Indian Head Massage: An Introduction

Last day of September, 30 Saturday, saw me teaching an Introduction to Indian Head Massage at Morley College. Indian Head Massage involves massage of the head, face, scalp, neck, shoulders and arms. It is a very powerful massage to learn and practice on friends and family. Of course, you would have to be a qualified massage to charge for this service. You could easily learn it and practice on friends and family. I give lots of hand-outs such as the history, the benefits, and the contraindications of Indian Head Massage.

It was a wonderful gathering of very lovely students, all eager to learn and improve their skills. They are organising a WhatsApp group to meet up and practice on each other to improve their skills.  This was a wonderful way to spend my Saturday. Thank you ladies and one gentleman for making this a wonderful experience and for all your smiles.  Below I share their feedback and the one word they are taking away after a few hours learning this new skill.

Testimonials / Feedback from Students

Thank you for your wonderful Indian Head Massage workshop!!! I came to learn and improve the little bit of knowledge I’d learnt a few years ago. I needed this to learn to treat my family and close friends. Today’s workshop has increased my confidence in treating other people, which is what I really wanted to achieve. And I so enjoyed Toks singing with positive, uplifting lyrics at the final part of the massage routine. Thank you, Toks, may you continue to spread your love light, guidance and healing. Much Peace and Love xxx

I really liked Indian Head Massage. It was very good experience. The teacher was wonderful. She was very patient with us and I learnt new techniques and new movements and all the students were very friendly. And I really want to do another step. Roubilla

I enjoyed the course and learning and practicing these techniques. Toks has been very helpful and precise. I appreciate the way she focused and corrected each one of the participants, giving feedback and explaining how to do it. She has a positive approach towards teaching Indian Head Massage. I will definitely be practicing. Thank you. Andrea

I liked Toks method and style of teaching. Her ability to make students comfortable and build their confidence. I am more aware of my own posture /stance. I learnt and have more understanding of Indian Head Massage. Would like to study further for certification course. Bobbie

I liked the hair touching exercise in the morning.It was different and broke the ice and bonded us as a group. The one-to-one individual feedback after the practice pairing exercises was very good. The course followed a solid curriculum / format yet the tutor offered a lot more than this – the singing during the final exercise was a nice touch and very special.

I have enjoyed the day very much and feel I have learnt a lot and hopefully can help others now. The instruction was very good and clear and helpful. Thank you so much. Maureen

Course was fun and I now feel confident enough to give massage to friends.Good training style that was interactive. Learnt a lot about techniques.

Toks, you demonstrated well and sustained energy and enthusiasm throughout the day. Thank you.

It was very helpful to practice with multiple partners to better understand how to adapt techniques to different skull shapes, hair types, etc. I now feel confident to practice with my partner and friends. Thank you.

I thought it was an enjoyable and engaging course and very practical. Tosk was great at instructing and guiding nus as a group. I now feel more confident in practicing this new skill. The structure was excellent. Toks made me feel comfortable and helped us to bond as a group. Also loved the song at the end. Sophie

The course was great fun and Toks is a vibrant teacher who is passionate and I loved it.I know how to perform a treatment which I can now treat friends and family. So glad I did this course, Cherly

What word are you taking away?












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