New Moon in Gemini and Annular Solar Eclipse 21.5.2012

HAPPY NEW MOON IN GEMINI, Element Air, 21.5.2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEMINIhappy birthday to you

The NewMoon in Gemini in London happens on 21.5.2012 at 00.45BST with the Annular Solar Eclipse at 00.55BST.   An annular solar eclipse happens when the new moon moves in front of the sun blocking the sun, which makes a ring of fire around the moon. The moon is too far away from the earth at this time to block the sun and never completely covers the sun to blot it out.

This Annular Solar Eclipse will form a lovely ring of fire for all able to see the Annular Solar Eclipse. My Japanese neighbour has gone to Japan to see it. Remember never to look up at the eclipse with your eyes – always wear eye protection to protect your eyes.  The Annular Solar Eclipse hides and then reveals things.  As the moon covers the sun you feel a sense of something about to happen and you hope for the best.  Then seeing the ‘ring of fire’ around the moon as the sun shines from behind it you feel this awesome real now time experience of breathing in the wonder of this galactic federation of light and love. It truly was spectacular seeing it.    For those who did not see it enjoy the animated alignment of earth, sun & moon  and from NASA


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what face do you see


111111 amathyst

We will be holding the New Moon in Gemini meditation on 21.5.2012 from 7pm-10pm calling in the powerful energy of this most transformative time.  See you then.

We will be working with the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Ascendant Masters dwelling at Shamballah, the floating city on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert. We will call in Sanat Kumara and Melchizedek to assist us in these meditations. Remember the words: “Thou art a priest for ever after the manner of Melchizedek.” Psalm 110:4

pleiadesWorld Recognition of the Pleiades: GREAT PLEIADES COSMIC ECLIPSE ALIGNMENT : We will be anchoring with the Pleiades and the galactic alignment of the conjunction with this NewMoon. Pleiades are cluster of stars meaning different things to different cultures. They are a symbol of beauty in Pakistan. They are Abundance in ancient Andes. In Greek mythology they are the Seven Sisters (Alcyone, Celaeno, Taygeta, Electra, Maia, Merope and Sterope) whose parents were Altas and Pleione. The Pleiades and Hyades were sisters as their father was Atlas.  Alcyone is the brightest star of the Pleiades. During this solar eclipse the sun conjuncts Alcyone.   In Indian astrology they are called Star of Fire, ruled by Agni, Vedic God of the sacred fire. Agni is a messenger to/from the Gods and ever-young as the fire is immortal and relit every day. So when you light a candle call in Agni for ever-young YOU with seven rays emanating from your body like Agni.  and   Are you ready for the blessings from your Akashic Records? The Akashic Records store your memory and past lives as well as your future. The Pleiades is recognised in many cultures as mentioned earlier.  Others include the Aztecs, Mayan, Toltec, Africa, American Indians, Hopi.

flaming truth

quartz clusterTransmission and Mood Swings: In the transmission of all the energy of this time you may feel dizzy, weary, untidy, tired, cranky, lethargy, feel like giving up or even breaking up with your partner, and need to shout to get your point across.  You may find yourself over analysing, easily distracted and restless with a scattered energy that makes you feel lost and not yourself.  You may find yourself looking at the ‘wrong’ things in your life and your relationships – personal or at work – and clashing with everyone or everything or just one person!!!!  Feeling deceived, uncertain, angry, suspicion or aggrieved can cause internal chaos in your mind and relationship as you speak your truth or try to hide your truth.  These great changes in your mood is your physical body trying to adjust to all the light codes and healing coming through with this eclipse and new moon.  All these changes and fine-atunement affect your mind, mental body, emotions, body and spirit.  Allow yourself the confusion as your body adjusts to the over-load of energy you have downloaded.  Really take time to receive some crystal healing in the next 7 days and buy a crystal to help anchor and hold the energy for you.  Anchoring in your wisdom and growth is a challenging process.

cmaSo what new thing are you going to do this week with the new moon in Gemini? Listen to Barry Manilow? Smile and say something nice? Wear something blue? Buy yourself something new? Gemini enjoys socialising, liking new things and new experiences, inviting new intentions /goals / visions and projects. What will yours be? This is a great time to do something new. Join a social media activity? Write a blog? Make thee new friends?  The week before this NewMoon I went on the CMA 3 day social media/ PR course run by Jayne Goddard, President of CMA. In the picture: lady in purple Mary Hopkins, then Jayney Goddard, then me Toks Coker in the middle, lady in blue Christine H, and lady in white Dr Cynthia Sammet from Malta. Thank you Jayne,  YOU ARE a very inspiring BEing of Light.

