New Moon in Leo 17.8.2012


Happy New Moon in Leo & HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO

Happy Birthday

Hawaii 2012

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  1. Stress & Amazement 8 Ways to Flow
  2. Reflecting Olympic Energy in Our Individual Lives
  3. Invocation Blessing
  4. Past Energies
  5. Energy of Now
  6. NewMoon in Leo Song
  7. Fighting Spirit of Leo
  8. Restarting your Life: Sunshine & Caution
  9. What will be covered in the Meditation Workshop
  10. Homework
  11. Thank You All
  12. Contact Details & Diary

STRESS & AMAZEMENT:  8 ways to Flow So what did you do that stressed you out; and because you did it you know you triumphed.  You did not back down – even when you wanted to back down – you kept the flow.  You amazed yourself because you stuck to the plan and carried it to completion.  What will you be shouting about? Tell me about your way of keeping to flow.  Welcome to the challenge leading up to this NewMoon and Sun in Leo.

ignite our soulsREFLECTING OLYMPIC ENERGY in Our Individual LivesWe just hosted the Olympics and the energy of Leo is the energy of triumph, winning, succeeding, being in the lime-light and being king or queen of their field. Any skill requires investment in time and focus and determination.  We have seen how all the players in the Olympics exerted themselves.  Their triumph is our triumph.  Their tears our tears.  We are all Olympian in our own individual lives.  We feel and witness their excitement which is our excitement.  We run with them.  We encourage them whether we are at the stadium itself or listening on radio or watching on TV.  We are the amazing athletes, the astonishing fencers, the outstanding swimmers.  We enjoy the beautiful bodies, the lovely faces, the radiant smiles and the stunning movements of speed and agility.  We bathe in the radiance of the light of winners, achievers, Olympians and we feel like Olympians through them.  We hear their sad stories of poverty and hard work to achieve a Gold medal.  We cry with joy for them and cry for joy in our lives when we have triumphed over adversity too.  We share a common desire to win against all odds.  Welcome to the energy of NewMoon and Sun in Leo. The energy shines light and illuminate the darkness bringing hope, belief and possibilities.  It ignites our soul to want more.  The key word is flow, lighting flow, fire flow.

fruits fruits fruits

Invocation Blessing for NewMoon in Leo 17.8.2012

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker xxxx

BoltBolt dancing

We Greet You

Dancing with the Tiger Panthers

Igniting Eternal Sounds

Drums of Mother Earth

Weaving Passionate Excitement

We Greet You

V for Victory

We Greet You

Knowing Your Goals Clearly

Immortal Divine Spirit Rules

Following Steps that Play Notes to Success

Doing & Accomplishing Every Minute

We Greet You


We Greet You

Monitoring Your Amazing Progress

With Constant Immediate Feedback

Knowing How You Are Doing

Mystical Steps of Joyful Metamorphosis

We Greet You

Yes We Did It

We Greet You

Matching Your Challenges and Your Skills

Operating the Crystal Wall of Challenges

Moving & Pushing You Over the Horizon

Interesting Moments of Challenging Practice

We Greet You


We Greet You

Flowing Fire in Your Solar Plexus

Beam of Concentrated Focused Attention

Cosmic Inner Harmony & Ease

No Distraction Just Focus

We Greet You

Thank you Mother

We Greet You

Efficiently Operating in Present Moment

Everyday Frustrations Removed

Past or Future Worries Removed

Freely Living Effortlessly Spontaneous

We Greet You

EnnisEnnis Gold

We Greet You

Playing the Notes of Your Success

Committed & Centered; Choice & Clarity

Controlling Your Actions & Experiences

Concentrating Using All Your Skills

We Greet You

Grip to Success

We Greet You

With No Self-Consciousness

Producing the Choreography of Movement

Flowing Involvement Portal

Wrapped in Your Silent Music of Open Joy

We Greet You


We Greet You

Going Beyond the Limits of the Ego

Flowing Transcendence of Accomplishment

Returning Stronger in Your Core Essence

Self Esteem Liberating Your Senses

We Greet You

Stephen Kiprotich Marathon

We Greet You

Wrapped Up in Your Enjoyment Time Note

Sense of Time Transformed & Changed

Time Adapting to Your Experience

Time Moving Fast When Flowing

We Greet You

Sir Chris Hoy

We Greet You

With the Radiating Golden Life Force

Infinity of Safety & Protection

Universal Gratitude & Creation

Spirit of Blessings & Journeying

We Greet You

Tree of Life

We Greet You

With the Resounding Tree of Life

Honouring the Selfless Ego

Purposeful Attention & Intention

Agile Mental Body Emotional Body Physical Body

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Courage of the Lion

The Compassionate Nobility of the Lion

The Respectful Presence of the Lion

The Prestigious Dignity of the Lion

We Greet You

Strong Life ForceAngel of Courage

With the Ministry of Angels

Spiritually Developing Self-Love

Collective Consciousness of Shape Shifting Change

Enabling Phenomenal Transformation

We Greet You


We Greet You

In Your Difficult & Easy Moments

Knowing Your Beginnings & Endings

Inviting New & Wonderful Things

Helping Self and Others

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Leo 17.8.2012

Xian China

Past Energies

Star Greeting 3rd EyeSo much has happened this year energetically.  So much has happened in the past one month too.

