New Moon in Aries 7 April 2016



Red heartThursday 7th April 2016  Red heartMoon & Sun in Aries Red heart12:24 GMT (12:24pm) 

Red heartElement – FireRed heartVenue: New Moon Gathering 7pm 

Energy of Now

ariesramIndeed, this is a powerful New Moon with many messages.

Our Animal Totem for Aries is the Ram.  Ram is a symbol of power, vitality, energy, drive, warrior energy, leadership, action, determination and initiation. It ‘buts’ what it does not like aggressively. It loves to win, to conquer and to lead.  It climbs up the mountain slowly and surely and it arrives at the top of the mountain.  Call on Ram for success and ambition and motivation. Call on Ram for personal development and training.  Call on Ram to journey with you to places not yet journeyed.  Ram is gateway to new things.  Just look at the eyes and it tells you everything.


Our Gods of War are Aries and Mars.  Aries, Greek God of War, is one of the 12 Olympians and son of Zeusand Hera.  Mars, Roman God of War, son of Jupiter and Juno; is the most prominent God of War in Rome and represents military power.   Both Gods have great physical strength and power. They are powerful symbols of strength, confident, defiance,  warrior energy and courage. Call on them to protect you from negative forces and when you need help.

The Planet Mars rules Aries. It is the planet of energy, action and sexual energy.  It is the planet of survival and staying alive.  It is an action planet encouraging both aggressive and assertive action. Mars acts without thinking.  It encourage drive, adventure, focus, and empowers the self.  It can be forceful, aggressive, rash, unapologetic and impulsive.

New Moon in Aries encourages the Aries quality to dynamically express easily and free what he or she wants.  Like a baby, the Aries energy will ‘cry’ till they get what they want.  They aim for what they want and take great personal pride in achieving what they want.  Let this powerful cosmic energy help you, motivate you and  push you to take actions to achieve what you want.  This is a good time to set clear goals about what you want to achieve.

Fire Element: Riding the Tidal Flame of Aries

fireIf you notice the flow of Fire you will see it dances and moves continuously, till it runs out of oxygen or you put it out; and then it dies.  What do you want to ignite in your life?  What do you want to put out in your life? New Moon in Aries asks this of you?

Allow  yourself to really look at what needs to stay in your life and what needs to change in your life and what needs to go in your life.  Perhaps no more junk food as it makes you feel sick.  Perhaps going to the gym once a week instead of never.  Perhaps taking action instead of watching TV.  Perhaps doing something new and different instead of doing the same old boring things.

Looking at the Dance of Fire you will see that it flows and moves and dances and sparkles and then it dies and fizzles out.  What flows with ease to you?  What dances with ease with you?  What sparkles when you are around?  What are you flowing and dancing to?  What are you rising and floating up to?

The Fire Element of Aries makes this time a good time to clear your mind: clear the cobwebs out of your Mind, your Body, your Spirit and your Soul. The Fire Element reflects and reveals and shines a light on making a clear decision on what you want in your life.  Do you want your relationship to work?  Do you want to make profit in your business?  Are  you ready to take the steps and actions to make what you want to happen?  Are you dreaming and staying in the dream?  Or you living your dream?  The Fire Energy is a very powerful cleansing energy that can help you to stay safe and fall in love.


There will be things that will keep you up at night such as boredom, worry, anxiety and stagnation.  It may make you aggressive, angry, short tempered and impatient.  You may find it difficult to control your behaviour and act without thinking.

There may be resistance you feel such as finding it difficult to start something or finish something; may be part of the resistant of this energy.  Finding it difficult to get the creativity going in your mind, your actions and your thinking may be frustrating and annoying.

If you are finding yourself get angry and shout that is the warrior energy of Mars and Aries.  You may be angry with yourself for doing the same things over and over again.  You may be taking a long time to come to terms with people’s behaviour.  You may be refusing to allow a person to be in their own negativity and not accepting them with their ‘littleness’, ‘self-disbelief’ and inertia.


rainbow butterfliesNew Moon in Aries asks us to start again and look at what we need to move away from, what actions we need to take to move away from that situation.  It clearly reveals to you very boldly the object of sabotage in your life. Are you sabotaging your life or is someone else? Are you giving them the power to sabotage your life?

In the Moon Gathering we will be calling forth power and confidence to remove said person or situation from your environment.  We will be calling forth dynamic action when we feel stuck or sabotaged.  We will be asking for Divine Intervention to look clearly at what is dying or what has died.  Are you able to say GOODBYE to a situation or person who does not serve you AND is using you?  Do you know the difference?  This New Moon Meditation clarifies this; giving you clarity.

tools of tradeActivate the power of vigilance in your life with this lovely New Moon on a 7 day.  How powerful and auspicious. Be vigilant with people who change and move the goal posts, you have decided on, as a team.  Be mindful of people who change their minds so easily when you are working on your projects.  Be alert to changes people suggest that impact on your life in a negative way.  This is the controlling negative energy of people who may be doing this consciously or unconsciously.  They think they are helping but they are only selfishly thinking of themselves and what they can get from you.  In trying to help themselves they may be secretly wanting to destroy you and make you wrong.  The need to put down is very strong with this energy. Be mindful.

