New Moon in Cancer 24 June EMOTIONS

Happy New Moon: 24 June

Super Moon & Double Horse Moon

We Greet You

With the Celebration of New Beginnings

Celebrating Life. Living Life. Seeding Life.

A Flowing Life. A Nurturing Life. A Great Life

We Greet You

Happy New Moon

Saturday 24 June, is New Moon & Sun in Cancer, which will happen in the SkyWater at 03:31 BST (03:31am) London time. We will gather on Earth at 7pm to work on balancing our emotions with calm and centeredness.  The emotional Element is Water, making it apt for us to look at our emotions and our feelings on a deep personal level and bring in great healing so we can make better decisions with the greater clarity we experience from the Meditation at 7pm.

Are you feeling the need to be nurtured?  Are you tired and listless? Are you overwhelmed and feeling stuck?  Are you in need to a feeling of expansion and awakening to a new beginning and a new way in your life?  Are you seeking inner peace and yet cannot find it?  Are you still looking for you?  Are you trying to find the deeper version of you? The greatest version of you?  Then time to come to a gathering in a sacred homely space that nurtures you on a deep level helping you to come back home to your true essence and self. Time to get your pass to wholeness and inner peace and learn ways to do so yourself. Time to give to yourself.

Click this link to book your ticket:

You can watch my video on the New Moon – which is a bit noisy in the background – by clicking this link:

7 Steps to Balance Your Emotions

During the gathering on Saturday I will share the 7 Steps to balance your emotions so make sure you turn up for the event. See you then.

BonesOnWaterAre your emotions leaving your frazzled and stripped to your bones? So many emotions flying around – it is easy to be angry and point fingers.  It is so easy to make mistakes and snap in anger at a person for even a slight deception.  Little things make you suspicions or impatient.  Events seem to be drawn out and make you feel annoyed like you are wasting time. A feeling of impatience wells up making you feel irritated and even angry with yourself for feeling angry.  Charming. Enough.

We believe that it is a good time to allocate time to yourself to calm your emotions and balance them. The greatest way you can do this is taking time out for yourself.  You have all the skills and talent and potential – yes I know.  You also need to relax and nourish your depleted energy.  Our job is to help you relax and fine tune your mind, body and spirit. Then you can go conquer the world.  Your greatness awaits you.  Create a renewal of your mind and a rejuvenation of your energy.  Allocate quality time to feed your wonderful amazing life force in a powerful portal of love, healing and empowerment.


Happy Summer Solstice: 21 June


What a brilliant hot day in London it was this Summer Solstice, 21 June. It seemed like the Sun had come to visit London.  I sat in the park for two hours enjoying the heat and the Sun.  It was very hot. It was bikini weather – wearing a dress was still too hot!  I loved it.

I thought, what picture could capture this energy?  Then I saw this gold energy.  I love the picture of the couple in gold. Reminds me of the power of the rich golden Sun that can be many colours. It is potent, strong and impressive. You have to look and notice and take in the glamour and beauty of the colour gold.  How delightful.

Summer Solstice met us with a wonderful surprise.  A lot of LIGHT from the golden Sun came pouring on this side of Earth. This was the LIGHT OF TRUTH.  What if, today, you could communicate with someone you had not communicated with and spoke the truth – kindly and gently – so it would create dialogue? I really felt the urge of this Summer Solstice was to speak the truth to someone you had not spoken to for a while.

shining sunlightThe Sun today was very strong, hot and potent.  It was illuminating, cascading its amazing gaze on Earth. It seemed to be saying HELLO HOW ARE YOU?  How did you spend the Summer Solstice?  Was there an event you attended?  Was there a person you spoke to? What surprises happened?  What realisation did you have?  Did someone you had not spoken to in a long while call?  Did someone share something nice about you on social media?  Did you help someone today?  My friend, Davina MacKail, summed up the energy of the Summer Solstice on a Facebook post.  She said:

In the Northern hemisphere today we enjoy the longest hours of daylight…a time to celebrate our ripening, abundance and the glow of summer. We are at the extreme yang, masculine, active energies and from this moment the pendulum starts its swing back towards the yin, feminine receptive, winter solstice. Whilst in this active yang our abilities to effortlessly manifest become stronger, so as the wise adage goes; “Be careful what you wish for”. More importantly keep a tab on that rampant unchecked manifesting engine, your mind – check in with yourself regularly – “if I keep having this thought what is the likely outcome? – does it serve me? Do I need to change it?”

LovelyEmotionJoyThis summer solstice is twinned with the lunar energies of a new super moon in Cancer in the early hours of June 24th bringing the feminine yin energies to balance that fiery yang – so this week will be a dance between fire and water, the sun and the moon, the sacred alchemical marriage within each of us of the masculine and feminine – the divine complementary opposites. You can learn a lot about your truth this week in paying attention to your own internal dance with life – who’s leading? Is it a romantic waltz? A passionate tango? A solo improv? A wild expressive trance dance? Or do you have two left feet?

