What are Ritual Ceremonies and why have one?

When it comes to healing our relationships (romantic, business, friendships etc.), releasing charmic patterns or idendifying negative blockages ritual ceremonies are a wonderful way to release, to let go and to empower.

The need to feed the Soul, Spirit, Mind, Body and Emotions is crucial to daily life, especially in the 21st century!

What do you feed and nourish yourself with?

The positive Toks uses to heal and bless so many on a daily basis is used to oversee special occasions both nationally and internationally.

Enabling Sacred Healing

Ritual Ceremonies performed by Toks are healing sacred acts performed to honour, acknowledge, empower, endow and invoke blessings. All bring healing to the person or environment. The practical actions have symbolic meaning, symbolic value and symbolic power.

The actions have meaning to the people who are having the Ritual Ceremony.

Toks always says that, ‘In the Doing of the Ritual Ceremonies and the Ceremonial Rituals is the Believing, the Knowing, the Allowing and the Wanting’.

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A Ritual Ceremony is a ceremonial action or event
performed with ritual significance to honour and acknowledge.

It can be formal, informal, casual, elaborate, simple,
spontaneous, religious, sacred or healing.

There are many types of Ritual Ceremonies.

A Ritual Ceremony celebrates and invokes a Blessing into your home, office, space and property.


You may want more happiness in your present relationship, marriage, friendship, career, work, or business.

You may want to celebrate the arrival of a child you thought you would never have. You may invoke the protection you need in your life, such as in your marriage and family.

You could hold a Ritual Ceremony to bring in harmony and peace in times of personal or family chaos.


A Ritual Ceremony can be a Rite of Passage to mark a person’s transition from one status to another, such as becoming a mother, marriage, or death.

As with all Rites of Passage, we have a separation from the old way, a transition into the new way of being and then an amalgamation of the new way into daily life. This transformation is crucial to living happily.


A couple going to be apart for a few weeks or months due to work or training may renew their vows of faithfulness to keep them close when far away from each other.

A Ritual Ceremony could be an Invocation of a Sacred Marriage and/or a Sacred Family that you are wanting and affirming for yourself and your partner; and your children, if you have any.


A Ritual Ceremony can be for a clearing and cleansing of a house, office, property, space or land. The clearing involves removals of negative energy and filling the space with positive energy.

This is a Ritual Ceremony that invokes the blessings from Mother Earth and Father Sky.

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What preparation is required
before a Ritual Ceremony?

  • Before the Ritual Ceremony, a consultation to ascertain what is required will be taken.
  • This can be done face to face, in person, via Skype or over the phone.
  • Time will be allocated to prepare for the Ritual Ceremony.
  • As part of this process, Toks will produce a Ritual blessing document which will be used for the basis of the blessing on the day.
  • This document will be presented to the client at the end of the Ceremony.

Booking a Ritual Ceremony

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“One session with Toks was more healing and much more fun than months and months of traditional therapy. The healing vibe was felt immediately upon contact – days before the actual session. I adore her powerful spirit, honesty, and openness to hearing and healing the deepest part of ourselves.”


“Toks sees more than most will ever know. She has seen into my mind and she has seen into my heart and empowered me to heal and live in power”

Lucy Palmer

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