Be mindful.  We will teach mindfulness in the meditation tonight. Be mindful that you are doing the right thing.  Be mindful that you are not acting from a space of arrogance and need to be right.  Be mindful that you are being authentic and true.  Be mindful that you are not bullying and that you are not being bullied and know the difference. Transformation takes place because you want it and you choose it.  Sometimes the Fire Energy forces it on you.


stressAries comes to remind you that the challenge is to keep going.  Do not be bogged down by other peoples inability to want to improve.  You have tried. Leave them. Concentrate on yourself and  your own growth. Everything you need will come to you at a perfect time. Face your own fears and doubts. Just relax in the fears and doubts: they are real for you as they are real for the other people around you.  Just do not stuck in the other peoples drama.  It is not yours.  This is the Magic of Aries. The strong willpower to persevere and look after the Self. Remember there is no need to push your own fears and doubts them under the carpet because you will feel them and see them under the carpet.  New Moon in Aries asks you to look with innocent eyes around you.  It asks you to uncover and burn away what no longer serves you. It asks you to ignite your own passions for success, happiness, love, wealth, health, longevity and abundance. Are you ready for the wonderful Spring of Fire in your legs?

Allowing in Aries

111111Allow the Mars Energy to awaken you to what you want the most in your live. Open up to courage and compassion.  Allow yourself to follow your desires, needs and wants in a wonderfully fulfilling way.  Allow yourself to nourish your growth and your vitality. Allow your potential to be revealed in the New Moon Meditation tonight.  Allow your self-assertion, focus and determination.  Allow your internal power to seed a deep seeding as the Fire it will ignite and bloom to will be a radiant new improved YOU.

Allow  yourself to understand what you are going through and the challenges coming up. New Moons are times to reflect and reassess what we are wanting, where we want to go, how we want to get there, who we want to be with, why we want to do what we want to do and call back our power to us. After all the shock, disbelief and surprise of what has happened to you simply call back  your power.  Call back your dynamic personality. Call back your assertiveness. Call back your radiance.  Call back your own personal Fire.


 Invocation Blessing for New Moon in Aries

Thursday 7th April 2016

channelled by Toks Beverley Coker


We Greet You

With Spiralling Fire Light

Floating Vortex Above Our Palms

Cosmic Universe on Earth

We Greet Youletting the sunshine in

We Greet You

With Mother Earth

Grounding the Fire Light

Enabling More Healing in You

We Greet You

fire chinese character

We Greet You

Igniting the Fire of Your Soul Spirit

Rising Your Power of Enlightenment

Activating Your Cosmic Connections

We Greet You

candle gathering

We Greet You

Igniting the Fire of Your Mind

Kindling Your Mental Intelligence

Aligning to Your Spiritual Intelligence

We Greet You


We Greet You

Igniting the Fire of Your Body

The Inner Fire of Passion and Power

Embracing Your Determination and Self-Love

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Focused Energy of Mars

Cultivating Your Drive, Determination and Empowerment

Entrepreneur Leadership & Healing Relationships

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Fire of Your Life

Connecting You to Yourself, Your Inner You

Fuelling Your Internal Relationship with Yourself

We Greet You

silence of the mind

We Greet You

With the Silence of the Mind

For in the Silence of the Mind

You Find True Nobility of Spirit

We Greet You

New Moon Workshop

We Greet You

With the Fire of Inner Self Worth

Motivating Self Assertiveness & Self Confidence

Deep Self Empowerment & Passionate Self Love

We Greet You

Fire Red Power

We Greet You

With the Fire of Creativity

Awakening Your Contagious Enthusiasm

Your Freedom of Self-Expression

We Greet You


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet  You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon and Sun in Aries 7 April 2016

floating intelligence

Reflections on this New Moon in Aries INITIATION Meditation

  1. What is making you feel stuck?steps up or down
  2. Who did you ask to leave your life? Who did you turn your back to?  Why did you turn your back to the situation?  Why was it no longer serving you?
  3. Where have you decided to create new actions in your life? What changes are you making? Who is helping you to make these changes?
  4. How have you opened up your life? What are you prioritising now?
  5. Who are you competing with? Yourself? Another? Others?
  6. Why do you need boundaries? How can they help you with your desires, your passions, your power, your potential?
  7. How would you build your New Moon Altar? Why would you build it that way? What would you have in it?  How would it work for you?
  8. This New Moon is on 7 April.  What is a 7 day?
  9. What potential opens up for me with this New Moon in Aries?
  10. Do your steps lead up or down? Are they leading you to your potential, your challenge, your opportunity, your change, your revelation, your insight, your new beginning?  What is the Labyrinth of your Mind?  What is the Labyrinth of your Spirit?  What is the Labyrinth of your Body?
  11. Let us ground the Fire Energy in our Body, Mind Spirit. Let us activate it.  Let us use it.  Let us ask Fire to help us build and grow our lives.

                 steps to happiness

a woman of spirit

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