MICRO New Moon in Capricorn

Happy New Moon

Happy Birthday Capricorn

We Greet You

Celebrating the New Year with the New You

Anchoring our Roots Deep into Mother Earth

Standing Strong Safe Secure Stable & Splendid

Grounded in our Spiritual Essence and Legacy

We Greet You

Moon Greetings

We Greet You

With the Smile of Freshness

Igniting a Passion Within

Excited about Seven Steps to Unknown

We Greet You


7 things to do this New Moon in Capricorn


COMMUNICATE – Talk about your feelings truthfully to yourself first and then to another. Communicate them aloud to yourself, so you hear your own voice. Notice, noticing your communication. Consider your choice of words before speaking. You may find you want to bottle up your feelings or explode. You may pretend you are not hurt. What have you been ignoring for so long, and finally you are being forced to look at? Capricorn is Earth, hard and unforgiving. So be blunt with yourself. Nothing can be hidden for long. Now they will be unearthed! Be clear with your feelings with yourself in a practical way.

PRACTICAL ACTION – Take practical action that protects you.  Be more proactive. Be alert. Take actions steps that will enable you to achieve your goals. Thinking of taking practical action is not the same as actually taking the practical action. Do. If you have to buy the house, buy it. If you have to pay for a course, pay for the course. If you have to set targets for the next 6 months set then and take realistic practical actions to manifest them. Work hard to achieve them.

BOUNDARIES – Create new boundaries.  Say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to help you define your new way forward. What will you allow and what will you not allow? Be deliberate in setting up boundaries that serve you. What makes you happy? What makes you miserable? Be willing to put in work to creating your boundaries. Ask yourself these questions: Who has ‘tried’ to disempower you with the way they talked to you or text you? Who has ignored your question? Who has shown you that you are of no value to them, unless they can use you, or make money from you? 2018 is the year of strong boundaries.

PHYSICAL BODY – Look after your physical body. How does it stand, sit, rest, play? What is it physically saying to you? Does it feel strong, rooted and centered, in very balanced way? Be mindful of the blocks to your health and your physical body. Check that you are truly and really looking after your physical body. Eat. Rest. Clean. Breathe. Sleep. Exercise. Walk. Love your body. What part of your body needs your attention? Be clear about what you love about your body. Be clear about your passions. Be clear about respecting each other.

MONEY – What is your relationship with money? What is your consciousness with money? Are you spending wisely? Is money your friend or enemy? Do you feel like a victim with money? How is money serving your live? How are you serving money in your life? Are you in control or is it in control of you? Do you find you are always giving your money away and getting back little in return? Are you leveraging your money? Do you get value for the money you spend in your life? Where have you wasted money? Where have you spend money well?  My favourite pajamas are very soft, old and clean. Wearing them makes me happy. I got them long long ago. I do not want to throw them away because wearing them makes me happy. There is value in my investment – it makes me happy.

BE REALISTIC – Face the truth about your situation. Look at your successes and failures. Look at the positive and negative benefits of your situation. What are you trying to ignore, that is forcing its ugly head up? Time to take your head out of the sand. Time to life up your head and look at things straight on.  Be realistic with your reflections and your decisions. Work at your optimum; and notice when to stop and when to rest. Be realistic with your intention and goals. There are 6 planets (Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun) in Capricorn with this New Moon: this is real and fact – not made up. Be realistic. See things as they truly are not how you want them to be.

NEWNESS – Say ‘goodbye’ to a way of being that no longer serves you. Say ‘welcome’ a new way of being. Allow your unfolding with this Capricorn New Moon. Share something of value with others. Call forth your deep inner knowing as you go boldly into the unknown. Just like Star Trek you ‘go where no man has gone before.’  What new path are you working today? What new journey are you embarking on? Perhaps new partnership? New friendships? New courses? New direction?

Wednesday  17 January (2.18am London)

New Moon in Capricorn

MICRO NEW MOON Moon Gathering tonight at 7pm

Element – Earth



Here is a testimonial I received this morning. It spans exactly 2 years of coming to the Moon Alchemy Gatherings and having private and confidential sessions with me, Toks Coker. Thank you Legion of Light.

There has been so much change that I don’t know where to begin….

For myself, I have transformed my finances three times in the past 12 months. I’ve also had great strides in my job transitions. My care and compassion towards myself has expanded and I am starting to really see the value in being me for me, in being me for my family and friends, for my work and for the world. I see the unique value of who I am and the Glory of that. It’s like a golden shine coming from within me, smiling the smile of a million suns and more. Joyous exaltation :-

My awareness of my energy and my time management has improved. I am much happier in general and whenever anything negative arises within me or around me, the swiftness of changing my focus and energy has improved steadily.

My relationship with my father has transformed powerfully and deeply. The hatred I had for him has evaporated completely. I’m no longer furious with him or enraged by him. I just love him and want him to be happy. I want to spend more quality time with him and help him in any way I can. I love him and I can see myself in him. I feel like maybe I’m beginning to see my ancestors in him too. He is a good man that only ever tried to do what he thought was best.

My relationship with my mother has also transformed and continues to do so. I am learning how to respect her more. I am learning how to be a doting son, how to love her and care for her and cherish her for who she is and for being my mum. I kiss her and hug her and tell her that I love her many times throughout the day. Her support of me is tremendous. I am a lucky man.

My relationship with my brother has also improved. I see now how my attitude and tone has negatively affected our relationship in the past and I have taught myself to be much more kind and compassionate with him. I miss him and hope to see and hear from him much more often now: at least once a week.

I’ve recently met a beautiful woman and our relationship is really starting to bloom now. It’s been challenging to face and release certain aspects of my past though I am moving through it all much more seamlessly now

2017 has been a massive year and I feel like 2018 is going to be my best ever year yet!

From the Realm of Infinite Light, I thank you with deep reverence and gratitude ❤☀


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