Diane Jayne Toks

AlignmenJayne Goddard & Toks Cokert: What will you align to this month?  This is not a time of resistance.  It is a time to align to least resistance in your life.  If it does not flow – just drop it immediately.  Re-adjust your plans and do something new.  Stop waiting for the ‘old’ people to help you.  Take action yourself or ask ‘new’ people who say YES to YOU and your projects with ease and want to take action. Really transmute the ‘old’ wound, pain, and feeling like a lead of heavy metal is around your neck.  Stop trying to wake the donkey if it does not want to be woken up.  Go somewhere else.  Simple.!!!   When you set yourselfcolourful feathers of life free like fresh air you can breathe into your energy pranic breathe of healing, love, and freedom.  Immediately you have an eclipse in your life and start you new activation, atunement, atonement and re-weaving or your shoutingcrystalline matrix of good fortune based on a higher vibrational frequency. You let go.  You may have to shout.  You may have to shout.  You may have to shout.  Just do so knowing you have to be heard and you are heart.  Even in the wobbly stage you persevere knowing you are on the right track. You protect yourself even with the sound of your voice and the declaration you make in the spoken word.  You Move forward by creating a new weave in your matrix.  Welcome to the freedom of Gemini.  Congratulations.

Gemini, the Twins

Two people iJulie in Madeira 2010n one.  Male and Female in each person.  Polarities of masculine and feminine. Union between two opposites.  Union of opposites.  The meeting of minds.  Integration with the Higher Self within the One.  Bringing together a coherent working alignment.  Bringing harmony to the disharmony within and without. A coming together with the Air element.  We constantly transmit signals through the Air like radio waves or TV waves or microwave waves.  We cannot see these signals but we perceive them or sense them.  Gemini allows us to be aware of the thinking mind and the duality and multiple dualities and dimensions. Our conflicting mind sets us up to argue with ourselves and even others as we become aware of the space around us and realise we need to create new boundaries and new ways of being and communicating or just reminding people of how we want to go forward now.  Gemini is about new things – not old ways – new ways of being, thinking, talking, looking at things.  Gemini can be lazy and can be easily bored because Gemini is lazy! Fact!  Newly formed ideas are crucial with the Gemini energy today.  A new energetic cycle or movement in time and no time; as we scrutinise who we are becoming ‘In Newness’.  Let us look at our new intelligence and our new relationship with ourselves. Remember the Gemini energy can suffer an emotional breakdown from boredom and confinement than from over-activity so keep active.


New Moon in Gemini & Annular Solar Eclipse 21.5.2012

happy new moon in gemini

I Greet You

With the Alert Quick Mercury Mind

Elusively Intelligent Skipping Back & Forth 

Eternally Unpredictable Mental Explorer

I Greet You

Toks (10)

I Greet You

With the Seductive Smile of Gemini

The Dazzling Dance of Gemini

Intertwining New Beginnings with Joy

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Holy Sound of Music

The Dancing Movement of Sound

Sacred Invisible Sound Coming Alive in You

I Greet You

beauty wealth of beingI close my eyes

I Greet You

With the Clever Multitudes of Gemini

Elusively Disguising True Intent

Knowing Airy Regal Knowledge

I Greet You

blessings of money (2)blessings of money

I Greet You

With the Adoringly Joyful Dance with Money

Lavish Vibrating Giving Receiving

Abundance Affirming in Every Way

I Greet You

shyI am happy

I Greet You

With the Eclipse Spiralling Circle

Purified in the Flaming Ring of Fire

Shape-Shifting Between Universes & Dimensions

I Greet You

regal smilebeauty greek goddess

I Greet You

With the Goddess of Gorgeousness

Bringing Awaited Success & Breakthroughs

Through Graceful Portals of Opportunity

I Greet You

beauty smiles at youbeauty feminine in pink (2)

I Greet You

With the Loving Legions of Light

In the Multiverse of this Universe

Multi-Dimensional Beings of Light

I Greet You

angel lightbeauty ghana

I Greet You

With the Vibrant Consciousness of Elohim

Composed Tranquil Mind Matrix of all Matter

Calmly Silently Forming New Consciousness

I Greet You

beauty regalhello friend

I Greet You

With the Vibrating of Your Soul Gratitude

Peaceful Serene Amplifying Gratifying

Listening to Your Sacred Sounds of Inner Gratitude

I Greet You

I Smile at You (2)I Greet You

I Greet You

With the Unspoken Words of a Smile

Openly Welcoming You with Delightful Joy

Celebrating Cosmic Trusting & Relaxing

I Greet You

Toks (10)beauty profile

I Greet You

With the Lunar Ray Family Angel

Honouring Differences Respectfully

Celebrating Life in All it Colours

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Gemini NewMoon Annular Solar Eclipse

