7 Days, 7 Chakras

Empowering, Activation and Energising Transformation

You will receive a very informative, practical, 300-page WORKBOOK to print out and keep for life. It has over 30 exercises, with affirmations, colour meaning of each chakra and much more. There is space for you to journal and answer all the questions. This is a magical workbook that empowers and clarifies. You will know more about you and your Chakras. You can go back to it as a reference point all your life and you can share it with loved ones for years.

You will be working through the program with the workbook – it is a personal experience of your own journey through your Chakra. It is a practical way to help you remember and take notes of your progress. You will be able to work with it for years to come. It has so much information.

Fire Fire Fire Ashes Ashes Ashes Rising Rising Rising Alchemical Resurrection Opportunity to Grow Your Resurrection Your Liberation Your Freedom Your Blooming Your True Self Your Light

PRICE: £150

The workbook has:

301 pages

Empowering your Chakras

Activating your Chakras

Energising your Chakras

Transforming your Chakras

Exercises: 49 different exercises for your Chakras

Explanation of the process of Healing

How to use the workbook

Closing exercises

Grounding exercises

Preparation exercises

Journaling in your Workbook

Affirmations for each Chakra

Invocation Blessing for each Chakra

Crystals for each Chakra

Testimonials: 30 real life powerful testimonials


Benefits for each of the topics:



I love your work. I learned a lot from the Workbook. Just reading it, empowered me deeply, enabling me to understand your work better. Thank you.


Your Workbook
A notebook, journal, or some paper to take notes.
Pen, pencil, colour crayons
A crystal / rock / stone you feel drawn to that resonates with Your Chakras. You can have One Crystal for each Chakra or One Crystal for All Seven Chakras
A happy mindset and positive thought form. Welcome to YOUR Journey Through YOUR Chakras - Saying YES to YOUR Life.


Introducing you to practical ways of working with the 7 Chakras.

Understanding better, the 7 Chakras.

Sharing ways of healing your 7 Chakras.

Empowering a more fulfilled life.

Exploring the healing power of Crystals and Chakras.

Balancing your emotions, your Chakras.

Learning ways of looking after yourself.

Experience a shift in consciousness.


At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

Identify a block in a chakra for healing and transformation.

Know the colour of 4 of the chakras

Demonstrate a healing exercise for healing a chakra.

Explain what grounding is.

Practice a healing exercise for a chakra

Know where and when a Chakra is blocked or out of balance.

Discuss a Chakra in detail.

Do a cleaning Chakra exercise.

State 3 affirmations for one Chakra.


As you Journey through each of the Seven Chakras, there will be a lot of learning and a lot of insights. Your learning will excite you to deeper spiritual growth and spiritual development. You will learn a new way to activate each of your Chakras, and to transform the poison in your life into medicine.  You will be learning and experiencing how to have an alchemical change in your life as you transform sadness to happiness. You are learning how to manifest a happier and balanced life.  Congratulations.


It is a good thing to prepare a few things before you start any deep healing work on yourself. Remember, the choice is yours alone.

Come with an open mind. Prepare to open your mind, body, and spirit, to learn a new way of learning and rising. It is always good to begin like you know nothing, then your Ego does not get in the way of your learning.
a. Allocate a time when you will not be distractions from social media, telephones, etc.
b. You decide how long it will take you to finish the course. Do you want to take a day or longer? I suggest you finish the course within a week of starting it. Here are some suggestions on time that can help you.
i. Decide to work in batches of 20-30 minutes and then have a 10-minutes break.
ii. Decide to work in batches of an hour, then have a 20-minutes break.
iii. Decide you will allocate 3-hours a day, or half a day
iv. Decide you take out one whole day.
1. For those who want you can wear a simple lovely all white outfit to express your purity and vibrancy. You can even have white socks and slippers or shoes.
2. If you prefer, you can wear the chakra colour for each chakra, to do the chakra exercises, e.g., wearing red when doing the exercises on the Base or Root Chakra.
Have your pen and paper or journal to take notes. You will be allocated time to fill in your experiences, thoughts, learning, etc. in your workbook.
Have water beside you to drink and help with the exercises and learning. Water is flow and movement.
Take breaks during the exercises (rest, eat a snack, sleep, go out for fresh air, listen to nice healing music, etc.)
Ideally, no smoking too.
You can have candles, incense, and oils burning, if safe. You can have soft music playing in the background. You decide what you would want around you as you listen to the teachings and do the exercises and write in your workbook. You can sit in front of an altar or sit in an altar you created.
You can have a crystal to hold during the exercises. There are over 14 pictures of crystals in the Workbook. In this course if you do not have a physical crystal, you can look at the pictures in the workbook. There are at least two crystal pictures for each chakra.

Is this for ME?

What Are You Wanting?

Are you wanting peace in your life?

Are you looking for the time you will ever know happiness?

Do you want to find where your blocks are to your relationship or your money? 

Are you tired of your life and your thoughts?

Are you wanting to find more happiness and more manifesting in your life?

What are you wanting?  

What do you really, really, want?

Reminds me of the Spice Girls song ‘Wannabe’.

Do you find you are in an over co-dependant relationship?

Do you find it difficult to stand on your own? 