We’re in turbulent evolutionary times, it can feel overwhelming, disempowering and helpless or we can choose to dance with the rhythm of what is and find a way to harmonise it all within our alchemical heart centre. Light a fire this solstice and celebrate your unique dance, dance your prayers into life, feel the heartbeat of the earth beneath your feet, dance out your pain, your fear, your anxieties and your doubt, dance your heart open and let in the joy, the hope and the bliss….the ancient ones will be dancing with you.

Wishing you all twinkling dancing shoes, magical solstice blessings and so much love Davina MacKail    THANK YOU DAVINA XXX


Happy New Moon in Cancer on 24 June

This New Moon in Cancer is a time to surround yourself with valuable things that make you happy.  Give someone a tip even if they have not been so nice to you.  Make it a generous offering to the Universe.  Sometimes it is good to give, because next time to go to the restaurant, they will remember you. Also, listen to the voices in your head.  Find the source ofWater Flowyour thoughts.  The best way is to find out is in meditation.  Meditation helps you to develop your intuition and clarity of mind when you allocate the time to go within and reflect in a simple sacred space of love.

Earlier, I mentioned that the ELEMENT for the ENERGY OF NOW is WATER. Did you know we have a lot of Water in our Body. Water makes your body function, lubricates your joints, help you swallow, flushes out waste and toxic in your body. It is important to drink lots of water to hydrate your body. Read more and scroll down to the video by clicking this link:

The Cauldron

CauldronThe Cauldron is an energy centre for mixing things up – listening to your requests, giving you answers.  It is a sacred space that gathers potions and magic and spells.  Every Moon time it starts collecting all the disappointments and cleaning them out transforming poison to medicine. It empties out the poison and pain and fills it up with creative life force, energy and freshness and newness.  It removes the old stale energy and transforms all the sluggishness in your life to medicine.  A great vortex of healing light.

A great cooking pot. It gifts you magic and happiness. It refreshes and replenishes your life. It expands your energy frequency and allows promotion, expansion, success and bringing in more into your life.  It give you time to reflect and be. It motivates you to be more than you thought possible.  It enables you to relax into your nobility of character and your regal essence of centeredness with balance.  It is an alchemical protective magical pot that is forever ready to birth forth what you are wanting. Make sure what you are wanting is serving humanity and not destroying the Earth or humanity.

For me, the Cauldron is the Alchemical space within you, deep within the see, high above in space. It manifests everywhere because it can and it chooses it.  It is the beginning and the end of something.  It is the purging and the extinction of things, people and species.  It is the birthing and revealing of the newness of life on Earth and in the Cosmos.  Welcome to the Energy of Now with the Energy of the Element of Water. Deep. Powerful. Dark. Impenetrable by ordinary man without gear to protect him. Secretive. Unknown. Known. Astonishing facts of life. Welcome to the New Moon in Cancer.

The Cauldron holds you, maintains you, balances you, enables you and empowers you.

The Cauldron cleanses you, washes you, rinses you and purifies you. Allowing abundance, joy, happiness into your life.  The Moon Gatherings are alchemical transformations happening always.  They encourage spiritual and psychic powers. They awaken your latent energy and align you to Source.  They inspire visions, truths, prophesy, insights and activate great ability within you.

Come let us gather to collect your blessings specially for you – that belong to you – and  only you and no one else. Cauldrons hold sacred thought, sacred fire and sacred incense. The roundness of the Cauldron invokes the feminine principals of the woman, her hips, her vagina, her holding energy – she holds a child in her. We see the Cauldron ritual during the Olympics when the torch is lit every four years in a Cauldron at the site of the Greek temple of Hera.

The Cauldron holds the light for the Olympics while the Torch goes round the world to light the stadium on the Opening ceremony and then at the end there is a closing ceremony. The Cauldron has the gift of magic, healing, and secret power.  You can keep water in it and drink it. You can cook in it. You can make portions in it. You can keep it for decoration.  Best to use it.  For me even a cooking pot is like a Cauldron.  The incense burner is a Cauldron. I love the ENERGY OF THE CAULDRON.


7 Steps to Balance Your Emotions

During the gathering on Saturday I will share the 7 Steps to balance your emotions.



I thought I would share some important information from the Chinese Calendar and Chinese Astrology point of view on this New Moon in Cancer, which according to the Chinese Energy is a New Moon with Double Horses

In Astrology, the new moon on 24th June is a new moon in Cancer, and it’s about emotions. Cancer is a water sign and you would associate the water element with emotions. The darkness of the sky on the night of a new moon prompts you turn within and reflect. It’s about tuning in to yourself, checking out of the hustle and bustle of the material world.

In the Chinese calendar, each new moon is the start of a new lunar month. The new moon on 24th June is at the start of the sixth lunar month, during the solar month of the Horse. Hang on. Lunar month and solar month? Isn’t the Chinese calendar a lunar calendar? Many people, including Chinese people, are under the impression that the Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar. It is, and it’s also a solar calendar, so the Chinese calendar is a luni-solar calendar.

