1.      Opening your heart – your energetic body – to love – to embrace – to comfort and to hug….

2.     Opening the doors in your life to love – inviting in love – inviting in friendships…

3.     Beginning a new journey – a change of divine love and mother earth

4.     Receiving the solar rays of the sun and the lunar rays of the moon.  Really becoming conscious of this feeling of receiving in your life – in your heart


Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn

TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSES We are in the TIME BETWEEN ECLIPSE. This is the time between 2 July Total Solar Eclipse and 16 July Partial Lunar Eclipse? The Time Between Eclipses,

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Aries Warrior Energy

Hello Radiant Ones I hope this finds you well. Thank you for reading my blog posts, sharing and commenting. It fills my heart with joy. 

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Super Full Moon 2019

  You Touch Me without Touching Me. You Keep Me without Chains. Happy Super Super Full Moon. I Love You. Happy Super Super Full Moon

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