We are afraid to ask for what we want.

we have lost trust or belief in ourselves.

we have lost our way. 

we have given up and have lost hope.

we have decided we do not need intimacy or love

we cover our own sadness and suffering

we pretend we do not want what we want.

we deny what we want.

we belittle our desires and wants

we believe others have what they want….

we believe we do not deserve anything…


Here is a simple exercise you can use to check if you should participate in this workshop and journey through your Chakras.


Imagine closing your eyes and inviting in stillness and silence into your room, your space. 

Imagine the stillness and silence sitting with you and smiling. 

Imagine all your Chakras engaging with stillness and silence.

Imagine your Chakras dancing with stillness and silence.

Imagine your Chakras shouting YES TO LIFE.


Ask one question – should I join this workshop?

LISTEN to your answer.

YES If you get a Yes, simply take the action and book your ticket.

Not Sure or Confused?  If you are confused and not sure, simply, ask the question again in five minutes later or the next day.

I am confident your answer will by YES.

Yes? No?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused like you are all over the place and cannot settle?

Are you having restless nights, unable to sleep and relax?

Are you breaking out on your skin and not understanding why?

Are you finding it hard to trust; feeling manipulated?

Do you feel unworthy of love or/and unworthy to love?

Have you had enough of finding the answers yourself and getting nowhere?

Are you ready for a more honest approach, to your life, with yourself?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, you know you are being called to do this for yourself. Gift yourself a day of power and answers with clarity.

What Will You Recieve?

Deciding to do this one workshop is a magical choice you make or decide for yourself. You will receive practical tools, methods, and principles you can use the rest of your life. And much more.

We Welcome Your Precious Heart

We will be Saying YES to Life as We Journey Through the Chakras. This is a life journey.  We will be working through what it is to say YES to the Chakras and what is it to say NO to the Chakras. For example: The Heart Chakra negative thought says NO when it says: “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not loved”. We transform this to YES when we say a positive thought such as “I am loveable” and “I am worthy”.

What Will We Do Together?

We will journey through each of the Chakras, looking at what works and what doesn’t work for you, individually. And, how you can make what doesn’t work, work.

We will go through each of the Chakras and do a lot of clearing, a lot of healing, a lot of transformation, through releasing fundamental, limiting thoughts, ancestral clearing, and removal of blockages.

We will be working very deeply with each Chakra. We will look at the negative thoughts, fears and doubts you may have in your separate Chakras. Each Chakra has something that is negative and something that is positive. You will learn more about each Chakra and how they affect your moods, feelings, and decisions.

We Will Be:

Releasing Blockages

Letting Go of 'stuck' feelings

Creating Flow

Your Life Moves with Simplicity

Aligning Yourself

Manifesting with Ease and Grace

Empowering and Emboldening

Believing in Yourself

Supporting You

You are Worthy of Love and Success

Transmuting the Past

Healing Disempowering Memories

Purifying the Mind

Creating Clarity and Stillness

Personal and Spiritual Development

Allocating quality time for your very own individual Personal Development and Spiritual Development as you journey through the Chakras. This is a personal journey to your own purification and breakthrough. This is a must-do, must-have experience.

As an Alchemical Soul Magician, Toks will be journeying us with her vast years of life experience and expertise as a Coach, Healer and Teacher.

Blessings and Downloads

There will be lots of downloads and blessings on the course.  If you want extra blessings and healing, for a particular area in your life, you can always book a session with Toks.

Clear and Balanced Chakras
It cleared and balanced my chakras. The exercises were very thorough, very deep and symbolic. They were testing, intriguing and challenging. The group energy was warm, enduring, committed, dynamic and embracing. Yanni Konstantinopulos
I love your work. I learned a lot from the Workbook. Just reading it, empowered me deeply, enabling me to understand your work better. Doing the simple practical exercises, I thought would be uncomfortable, but they were not. Thank you. Patric Nwaozuzu
One Year Journey Through the Chakras
Six months ago my life was at its peak, I was healthy, confident and full of life and was ready to start a family. However, suddenly this was shaken after receiving a blood test result. My whole world turned upside down and I decided to improve my health & wellbeing and that is when I met Toks for a lymphatic massage. I've been seeing Toks since, and she has helped me regain my health and vibrant personality and confidence that had disappeared. She has worked very effectively with my energy levels and has performed lymphatic, nurturing and Thai massages, healing, removal of toxins, mentoring, assisted with my deep breathing & relaxing techniques, and has provided me with the energy and confidence to think positively and plan my future again. It has been a real-life journey through my Chakras. This resulted in a very timely and planned pregnancy. Thank you very much Toks. 12 months later: "My baby is fine and healthy just like you said. The delivery went well just like you said. Thank you, Toks." Surinder Basra
First Time
My first time here. It is 3am in New York. I just feel so peaceful. Thank you very much.
Marlene Henry
I am at the beginning of my personal spiritual awakening. The group blended together in unity as one. I found the teacher amazing. The space was open, safe, inviting. The overall experience was wonderful, excellent, different and enjoyable.
Vijay Maru
7 Years Journey Through My Chakras
The work with Toks Coker for the last seven years of my life has been life-changing. It has completely transformed my life path, my spiritual practice and karmic debris. I have learned a lot about myself and deepened my own work and interest in spiritual work and practice. From transforming the relationship with myself, my family and other people around me, one of the biggest lessons has been that I can empower myself to shift the alchemy in my life and create the life I want."
Maxime Lichtenberg
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