NEW MOON IN GEMINI Partial Solar Eclipse 1.6.2011

My Dear Legions of Light





We come again to greet and bless you on this auspicious day…….NewMoon in Gemini.

I Greet You with the energy of the NewMoon in Gemini, Partial Solar Eclipse, TODAY 1.6.11 – 11° Gemini – not visible in London . I will be holding a meditation from 7pm-10pm today Wednesday 1st June 2011 in St Johns Wood.  Please pay cash when you arrive or on the Eventbrite link –  Thank you.    Please let me know you are able to come via email or text or phone call 07973210107.  Thank you.  Toks xxx


I GREET YOU working with the Element of Air – Gemini – the need to be free, to revivify and joyfully vibrate like happy fresh air.  I Greet You with the portal of 11 in the portal of 11. I1 from the portal of 11.11. 

I THANK YOU for being in my life

clip_image034First I would like to thank you all for all your kind words, thoughts and blessings you sent to me etherically, energetically and physically for the success of the Crystals for Everyday Use at the Mind Body Spirit exhibition held 30.5.11 from 11am – 1pm.  It was a lovely experience which was well received and from the feedback cards I read, the crystals did their job too.  THANK YOU crystals, Mother Earth, Father Sky.

Importantly, I would like to thank all the lovely Legionsclip_image009 of Light that attended the workshop.  Yes YOU. 

We sang   clip_image002HAPPY BIRTHDAY to five Legions at the workshop.  We laughed and shared.  We worked with crystals and answered many questions with light and joy.  Thank you for the light you radiated yesterday.  THANK YOU.  THANK YOU for all your feedback.  It was truly inspirational for me to read all your lovely messages and enjoy your lovely art work – hearts, hearts with wings, smiley faces and kisses.  I am truly overjoyed with the compliments which I did not expect.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

NewMoon in Gemini Invocation Blessing

by Toks Beverley Coker for 1.6.11


I Greet You

With the Peaceful Sound of Music

Pulsatingly Stroking the Air

Healing My Mind

Soothing My Emotions

Shifting Consciousness

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Pleasure of Scents

Radiating 9 Consciousness’s

Uplifting My Angelic Senses

Penetrating My Physical DNA

Uplifting Blue Ray Ascension

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Powerful Symbols of Light

Floating Individual Light Codes

Slowly Gently Into Your Being

Firmly Placed In You

Gratitude of Moments

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Many Faces You Show

Hidden/Revealed  Same/Different

Mystery Schools of Thoughts

Dualities  Parallels  Dimensional

Two But Not Two. Two But Two

I Greet you


I Greet You

With the Sacred Rites of Union

Promoting Happy Relationships

Balanced Partnerships

Soul Mate Connections

Rhythmic Feminine Masculine

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Sacred Altar of Ascension

Healing Land of Cos

Hands Outstretched With the Gods

Zeus, Apollo, Dionysus, & Artemis

Winds Whispering To Your Happiness

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Crystals of Wisdom

Writing & Sounding Your Life

Lifting Veils Uncovering Revolutions

Illuminating Your Crystalline Matrix

Soaring Dragons of Life

I Greet You


clip_image026I Greet You

With Twins of Mercury

Holding Two Crystalline Blessings

Bearers of Good News

Messengers from the Gods

Towers of Protection

I Greet You


I Greet You

From the Holy Land of Patmos

With the Eagle of Patmos

The Sacred Voice of Wisdom

The Feathers of Creation

Lighting the Candles of Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Fountain of Youth

Bursting Forth From Within

Moistening Your Soul Chakras

Clearing Blocked Pathways

Sprouting Fresh Newness Now

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


NewMoon in Gemini Blessing

Invocation Channelled by

Toks Beverley Coker 1.6.11

NEWMOON IN GEMINI and Eclipse [moon moves between the Earth & Sun. Moon obscures Earths view of the Sun. Earth cannot see Sun.]


3 ECLIPSES: Eclipses remind us that what is happening on the inner level is of equal importance; if not greater significance than what is happening outside you. They tell us to move beyond what is not working. They tell us to be inspired with new possibilities on an inner and outer level. So be very aware that areas in your life where there is suppression, corruption and hiding of the truth are likely to be forced out into your conscious awareness with these eclipses.