You’ve probably heard of the twelve Chinese year animal signs. This year, 2017, is the year of the Rooster, in fact it’s a Fire Rooster. The animals in the Chinese calendar are used for Chinese Astrology. The twelve animals take turns to rule the year, and they take turns to rule the month, and the day, and the twenty-four hours. June is Horse month and this June, it’s a Fire Horse.

In Chinese Astrology, the Fire element is all about the emotion of joy. The Fire Horse is full of passion and enthusiasm, making it a great month to start something new. Quite often, you tend to start new projects with the new year in January, yet in many ways it makes far more sense to get off the starting blocks this month,Foon and Tokswhen the energies are aligned getting noticed and moving quickly. Where does getting noticed come into it? The Fire element is associated with fame. In the Chinese language, the word ‘red’ is used to describe a person who is popular, and famous. In English, you talk about what’s hot, so the fire element is associated with celebrity in many languages.

With the Fire Horse ruling June and the new moon in Cancer, will you tune into feelings of joy on the 24th? Don’t be surprised if you experience your heart beating a little faster, for 24th June is a Horse day. When double Horses are galloping in with the new moon, feelings run fast and deep. Remember that the moon can shift the tides, so ask the moon to help you shift your emotions towards the brightness and warmth of joy.

Ting-Foon Chik

Now that is exciting news! We are in for a treat this New Moon. Foon will be joining us to experience the New Moon in Cancer meditation on 24 June, and will be offering a half price discount for a Chines Astrology reading to anyone who turns up to the Moon Gatherings.  How kind she is.  Thank you Foon.


Invocation Blessing

for the New Moon in Cancer


We Greet You

With the Challenges You Step Into, Face and Take

Creating a New Seeding: Doing Something New in the Newness of  Your Life

Improving Yourself in Your Personal Refinement

We Greet You

WeGreetYourSoulSuns Rays

We Greet You

With the Masculine Energy of the Sun – Summer Solstice

and the Feminine Energy of the Moon – New Moon in Cancer

Seeding Our Greatness & Fulfilment

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of Newness

Seeding our Fulfilment in All We Do

Cultivating Greatness in Our Seeding

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Shape-Shifting Dancing Mermaid Goddesses’

Gracing our Presence with their Queenly Arms and Smiles

Beautifully Embracing Us with their Nurturing Energy

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Flowing Sound of Heart Music

Weaving a Loving Nurturing Vortex of Joyful Home Coming

Embracing Your Soul with Ease: Visualising Your Great Future

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Seeding of a Sacred Dance of Life

Holding Hands and Nurturing Joyful Connections

Friendships, Partnerships, Business, Marriage

We Greet You

Fishing in Turkey

We Greet You

With the Quality of Water

Supporting and Balancing Mother Earth

Feeding Us and Calming Emotions

We Greet You

Water FlowCauldron

We Greet You

With the Cauldron In the Water and

The Cauldron Out of the Water

Churning & Stirring things Up, Magically Seeding New Beginnings

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Preciousness of the Inner You

Birthing An Open Heart of Excellence

Feeling a VIP Fabulous Feeling for Yourself

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Energy of Water BLISS

Enjoying the Pleasures of Swimming in Water

Dancing, Moving, Sleeping, Resting, Walking in Water

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Graceful Opulence of Life

Enabling Warm Heart to Heart Greetings

In the Treasured Newness of Your Experiences & Agreements

We Greet You

opening to moreopening to more

We Greet You

With the Arms Outstretched

Standing with the Energy of Water

Opening to More Emotional Intelligence

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Exquisite Heart Centred Friendships

Caring Deeply with Respect & Wisdom

Excitedly Connecting Excellence

We Greet You

SparklingInsideYouFlowers of Love

We Greet You

With Colourful Butterflies, Happy Bees, Dancing Lady Birds and Flowers of Love

Inspiring Your Creative Energy: Painting, Writing, Swimming, etc.

Seeding the Radiance of the Sparkle Inside You

We Greet You

healing water candle

We Greet You

With the Water Healing Candle

Cleansing You. Releasing You. Purifying You.

Embracing You. Nourishing  You. Protecting You.

We Greet You

Toks Coker & Roz ThorntonJohn Li

We Greet You

With Your Emotions Balanced at Work

Elegantly Centred and Calm

Embracing Your Life Exquisitely

We Greet You

gentle healing to you

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Cancer 24 June 2017


Invocation to the Silver Ray

I call upon the Elohim of the silver ray (Elohim are powerful angels)

To pour divine Grace through my bodies

I call upon the Elohim of the silver ray

To release all karmic patterns

To release all pockets of resentment

That I may know joy

I call upon the Elohim of Grace

To fill my being with forgiveness

To fill my life with gratitude

And fill my heart with celebration

I call upon the Elohim of the silver ray

To release my bodies of pettiness

To break the yoke of hatred

And free my soul

I call upon the Elohim of Grace

To fill me with the joy of living-Now!

Be Here NOWSunshineMagic



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