Moon Alchemy Workshops
Working With the Energy of Now

Every two weeks, we have a New Moon and in another two weeks, we have a Full Moon.

On the specific dates of the New Moon and Full Moon, we meet:

  • meditating
  • praying
  • channelling crystal light
  • sending and receiving healing energy whilst in a sacred, safe space.

Healing our lives and pain, we celebrate where we are without judgement, accepting ourselves as we are.

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You Are All Welcome

These Moon Alchemy Workshops are always welcoming, uplifting and nurturing.

Gathering of Magnificent Spiritually Aware, Like Minded People

The gatherings bring together quality light filled people who are Seekers of the Light

What are the benefits of Moon Alchemy Workshops?
What is the Full Moon Alchemy Workshop about?
What is the New Moon Alchemy Workshop about?

Every Two Weeks We Are Calibrating with the Energy that is our here and NOW

“Thank you. It is such an honour to finally be here in your circle. I felt welcomed from the very moment I walked through the door. It’s been an amazing, uplifting, nurturing and loving experience. Thank you from my heart to yours. Much Love”

Sharon Gordon

“The meditation this evening was very powerful; and I met some fabulous and light filled people. Thank you Toks for holding such a supportive space”

Emily Burfoot

“Thank you Blessed Toks for the sacred space that you create to allow people to expand into the fullness of themselves”

Becky York


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When people arrive for the New Moon Alchemy Workshop, Toks is usually all dressed up in white.

She has crystals at the ready and everybody creates a crystal grid for themselves, whether it’s a Full Moon or a New Moon.

The Sacred Space has music playing, incense perfuming the air and candles lighting the way.

In this safe healing space a lot of quality work is carried out.

Why is it That Toks Works So Effectively with Crystals?

Because Toks believes that within us, we have crystals, and we have a crystal matrix within our DNA and this crystal helps us and enables a fast healing process that is necessary in today’s world.

Because things are moving so quickly today, we need something that will help to move the energy quickly in us and move the dis-ease, the frustration, the anger, the rage to move it out through us, so we can refresh and enlighten our energy.

Toks loves crystals and believes they do something that is magical. They are a power magnet attracting, protecting, healing and comforting. In these wonderful workshops, everybody picks crystals to use and they also co-create a Crystal Matrix for the World.

Come co-create healing for the world and send blossoming healing to the world.

Many tools are used to help induce a feeling and a sense of perfection.

There is a guided meditation to uplift and motivate your energy in a positive way for your sacred practical life on Earth. Working with healing crystals, to cleanse and empower you, intensifies the healing experience.

Drawing healing cards further helps you to understand, in a practical way, the messages that you got in the healing exercises and meditation.

There will be lots of laughter as well as explanations with questions and answers.

The New Moon is about planting and seeding what it is you need to do and build. On the day of the New Moon, Toks asks everyone to make a list of their New Moon wishes “what they are wanting”. The New Moon Wishes are written whilst holding some crystals, either in your hand or in your socks.

Toks guides you to sense and feel that, as you write your wishes, that they are written in the sky. That, as the wishes are written, they are written with the knowing that this is what you want, and so it will be given.

It can be things like, “I want a new car, a new house. I want to go through a divorce with ease. I want to be better in my career.” The Wishes are meant to be measurable and realistic.

They must also be written in the positive, “I am great at doing what I do. It is with ease that I move from one thing to the other.” So you write them in the positive, and then you be specific, “I’m going to set up my business, i am going to buy my house, I speak to my mother, i am going to start my mortgage, I speak to my brother. I apologise to my best friend., and, I need to forgive myself.”

As you write your Wishes, you are blessing yourself in your writing, in a Sacred Space. And it is in this Sacred Space that we are anointing you, in the meditation, and in the Blessing and Invocation that we do.

Feel and sense the magical tunnels in your life, the hidden tunnels in the labyrinth of your life, feel them being revealed as they take you to the next dimension, to the next thing that brings you more joy, more happiness, more fulfilment, more financial abundance, more recognition, more peace.

On the New Moon…

We write our New Moon wishes, desires, goals, visions and wants. In our meditation, we plant our seeds knowing that they will grow and bloom. We refresh ourselves by starting again and Starting from now.

We let go of our past, knowing we are not our past. In the present moment, we create a future with our writing, intention and praying meditation. We call forth that future in to the now.

We anoint ourselves with Divine help and inspiration. We know this is a good time to honour the beginning of new things in our lives. We invite in a birthing, a creating, and a beginning.

We ask ourselves What do I need to birth forth in my life right now?

We are always willing to apply the principle of Honin My Starting from Now.

The Energy of Now is about working with the principal of Honin Myo.

Full Moon

Now a Full Moon, a Full Moon is about celebration. Your celebrating your life.

So the New Moon will be planting the seed, so that the Full Moon will be, ‘What have you celebrated and achieved in that time?’ It could be that you actually made the effort to come to the Full Moon Alchemy Workshop.

That could be your celebration, because you took time out of your busy schedule to come to the Full Moon and thats making a strong intention. So the idea is to anchor and bring forth, from Great Divine, your Spiritual Essence, your Power.

Not physical-flesh power but your Spiritual Power, and bring that in to the Energy of the Full Moon and sit, like a King or a Queen, or like an Emperor or an Empress.

Toks says that this is done for the Spiritual Light The Light that you shine, the Light that you are, that you sometimes forget. So the Full Moon is about addressing your radiance.

On the Full Moon, we celebrate what we have bloomed from what we seeded during the New Moon. We celebrate what we have completed or almost completed. We also celebrate what we are completing and celebrate a future completion. We observe where we are and celebrate where we are.

Sometimes, just making the journey to join the Moon Alchemy Workshop, is enough; and is the completion; and the celebration. We just do not know how much we have achieved until we sit in a safe sacred supportive space to reflect and write our achievements, no matter how small. The small achievements are just as important as the big ones and have been known to be the most important.

Connect with Higher Self

The Full Moon enables you to connect to your Higher Self and feel shifts in your body.

toks about page meditationThe Invocation comes through Toks every two weeks. She cannot sleep, it keeps her awake though the joy that she feels, of receiving the Invocation, is everything. When Toks is invoking, she brings down a Blessing for the world, from the Divine

These healing Moon Alchemy Workshops are wonderful gatherings of empowerment, love, healing, and cleansing in a practical space; where you are seen and recognised. This is a very good way to set aside sacred time to renew, review, reflect and gain insight about your life in a different way.

Connection with Inner Cosmos

One of the fascinating things about these Workshops is the power to connect to one’s own Inner Cosmos and yet remain grounded.

“The experience was light and grounding all at once a sense of worlds shifting / planes shifting in and out as primordial consciousness. The group dynamics were refreshing though verbal and eye contact was scarce very interesting. So glad I came.” Collin Clay Chace 

Working with both the Energies of the Full Moon and New Moon, Toks holds a Sacred Space and offers distance healing or remote viewing to those who have asked for it on her Hands of Light Healing Page.

Every two weeks, a healing request form is placed on top of her Hands of Light Healing page on Facebook.

You can always put your healing requests when you see it pinned on top of the page.

Click on the link below and like her Hands of Light Healing Page. Thank you xxx

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“One session with Toks was more healing and much more fun than months and months of traditional therapy. The healing vibe was felt immediately upon contact – days before the actual session. I adore her powerful spirit, honesty, and openness to hearing and healing the deepest part of ourselves.”


“Toks sees more than most will ever know. She has seen into my mind and she has seen into my heart and empowered me to heal and live in power”

Lucy Palmer

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