Newmoon date: 25.2.2009


Pisces is a water sign, deep, emotional like the ocean and its waves.  It is the end and beginning of all things.  It is end of the cycle of evolution and the beginning of the cycle of involution.  It is life and death.  It is the rhythm of life and death.  It is the state of ku and ke.  It is the Divine Wisdom of all.  It is where we merge with the Divine and the Source of all.  Welcome to the NewMoon in Pisces.  What a wonderful thing.  What a wonderful thing.


Leo Tolstoy [1828-1910], Russian author:  “Only through a spiritual revolution [human revolution] can we achieve the greatest happiness and the most ideal society humanly desirable for ourselves and others.”  This will lead to the transformation of the destiny of all humankind.



Why? – Why are we all still searching?  Sometimes it may take a long time and a hard time to get what we want.  We all want to be happy.  We all want to make others happy.  We do not want to be responsible for someone going for therapy.  But we may have to face the fact that some people may be having therapy because of us!!!!  There is a lot to learn with reference to loving unconditionally.  NewMoon in Pisces asks us “Do you love me?”  “Do you love you?”  The search starts and ends with YOU. 


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