Aries Warrior Energy

Hello Radiant Ones

I hope this finds you well. Thank you for reading my blog posts, sharing and commenting. It fills my heart with joy.  Some of you have been with my for over 10 years. Thank you xxxx

How has your entry into April 2019 been? Nice and joyful? Stressful and chaotic? April has been a challenging month.

I have been working with my clients, friends and family and it has been very stressful. My health has been poorly as I have become tired, very tired. Trying so hard to do the right thing with others has been difficult as not everyone honours their words.

Aries is about LEADERSHIP and the way you respond to others. It is about the way you dictate to yourself and to others. Are you soft or touch? Do you have one rule for you and another for others?

Are you facing issues of CONFIDENCE and COURAGE? What FEARS have suddenly shown their ugly heads, like weeds that suffocate growth.  What is suffocating you? Who? Where? How? Why?

Where are you self-sabotaging yourself and forgetting your WARRIOR energy and your fearless BABY energy. Aries is the God of War. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac so a baby sign, that likes to have it’s own way and if it does not it makes a lot of noise and cries.  Which are you? The Baby or the Warrior.

A lot of people have felt overwhelmed by negative feelings of self-worth and feeling sorry for themselves. Some have even felt suicidal. The internal war within the mind can be quite overpowering if not monitored. It is important to control the MIND rather than let the mind control you.

Aries asks about your POWER. Where is your power? How are you sitting in yourself right now? I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the people around me not coping and not very well or sharing bad news. As an empath and sensitive it has been a bit too much for me. I had to take a step back to gather myself, let go of the negative energy around me and pick myself up.

One of the ways I picked myself up was to listen again to the 8 Weeks of Forgiveness Course I did. I was amazed and shocked at the amount of information I shared on it last year. It helped me to release some fundamental darkness to be ready for this New Moon. Thank you Hands of Light. If you are wanting an extra boost in your life to shift something then get the link, watch it, do the exercises and feel the immediate results in your life. Here is the link: 8 Weeks of Forgiveness.

Remember you can join us for the New Moon in Aries Leadership Mediation tonight at 7pm tonight. It will be very practical, gentle, powerful and empowering for you. Here is the link:  New Moon in Aries Leadership Meditation. 





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