Spiritual Counseling

When one is praised highly by others, s/he feels there is no hardship s/he cannot bear. Such is the courage that springs from words of praise. Buddhist


The way to success and purification is through self examination/exploration of our defects, weaknesses and failings.

Spiritual Counseling
is intuitive listening. Toks intuitively listens to what you say and what you do not say. She intuitively listens without judgement, gently offering intuitive healing guidance in a safe nurturing space. This very gentle healing approach enables you to talk and receive healing at the same time. Perhaps for the first time you may feel that you are being really heard. Perhaps for the first time you may feel someone does care about your thoughts and feelings and perhaps understands YOU without judging you. This is inter-active and is about taking 'response-ability'. Improving your ability to respond to and be responsible for your life.

Spiritual Relationships is for when you want help to face and heal the rifts in your relationships e.g. social relationships with friends or acquaintances, work relationships as well as relationships at home (in marriages, in the family, with lovers, partners, brothers, sisters, etc). This is about restoring balance in your life and your relationships thus helping you regain peace of mind, focus, clarity and understanding on your life. You begin to realize that the most challenging aspect of healing and life is learning to love yourself (and others!) unconditionally - not an easy thing to do.

"Toks sees more than most will ever know.  She has seen into my mind and she has seen into my heart and empowered me to heal and live in power.  x”   Lucy Palmer

"The insight of an Angel, The wisdom of the Ancients, The compassion of a Theresa, A sweet Treasure with no measure.  She renders me speechless.”  Julius McNeil

"Toks' work is invaluable. Toks has helped me cleanse, heal and clarify my life purpose and has allowed me to bring both true love and abundance into my life. She has also helped me understand and complete past relationships and value and enjoy present ones. I have no doubt that the great life I am living now, including meeting and marrying my true love, has been created as a result of the work I have done with her help. I cannot recommend enough the depth, sincerity, wisdom, purity and integrity of Toks work. She is the healer of the highest order.”     Company Director

"Read your letter a few times. Made a lot of sense. I very much agree. Your guidance is always greatly appreciated!  Many thanks.”  Email from Business Entrepreuner in Jordan

Which of the Following Applies to You?

  • undecided about a decision, situation, person
  • issues of separation and abandonment
  • not looking after yourself, looking after others
  • rescuing others, abandoning yourself
  • exhausted by your experiences
  • unhappy childhood, adulthood, old age
  • unhappy and unfulfilled no matter what you achieve
  • unfulfilled relationships that are obsessive, addictive, abusive
  • falling for the wrong person, trying to hard to make it work
  • lack confidence, insecure, feeling suicidal
  • angry, nervous, stunned, battered
  • feeling lonely, unloved, deep buried pain
  • unresolved issues, memories and pain
  • feeling empty inside, not worthy, not able
  • trying to change yourself or the other person in the relationship
  • emotionally cold, too emotional, love too much, love not enough
  • inability to love, feel or express emotions,
  • over-reacting, under-reacting
  • constantly searching for 'real' love, 'real' life
  • confused - always trying to make the right decision or please others

If any of the above applies to you then you could benefit from a session of Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Mentoring,Spiritual Guidance or Spiritual Relationships.

Spiritual Counseling
with Toks

Toks Beverley Coker


Spiritual Counseling
Session Benefits

These sessions give you the power to change and heal yourself, to learn the lessons inherent in the situation, to forgive and let go, to move on and make conscious decisions that are proactive and progressive.

Toks knows that it is sometimes not easy to do all these things alone. She has found that sometimes a little bit of help from someone you can trust, someone who is not judging you and who can really listen can help.

She is saying: Let us work together, let us help you to make you the way you would like to be, even better than you could possibly imagine. "Ho and so it is."

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