1.       Decide on something PRACTICAL and do it….

2.     Theme for FullMoon in Capricorn is GRATITUDE.  Call everyone you know and tell them how much they mean to you.  Meet up and celebrate.  Express and give gratitude.   {Read Blessing channeled by I} {Come celebrate my birthday with me.}

3.     Do not be afraid to see the light in your life and let it shine through.  By lighting a way forward for yourself/another you light the way forward for another/yourself too.  Set yourself up to REAL Capricorn time to succeed and be happy: CELEBRATE and look for areas in your life where you exceed, excel, outdo, outshine, transcend or shine.  Look for areas of prominences, rejuvenation, endorsements of your aims, benediction of your efforts.  This is the positive effect of a LUNAR ECLIPSE.  {Come celebrate my birthday with me on this FullMoon and celebrate YOURSELF TOO.}

4.     Work on addressing your issues both in a practical and honest way.  Express strongly and firmly.   Remember to observe in a practical Capricorn Manner your own feelings of negativity against yourself and erase them if you can.  This is a time to CELEBRATE YOUR GREATNESS.  Be aware of the following eclipse type feelings where you may have RESISTANCE to your self, you life and to others:  decline, diminution, failure, fall, abandon, stuck-ness, loss, a loss of importance, a loss of power, a loss of fame, depression, sadness, confusion, vulnerability, anger, lashing out, violence, shouting, eruptions, feeling suicidal!, etc. etc. etc. etc.  Remember that sometimes you may appear to be moving backwards when you may just be standing still or rooting deeply.  Sometimes you may feel a restriction when it may be one that holds you back.  Ask the FullMoon in Capricorn to help you know the difference.  How is this situation serving me?  How is it not serving me?



Speaking to my friend, Janet McMurty, we both agreed that sometimes we have to just accept that a relationship is over and there is nothing you can do to bring it back!  She stressed the need to bless the lessons, the teachings and the joy and laughter shared before the change or transformation.  Sometimes we may want a love back or a job back or a person back in out lives.  Sometimes we have to ‘eclipse’ our own life and see the blessing and gift in the separation AND the coming together I.E. in our own ‘eclipse’.  What is your ‘eclipse’ at the moment?  Suring we can see the LOVE in this??  Let me know your experience.

Call in the FullMoon in Capricorn to celebrate an aspect of your life.  Take one aspect and celebrate with the lovely round silver blue FullMoon.  Have you seen it today?  It is glorious.  When you look at it, feel its beauty, love and completeness.  Feel its fruitfulness and fullness.  Feel the roundness of the FullMoon as an expression of your fullness, your success, your love, your joy and feel it radiating all these positive qualities back to you.  In so doing feel mother earth earthing your energy grounding you to take practical actions in your life to further your growth and journeying……. 

1.       Are you the dreamer or the dreamed?

2.     Are you the dragonfly or the butterfly?

3.     Are you the flower or the seed?


Please please please do not be afraid to express your truth to yourself first.  Get clear with yourself.  Also do not forget that sometimes expressing your feelings helps to clarify your own thoughts.  It enables you to fee liberated in my own truth and allows others to feel liberated in there’s.  A very empowering feeling…..  Not easy to achieve but very achievable when you face your fears, pains, feelings and express them clearly, slowly, firmly, gently – all Capricorn qualities.  Not emotional tears…… 

Call in the quality of Capricorn to help you to know what to say and what not to say….. and how to say it too!  Practical.  Applicable.  Remember that honesty is not about being unkind….  Think – When I express myself to this person would I like to be addressed in this manner?  Am I being respectful in expressing my truth or am I being abusive?  Am I respecting that person’s Buddhahood? Higher Self?  Would I speak like this to my best friend or someone I truly loved? 


How/What am I receiving?  How/What am I giving? 

FullMoon in Capricorn calls in your celebration of something in your life – no matter how small…….  Let us come together and celebrate something in your life TOMORROW 7 July between 7pm-10pm in my little humble flat full of healing, safety, blessings, light and courage……  Let us take the step forward together with hope brimming in our eyes, our hearts and our minds…………

Remember that in all your actions are your growth…….  your passions…..  your knowing……  your truth……

I remain as always

with love light and joy


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