HOMEWORK on Fixed Earth Sign, Taurus

  • Stand still for 15 minutes and breathe.     Find something in your life you want to stay in or with that resonates with you in a positive way.  Stay focused in the NewMoon in Taurus and stay stable be it a job, relationship, idea, project, whatever you decide.    
  • Stand still for 15 minutes and develop peace in you. Move to Peace in you.   What area in your life needs to develop peace?
  • Ask 7 people how you might be able to help them or think of 7 people you could help and take action to help and support or give advice or make a difference in the lives of 7 people in this NewMoon.  This is not about being a ‘do-gooder’.  This is about elevating YOUR vibration with Mother Earth and doing something for the people of Mother Earth.  Be kind to yourself by being kind to others.  Continually I strive to do this and continually I encourage everyone to do this…..
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