Taking a Pleiades Leap of Faith

Creating & Making a Change

I Greet You

I Greet You

Dance of Gemini Pleiades

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Toks (4)

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Gemini 2012

Sound Travelling through Vortex of Air

JERRY AND DAWNGEMINI TALKING DRUMThe element of Air makes us think of sound, and movement in space.  We hear sounds with our ears.  We do not see sound.  We hear the radio speaking to us and we see the pictures on TV and in the cinema.  We cannot see sound with our normal eyes.  BUT all around us is the pulsating of sound and movement in the air and in space.  Our eyes open in the air of space in our body and we see through the myriad of air, time and space. Do the sound homework below to help you understand your vibration with sound.  What dimensions will you be journeying in with this workshop? It is said the Pleiades is the sixth dimension portal of our galaxy.  Michio Kaku says that the universe is a symphony of vibrating strings.  He loves the idea of 11 dimensions and cosmic music on 11 vibrating strings in our multi-universe / multiverse.  Can you hear the cosmic music resonating on 11 dimensions?  and

10K on 8.7.2012  RNIB

British 10KI am doing the 10K on the 8 July 2012, the day after my birthday in honour of my deceased father, Chief Professor Dr Jimi Kiki Coker, and my living uncle Chief Disun Fashola, to raise money for the blind and partially sighted through the RNIB.  Every day another 100 people will start to lose their sight.  Your support helps RNIB to rebuild lives devastated by sight loss. Please support my charity.  Thank you.  Love Toks xxx

NewMoon in Gemini Quote

“I could tell you my adventures – beginning from this morning …”  “At least I knew who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”  Alice in Wonderland

My 10% Gift to You

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feather air light


Paulette Myers says “I did my homework”

paulette myersphotomontage Paulette Myers

Hi Toks,
Thanks very much for your emails that you sent out. I have attached a photomontage as you suggested in your email. It was a very useful exercise. I feel the homework was very useful, especially in light of the recent spring equinox in March. I was eager to plant my seeds and let them grow to fruition in the year. However with new moon Taurean energy [21.4.2012] I want my ideas to be grounded and realistic. This was a perfect opportunity to reassess my objectives and find out what gives me pleasure in terms of my career and how to achieve them. By completing the photomontage with a specific timeframe(new to waxing) not only helped me to get serious about my goals but realising the significance of using cosmic energies to manifest things in your life…”As above So below”. Many thanks, Paulette   Thank you Paulette xxxxx


I smile at you

Delegation with the Energy of NewMoon in Gemini

  1. What new thing have you delegated today?
  2. What new thing do you need to delegate today?
  3. What have you been holding on to that you need to delegate?
  4. If you did delegate what time would it free for you to do other pressing things?
  5. Now delegate and feel the freedom in the air around you and in your breathing and in your brain.
  6. Tell me what you delegated by leaving a message on my blog or sending an email.  Congratulations x

Sound with the Energy of NewMoon in Gemini

  1. What is the tone of your voice?speaking drum
  2. Do you breathe into your words and sounds that you make?  Try doing so now – breathe into your words and sounds – and sense the difference.
  3. What whispers are you hearing in your mind, your ears, your intuition, your inner knowing?
  4. Can you tell the difference between your inner voice and inner sound?
  5. How do your senses respond to the sounds you make and the sounds you hear?  Do you ‘see’ sound?  Do you ‘feel’ sound?  Do you ‘hear’ sound? Do you ‘taste’ sound?  Do you ‘touch’ sound? Do you ‘smell’ sounds?  What sounds do  you see, feel, hear, taste, touch or smell?
  6. Share your responses below by leaving a message on or emailing me.  Congratulations x


  1. What new thing are you going to do this week with the new moon in Gemini? phone an old friend?
  2. Light a candle & call in Agni for the ever-young YOU, and like Agni have the seven rays emanating from your body.
  3. For those who have seen the live stream of the annular solar eclipse what was your own response to it? Did you receive light codes? What did it ‘trigger’ in you? Did you take pictures or do you have pictures to share?
  4. You can revise or revisit and see what new idea you get from

edwardo toks sarahToks (11)

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New Moon Meditation: https://www.tokscoker.com_moon_meditation.html

See you at the meditations

Love Toks xxxxxx


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