HOMEWORK = 7 ACTIONS = DO 7 of any of the following…

1.                   Express Kindness, gratitude, sensitivity and sweetness  to 7 people you do not know

2.                 Express kindness, gratitude, sensitivity and sweetness to 7 people you do know

3.                 Open your heart to 7 new things that nurture and renew YOU = Take 7 actions that nurture and comfort you

4.                 Set 7 intentions you wish to create and achieve by December 2009

5.                 Do random acts of kindness to a minimum of 7 people you know. 

6.                 Tell 7 people how much you love them. 

7.                 Tell 7 people how much you like being on earth. 

8.                 Keep positive for the next 7 days. 

9.                 Share music you love with 7 people. 

10.              List 7 things that make you feel joyful. 

11.               Do 7 things that make you give to others. 

12.              Do 7 positive things you would not normally do. 

13.              Commit to 7 things in your life. 

14.              Do 7 things that open your heart energy. 

15.              Hug 7 people you do not know. 

16.              Hug 7 people you do know. 

17.              Do 7 things that show you that you are a spiritual being in physical form.

18.              Find 7 animal totems to work with you. 

19.              Burn 7 candles to light up your life.  

20.            Perform 7 random acts of kindness to strangers. 

21.              Perform 7 random acts of kindness to people you know. 

22.            Do 7 things that make you FEEL joy. 

23.            Tell 7 people how much you love them spiritually. 

24.            Do 7 things that express your integrity, truth and honesty.

25.            Be patient with 7 people and allow them their emotions without judgement…..

26.            7 times a day thank the Universe.  Thank 7 people for being in your life.

27.            List 7 blessings in your life every day. 

28.            Put positive things in writing e.g. a letter, a card, and send to 7 people

29.            The list is endless.  Make up your own list…….


The Universal Healing Tao Newsletter: June 2009 writes: “The word Tao means the way, the way of nature and the universe, or the path of natural reality.  This way can open our minds to learn more about the world, our spiritual paths, and ourselves.”   http://www.tao-garden.com


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