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Valentine Exercises: Right Relationships

My client said – I have no one this Valentines. I said – You have yourself. Learn to love yourself. You do not need another to validate the greatness of you. Buy yourself a card and address it to you. Buy your flowers and balloons. If you do this for yourself you are loving yourself – you are showing your self and your blood how you want to be cherished. I promise you that you will feel cherished and loved by yourself. In loving yourself you are telling Divine, God, Great Spirit that you are worthy of love. You are demonstrating it too to yourself and to others. You are saying I am worthy of love, my own love and deep love.

Life is not about waiting for someone to validate you on Valentines. Validate yourself. Do something new.  Buy yourself a Valentine Card AND a Balloon. Buy your mother a Valentine Card and a Balloon. Exchange Valentine Cards with your friends. Treat yourself how you would love to be treated on Valentine’s Day. Do not wait for another to send you something to validate who you are.

Fall in love with yourself. Have a love affair with yourself. Have a romantic relationship with yourself. Treasure YOU. Have the RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with yourself first. Respect and Revere yourself. Love Yourself. You do this in the way you talk to yourself, the way you think about yourself, the words you use about yourself, the joy you feel in your heart about yourself.

I did this for years. I noticed I started getting lovely flowers, presents and cards generally, and on Valentine Days.  Loving myself first enabled me to receive more and told Universe I was ready for more as I opened MY LIFE to more. This year I bought my mother a Valentine Card and Balloon. She said she did not remember ever getting one. I captured her happiness below. I was so happy I did this. Make someone happy. Give a gift to another as well as to yourself. What will you do different this year?


The ability to make good choices is a life time practice. That is Discernment. This is a Time for friendships and enjoying your friendships. Meet up with friends, make an effort to look nice and go out together or simply relax at home with nice music, food and happy conversation.
Connect with true connection from your heart. Though this is a time of Fated Encounters – not all encounters are Soul Mate encounters. Remember not everyone is a Soul Mate. Because someone smiles or sleeps with you does not mean they love you for ever. Be discerning always, not sometimes. Enjoy and let go. Do not hang on to what is not yours. It is only a waste of your energy.

Speak the truth. Engage the heart. Be discerning. Not everything that glitters is gold. Choose wisely. Do not over romanticise things. Be realistic. Be vulnerable. Release anything that is holding you down or a burden. Act upon your intuition or messages you get. By doing you know if it is good for you. Be open to new experiences and make new intentions for a happier you.


Love Always Toks xxx


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