and goals yet to complete was really flowing.  There was much more clarity than before. There was also a deep sense of confidence in me.

    I am taking away love and respect for myself, along with a belief my abilities and the courage to manifest my goals into my life.

    A deep, powerful and cleansing Moon Gathering – a Moon Alchemy Workshop – where we created two Crystal Matrix Mandalas for the healing of ourselves and the world.  We then enjoyed the healing majestic of Toks guided meditation in the park at night with an amazing view of the glorious Full Moon.   Legion of Light Yanni


Posted 19 July

There is so much happening with the Energy of Now in the world and in individual lives.  We are all facing challenges and celebrations.  We are facing celebrations and challenges.  The Earth / Water Energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn enables us to look at the duality and extremes in our lives.  I talk about Celebrating Our Challenges in my Newsletter. If you have not subscribed make sure you do so you do not miss any insight from me.

At the workshop tonight I will be anchoring more of the energy and explaining more in detail.  Tuesday 19 July is the Full Moon in Capricorn – Sun in Cancer. Also known as the Buck Moon.  The actual time of the Full Moon in London is 23:59 BST London. The influencing Element: Earth/Water will affect us in causing us to experience high and low emotions all at once.   If you want to come click this link: Alchemy Moon Gathering 19 July  You can pay at the door. Thank you.  See you then.  Love Toks xxxx

Invocation Blessing

Full Moon in Capricorn & Sun in Cancer

19 July 2016


We Greet You

With Our Hands Outstretched

Touching Cosmic Life Force

Empowering Ourselves with Wakan Tanka

We Greet You

Ancestors Labyrinth

We Greet You

With Our Sacred Ancestors

Walking the Ancestral Labyrinth

Connecting with Our Chakras Healing & Releasing

Apologising, Forgiving, Thanking, Loving 100%

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Great Essence of Mankind

Anchoring With the Grid of Love and Happiness

Celebrating Our Fullness and Hope

We Greet You

Masculine Man

We Greet You

With the Celebration of Your Life

Celebrating Meeting Your Challenges

In the Exceptional Great Vortex of Your Life

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Essence of Your Now

Living Your Sacred, Ancestral, Past Life, Now

In Your Honoured Blossomed Incarnation of Now

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Power of Full-On Progress

Calling All Colours to Activate Your Success

Allowing Your Magnificence to Shine Forth

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Alignment of Your Face

Aligned to the Planets of Life

Cosmic Garden of Your Greatness

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Planet of Mars

Radiating Red Chi Flowing into Your Heart & Palms

Breathed in through Your Sacrum

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Planet of Venus

Radiating White Chi

Flowing Down Into Your Lungs

We Greet You

gathering of planets

We Greet You

With the Planet of Saturn

Radiating Yellow Chi Into Your Spleen

Absorbing Yellow Chi from Earth through Your Feet and Perineum

We Greet You

Blue Mermaid

We Greet You

With the Planet Mercury

Feel Yourself Radiating Blue Chi

Flowing Into your Throat Chakra and Kidneys

We Greet You

radiating chi

We Greet You

With the Planet Jupiter

Radiating Green Chi

Flowing Through Your Throat to Your Liver

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Happy Healing of Your Organs

Radiating Internal Smiling Organs

Activating Grateful Happy Life Force

We Greet You

Masculine Power

We Greet You

With the Power of Alchemical Bonding

Allowing Empowerment of Each Being

Fostering Really Great Friendships & Meeting of the Minds

We Greet You

feel yourself

We Greet You

Celebrating Feeling Your Greatness

Your Power Your Successes

Your Victories Your Empowerment

We Greet You

Toks Coker

We Greet You

Radiating Your Radiance

Showing Off Your Aging

In the Simplicity of Life

We Greet You

Toks Coker Teaching

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the Full Moon in Capricorn


This HEALLING CRYSTAL MATRIX is dedicated to the world.  The wooden image on the log of wood was a present, given to me on 7 July, from MY CHILDREN in Bonjuk Bay, Turkey. It drifted in from the sea specially for me I was told.  Behind this wonderful piece of love and power are loving empowering words dedicated to me and I dedicate them to the world and to you.  We have animal totems on the Matrix: snails, owls, camels and dogs.  We have shapes and wands and directional energy.  We have crystals and symbols like houses, hears, ancestors and waves. They have been put together by Legions of Light in full healing and meditative mode.  Each object on the Sacred Space is from a different part of the world e.g. the snail is over 30 years from the waters of Nigeria, the camel is from Egypt, crystals from Brazil and other parts of the world.  Please take your time to meditate on the HEALING CRYSTAL MATRIX and receive healing and blessings.  Love Legion of Light Toks xxxxx

To the Magic of You.

To the Genius of You.

To the Wonderment of You.

To the Greatness of You.

To the Brilliance of You.

To the Radiance of You.

To the Anointment of You

To the Ascension of You

To the Cosmic-ness of You.

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Love Toks Beverley Coker


This Sacred Crystal Matix was made by these loving Hands. These are Hands of Light.  I love and respect every one of these Hands.  Thank you Hands.

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Three Toks Coker Pictures

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