  1. June 1st Wednesday 2011 – 1.6.11 – New Moon in Gemini – Partial Solar Eclipse – 11° Gemini – not visible in London
  2. June 15th Wednesday– 15.6.11 – Full Moon in Sagittarius/Gemini – Total Lunar Eclipse – 24° Sagittarius – [earth blocks suns rays from reaching moon] visible in London and most of England just as the moon rises. A very powerful time. Also World Invocation Day – Honouring Spiritual Unity.
  3. 1 July – New Moon in Cancer – Partial Solar Eclipse – 9° Cancer – not visible in London

clip_image034My friend, Nicholas Hughes, Astrologer, 01392 661276, writes in his newsletter:

This eclipse marks the beginning of a new Saros cycle. The last time this occurred was in 1928 and the next time will be in 2058 so for many of us it will be the only one we will experience in our life time.

With Solar Eclipses it is the Sun that falls into darkness and so represents a temporary disconnection to the source of life, destiny and identity. But just like turning a computer off and on again helps to clear any corruption of programmes and resets the system so can a solar eclipse have a rebooting action on our sense of where we are heading in life.

A Lunar Eclipse means that the moon disappears into shadow and so it is much more to do with the past and our emotional life. A lot of negative emotion can be released at this time at an individual and collective level. It is a good time to let go of old wounds, ancestral and family patterns and suppressed emotions. As the lunar eclipse will be in Sagittarius it is good to be mindful of the liver which is the store of our subconscious feelings and the organ of detoxification.

June 21st Tuesday – 21.6.11 – Summer Solstice – longest day

Planet for Gemini is Mercury. It is the PLANET OF COMMUNICATION – Mercury makes us think and move fast. MERCURY is the Messenger of the Gods. He is the swiftest God – no one could catch up with him.  Mercury can make us restless and active and impatient and not settled. Ask Mercury to slow down if this is the case. Mercury cannot stand being bored, tied down or isolated.  Call in the frequency of mercury is you are feeling bored, tied down, rooted, stuck or isolated. Communicate with the Mercury in YOU. clip_image006[1]Communicate with everyone’s Mercury in them. If you are finding it difficult to communicate something to someone call in Mercury to help you. Use words to heal and transform and transcend and move forward. What truth have you not spoken that you need to speak?  When last did you communicate your desires to someone who could really help you? When did you last tell your family you love them? When did you tell a friend you appreciate them in your life? Express gratitude with words and actions. Ask. Ask. Ask. Say. Say. Say. Speak. Speak. Speak. Simultaneously act with NewMoon in Gemini. Reflect. Decide. Make Decision. Brain storm ideas. Chat. Laugh. Move. Share. Go to new places and socialize. Mix. Communicate. Try something new – Try two new things you have never done or have not done for a while.


I Greet You

With the Angelic Gifts of

Smiling Friendships & Healthy Hearts

Breathing the Breathe of Life

Pulsating Now of Simple Pleasures

Free in the Peace of Naturalness

I Greet You


Gemini represents EQUAL RULERSHIP – balance ying/yang – balance feminine/masculine. 

A good time to propose. A good time to start a new relationship. A good time to start afresh. A good time to take your relationship to the next level.

Gemini sign is the TWINS. Are you balanced?  Do you sway from one point of view to the next? 

Partnership.  Are you forming partnerships?  Are you breaking partnerships?

RITES of marriage and other forms of UNION are performed with NewMoon in Gemini. 

What type of union are you seeking?  Relationship?  Business?  Soul mate?  New creative projects?  New professional relationships?  New linking?  We will be meditating on this with NewMoon in Gemini.   clip_image038

I Greet You

With The Messenger of the Gods,

Mercury/Hermes, God of Trading

Delivering All Business Success

I Greet You


CRYSTALS: Hold Blue Lace Agate and Rose Quartz to help you communicate with love and not anger. Hold Hematite the colour of mercury silver to help link you in to the swiftness and merging you need in your life and any alchemical change. Hold Amethyst and Clear Quartz to bring a smile back to yourself. Working with two crystals call in happy socializing, happy chatter, happy movement and happy fun. Party with friends – old and new.


Lots of experiences with NewMoon in Gemini.

The duality of Gemini sets in… Watch out for arguments – avoid them……. The NewMoon in Gemini makes us question ourselves and our attitude to others as well as to our inner fears…..  two sides inside us… two sides – inside and outside.  Welcome to the duality of Gemini.  Welcome to the magic of Gemini NewMoon.  Welcome to the alchemy of NewMoon in Gemini.  

