Happy Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice.

Happy Winter Solstice.

Happy Yule.

Sparkling moments for you all, as you express your truth, and celebrate Winter Solstice, Full Moon and Christmas.

Let the Winter Solstice / Yule on Friday 21 December, begin with an Inner Smile for you. Carry your Inner Smile all the way to the Full Moon on Saturday 22 December and then to Christmas on 25 December and then into the New Year. What a wonderful idea.

What is the Inner Smile? I explain below with some wonderful exercises for you to do. Let us invite in a gift or two to celebrate you. What gift are you gifting yourself with all these celebrations?

First let me talk about some important points on the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice is a Pagan / Wiccan ritual.  It is called Yule, which means Wheel. The Wheel of Life, the Cycle of Life that revolves around the SEASONS, the SUN and the MOON.

SUN STANDS STILL.  The word Solstice means Sun Stands Still. Winter Solstice is the time the Sun Stands Still. It marks the first day of Winter.

NEW SOLAR YEAR. It is the start of a new Solar year.

LONGEST NIGHT. SHORTEST DAY. It is the shortest day and longest night. It is the time of greatest darkness. It is the longest night. Like we await the light – we await the return of the light. It is winter in London and a lovely cold day.

MESSAGE FROM MILKY WAY. The Winter Solstice brings us a message from the Milky Way, the core of our galaxy, the Galactic Centre. We have the movement of the GALACTIC CROSS. This Solstice Sun crosses over the Galactic Equator. The Galactic Equator is the place where the plane of our Solar System and the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy intersect in the direction of the Galactic Centre. How are your doing with the Galactic Cross? Can you feel it?  For me, it feels expansive and inclusive at the same time. Enjoying the energy.

REFLECTION. A time to go inside yourself. A time to journey deep into Mother Earth – to the dark void of nothingness. A time to reflect. A time to be more inside you than ever before.  Deep inner reflection.  What is this deep inner reflection revealing for you? What have you leant this year 2018? What are your lessons?  How do you feel about these experiences you had? How resourceful have they made you?

INNER WORK and TESTING. A wonderful time to catch up on your inner work AND testing of your inner work. Today I had a conversation with my mother and we put up the Christmas Tree and shared a special moment together. A trigger came when she said something and I was aware of it and did not let it trigger me. I quietly responded with a calm question that left her silent and reflective. No arguments. Just my Inner Smile and Love oozing from me.

BEGINNING AND ENDING. The Winter Solstice is about beginnings and endings. Sometimes the beginning and the end happens simultaneously, sometimes it does not as it takes time between a beginning and an ending. You could be office clearing because you have finished a project and this is the last thing you have to do – empty the office.  e.g. a filming project has ended and you are clearing out the office and storing furniture and giving things to charity.

MYSTICAL DAY. This is the most mystical day of the year according to the Druids. So today is a very special day. Make it count. It is about your own Inner Spiritual Growth. When you are in the silence of your mind where do you go? It is about your Outer Life e.g. relationships with your mother, father, children, partner, work colleagues, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. It is about the time before you were born! and the time in the future when you are not yet born!  So mystical.

CROSSROADS. What crossroads are you crossing in your life? Work / Love. Practical / Emotional. Truth /Lies. The Galactic Cross is a crossroad for you. How are you dealing with your Medusa?  How are you dealing with all your Angel? What knowing do you want with this Winter Solstice?

LIGHT. The Winter Solstice is a celebration of Light. It is the rebirth of the Sun. What stream of Light are you allowing into your life? What information does it have? What Light codes are you seeing and receiving? Remember time to make different choices as this is a new Light. This is a new anointment. This is a new initiation. Are you ready for it? How will you use it effectively, efficiently and properly? Practical questions for your spiritual world. Nice one.

BALANCE AND REBALANCE. This is a time to stay balanced and to re-balance if you are not balanced.

EXPERIENCE.  Today I had a conversation with a client who told me his mother was ashamed he was gay and blamed herself and it made him very sad. I said remember to rebalance your emotions and separate them from yours and from your mothers. You cannot live each others karma and take on blame and pointing of fingers.  You have to know, she is your mother, and she has spoken her truth, no matter how painful it was to hear it, and how it made you feel. He said it was a healing experience and he is still processing the pain this Winter Solstice. I said good. This is the time to take it to the Galactic Cross for a great healing.

Truth is, phoenix-like emerging anew in the field of human experience, but it will be the truth which is felt and known, and not the truth which is enforced though authoritarianism and ancient tradition; for truth, as Bernard Shaw tells us, is “What you know by your experience to be true an feel in your Soul to be true.” The Labours of Hercules, by Alice A.Bailey



Today, start smiling with your Inner Smile. Your Inner Smile is the smile inside you that oozes from deep within you. It is peaceful, balanced and calm.  Let us practice the Inner Smile together to celebrate YOU.  Let us begin:

    • Smile at your Heart, and feel your Heart smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Lungs and feel your Lungs smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Kidneys and feel your Kidneys smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Liver and feel your Liver smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Spleen and feel your Spleen smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Feet and feel your Feet smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Hands and feel your Hands smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Skin and feel your Skin smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Bones and feel your Bones smiling back at you.
  • FACE
    • Smile at your Eyes and feel your Eyes smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Nose and feel your Nose smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Ears and feel your Ears smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Lips and feel your Lips smiling back at you.
    • Smile at you Cheeks and feel your Cheeks smiling back at you.
    • Smile at your Chin and feel your Chin smiling back at you.

Really practice your Inner Smile daily; and notice the difference in your behaviour, your thinking and your speaking.  Let that be your GIFT to yourself. You will find that you are not triggered so easily, such as at Christmas family gatherings.


Another GIFT you can gift yourself, is lighting and burning incense,such as Frankincense and Myrrh. When the three Wise Men followed the Star in the Sky, it took them to the manger, where Jesus Christ lay with his mother, Mother Mary. They gifted him Frankincense and Myrrh incense. I love burning high grade incense sticks.


Sit in a circle of candles and write your gratitude list.

Sit in a circle of spiritual books and meditate on wisdom.

Sit in silence with yourself and feel your inner peace and talk to your Soul.

Which of the above gifts above will you gift yourself?

Invocation Blessing for Winter Solstice

We Greet You

With the Galactic Cross

Celebrating the Happy Winter Solstice

Meditating in Silence

Your Inner Knowing

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Birth of the Sun

Harnessing Deep Inner Reflections

Anchoring and Aligning You

Balancing and Re-Balancing

We Greet You


We Greet You

With your Transformations and Shifts

Your Changes and Movement

Your Flow with the Rhythm of Life

Your Glorious Seedings and Manifestations

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Divine Gift of Oneness

Knowing You are a Divine Gift

A Devoted Servant of Light

Thank you for Being a Precious One

We Greet You


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You


Channelled by Toks Coker for the Winter Solstice


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