Mars in Aries 26.03.09


Mars God of WarMars God of War


Aries is ruled by MARS. The planet Mars is fast and quick and a warrior.  Assertive.  Hot-headed.  Absolutely unafraid of any challenge.  Lots of energy available for you to use if you want to.  Use it well.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Last month was Pisces – the last sign which represents death and consciousness of the soul. We enter a new cycle with Aries in this NewMoon – a real double whammy. Great. A time to have no fear and cry for what we want. If there is something you have been wanting to do and have not done so now is the time to do it with the energy of Aries and Mars. A time to get rid of lingering dis-ease with this energy – any form of procrastination or inertia….Face the Fear and Do…



Bring out the warrior in you. Have dialogue with your WARRIOR SELF. Have a fresh dialogue with your Warrior Self. Aries is the Warrior. Are you a Warrior? What kind of Warrior are you? Think about this carefully. Really think and feel and intuit: What kind of a Warrior am I? What kind of a Warrior do I want to become? I am a Sage Warrior that is why I do my spiritual work. That is why I teach. I am a Healers Healer.  I am a Healers Warrior.  I am.  I am a teacher of teachers. Say positive things about yourself.  I am a billionaire.  I am a billionaire.  I am a billionaire.   Are you a teacher of teachers? Are you a teacher of leaders? Are you a leader of teachers? Are you a leader of leaders? What type of Warrior are you? 



Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness may run high with Aries NewMoon. Determination and spunk too. Think of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind. With clenched fist she looks to heaven and shouts “I’ll survive this…” And she did! Even with her shattered emotion, dead child and husband leaving her she said “Tomorrow is another day.” She never gave up no matter what obstacles or hardships came her way!!! It is her fighting spirit that expresses the fighting spirit of never giving up no matter what. What in your life are you willing to fight for and preserve and keep safe? Your home? Your money? Your food? Your relationship?  Where is your FIGHTING SPIRIT?  What do you VALUE enough to make your fighting spirit? 


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