©      Cancer is the Mother of the Zodiac.  NewMoon in Cancer invites in NURTURING, HEALING LOVE into your home and MOTHER EARTH. 

©      Cancer rules the HOME.  THE HEART.  THE EMOTIONS.  MOTHER EARTH.  Cancer is the heart and emotions and the pulse of the mother earth energy i.e. family, heart, loved ones AND CLOSENESS – the essence of real living love. 

©      Cancer is concerned and connected to the earth breath and the earth heart and your heart.  All collectively are = One all together.   Cancer is mother energy.  Mother Earth – loving yourself – your earth – the earth in you.

©      Where is your home?  Your first home was your mother’s womb.  Then you came out and your next home was your body.  Extending outwards you have your home or room you live in, your car or anything that surrounds you…..  Your true home is your sacred body = Your body = Mother Earth incarnate in your body. 

©      What is your SPIRITUAL HOME like?  Do you know it?  Do you sense it?  Can you feel it?  This is the I AM.  



©      Opening your CREATIVE FORCE you learn to feel at home no matter where you are.  We will be bringing in the portal of family love and cosmic love and swimming with the dolphins in this NewMoon Meditation. 


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