WARNINGS with communication

Communicate carefully.  Communicate sensibly.  Do not lie.  Do not gossip.  Do not be slander.  Remember not everything needs to be spoken and revealed.  So choose your words carefully, wisely and compassionately.  Is revealing this for the highest good of all concerned?  Go into your own mind and be aware of your cautions you hold there.  Are they relevant?  Are they necessary?  Are they holding you back?  Are they loosing you friends?  Are they losing your opportunities?  How are you communication with yourself?  How am I communicating with myself?  Myself?  Myself?  Myself?

Watch out for SIGNS OMENS SYMBOLS STRANGE OCCURRENCES. Have any of you had strange experiences lately? 

  • Like being given a second chance to live? 
  • Like something happening that turned out to be positive when everything around you was not? 
  • Like a turnaround in your health, your relationship, your finances, your internal thoughts? 

These experiences show us through signs, omens and symbols that we are breaking old stifling bonds and a seed of light is being planted in your life and in your hands.  Congratulations to you if you have had any of these types of experiences, omens, symbols, signs.  Congratulations on your Gemini changes!   Email me or call me and share your experience.  I would like to read about it…..  Thanking you in advance.


As you start or continue your journey the way ahead could make you go up the stairs or down the stairs into passage ways of more discoveries.  The NewMoon in Gemini is about how you choose to continue your journey today. 


1. HOMEWORK EXERCISE Linking with the element of Air

Pranayama exercises.  Breathing. Pranic Breathing.   Flying.  Yoga.  Sports. Dancing.  Meditation. Singing. Speaking.


Look into a mirror and look into your eyes. Let your eyes meet your eyes! What do you see? Your Twin Self. Your Masculine/Feminine merger. The Masculine in you. The Feminine in You. Keep the gaze for 5 minutes. Not easy I know. See your beauty inside you. The meeting of your eyes is an exchange of energy between inner you and outer you. To help with this exercise try listening to:



The mirror is like a lake, a reflection, producing a TWIN of YOU. Imagine a lady looking into a clear lake and a male face looking back from her reflection in the lake.  She is looking at her REFLECTION – the masculine side of her.  This meeting of the eyes is an exchange of energy – solar energy from her masculine side and lunar energy from her feminine side.   Greeting your wonderful third eye with the NewMoon in Gemini…..  hello….  Deep respect to the highest vibration you resonate from your third eye………  WITH YOUR TWIN SELF.

3. HOMEWORK: Giving & Accepting & Receiving Compliments I can tell you that you are beautiful and you may not believe me.  I can tell you that you have a beautiful smile and yet you many still not believe me.  Yet I am telling you my truth when I say this to you.  Why do you not accept my truth of your beauty and your smile? With this NewMoon give a compliment to two people – one you know and one you do not know.  Do this for another 7 days. Also accept all the compliments you receive with this NewMoon in Gemini. 


4. HOMEWORK to release chatter in your head

Let the sun shine into your life, your heart, your voice, your throat, your soul essence, and inside your head. …….and then let the NewMoon shine every so brightly and serenely and calmly in your head and move around your body to your heart and your eyes and your third eye!!!  Let the NEWMOON in Gemini radiate silver blue mercury light and create flow in your life and your body and your soul!!!  Then Breathe in and out very slowly for 7 minutes. Alchemy Alchemy Alchemy…

5.  Healing from Kos, The Plane Tree of Hippocrates

clip_image046This is the TREE OF HIPPOCRATES growing in Kos Town, a Greek Island.   It is about 500 years old.  Under this tree Hippocrates [considered to be the FATHER OF MEDICINE] is said to have worked and taught his students the art of medicine.  The Plane Tree of Hippocrates has been hallowed out and it is supported by metal scaffolding.  What healing do you need for your life now?  Call on the energy of Hippocrates and anchor to his wisdom and healing energy to help with your healing.  Call on the land of Cos to heal you.  Let the energy of the land and Plane Tree of Hippocrates heal you.


I Greet You

With Buckets Full of

Crystal Love Light Laughter

Prosperity Success Happiness

Disciple Oneness Freedom

clip_image048Toks xxxxxxx

Toks Beverley Coker

With Hands of Light & Starlight

Moon Lady Sage Warrior

White Eagle

Mobile: 07973210107


Web: /



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