Did you see the Perseids Shooting Stars which peaked on 11 and 12 August and will end 24 August?  They are named after the constellation Perseus, Greek God.  They are caused by the earth passing into a trail of dust left by Comet Swift-Tuttle and all the trail of dust burns up producing the meteor shower or shooting stars.

Did you work with the numerology of 8 and 12 on 8.8.12 and 12.8.12?  This NewMoon is 17 = 1+7=8.  So we will be working with the numerology of 8 with this NewMoon in Leo.

Did you see the Full moon rise through Tower Bridge’s Olympic Rings?

Harrods LondonDid you pray on the Night of Power for Muslims celebrating Ramadan, because the Quran arrives on that night?  During Ramadan, Muslim month of fasting, the first one-third of the month Muslims ask for mercy, the middle one-third of the month they ask for forgiveness and the last one-third of the month they ask for salvation from the fire of hell.  This last one-third of the month hides the Night of Power or Decree (Laylatul Qadr).  Spending the night in prayer enables one to have his sins forgiven by Allah.  Many pious Muslims spend the last 7-10 days of Ramadan awake, praying and reciting the Quran and giving away charity to earn the good deeds of 1000 moths.  This is personal power that transcends the self and reaches prophetic universality and divine revelation. “The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.” (97:3) “O Allah, greet and save me for Ramadan; greet and save Ramadan; greet and save Ramadan on my behalf, and grant me its acceptance (Allahumma sallimnee li ramadana wa sallim ramadana wa sallimhu minnee mutaqabbilan).”

Annular Solar Eclipse Japan 21.5.2012

Do you remember the Ring of Fire of the Annular Solar Eclipse on 21.5.2012?  My Japanese neighbour took this picture in Japan when he went to see it himself and successfully captured the ‘ring of fire’ around the moon; as the sun shines from behind it. You will remember I mentioned he was going to ‘witness’ it himself and capture the event for me on

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the family of God.”
(Matthew 5:9)

Kyoto Japan

Energy of Now: NewMoon in Leo

smiling faceCan you keep your word to yourself? NewMoon in Leo is about keeping to your word and doing exactly what you said you would do.  NewMoon in Leo asks: do you honour the spoken words you utter?  My Japanese neighbour kept his word and delivered me the lovely picture of the Annular Solar Eclipse on 21.5.2012. My friend took me to watch Julius Caesar and dinner for my birthday. My client is including me in her book she will be publishing soon. Thank you.  Thank you.

Can you be consumed and then freed?  NewMoon in Leo works with the Element of FIRE.  Fire burns and destroys.  Fire warms our body and cooks our food.  The phoenix rises above the ashes and flames revealing its winning spirit, it rising above all odds.   What are you rising above at this present time?

Do you believe in yourself?  NewMoon in Leo believes in the power within and empowers you to believe in your inner power and your inner self.  Think of yourself as an Olympian:  stylish, attractive, handsome, beautiful, gracious, sexy, dramatic and focused.

Are U Living Your TruthAre you Living Your New Truths?  There are so many energies of truth coming in (from internet, email, reading, research, etc.)  These energies can change your truth causing paradigm shifts. What new truths are you filling your sixth chakra with?  Are you able to handle them? Are you living up to the new truths?  Are you practicing these new truths?  Are you living these new truths?  Perhaps there is an overload of ‘truths’ and you are no longer sure which is your truth. It is important to harmonise your new truths with all your physical body, your mental body, your spiritual body and your emotional body.  Any dis-harmony causes dis-ease of mind, body, spirit.  NewMoon in Leo asks: are you really ready for these ‘new truths’ or are pretending to be ready?  Are you presenting a ‘front’ to cover up something?  Why not just accept the process with this NewMoon and breathe in the fire of internal truth to help you with your truth.

NewMoon in Leo Song for Legions of Light

I dedicate these two songs sung by Helen Reddy to the Legions of Light out there. sunflower

You are my World and for Christians

And I Love You So

Fighting Spirit of Leo

Posh Spice GirlThe Fighting Spirit of the Leo energy is remarkable. Like the Lion it reminds you; when you feel vulnerable and alone; to be a survivor and determine to face difficulties; to raise up and believe; to never give up.  A time to renew your soul and spirit and definitely make new plans to re-think your life.  What needs releasing to make room for a new thing this new moon?  What needs to be kept and valued more?  This is a good time to re-value your life.  What do you need to ponder on that brings you love, benefit and happiness? What do you need to let go off and re-determine to grow stronger?

SURVIVOR Song by Destiny’s Child: The message in the song is you will make it if you do  not stop; just like the Daffodil principle.  I am a Survivor. I am going to make it. I am not going to give up.  I am not going to stop.  I am going to work harder. I will keep on surviving.  I am so much better.  I am stronger.  I am richer. I laugh harder.  I am wiser.  I am smarter.  I will survive. I have perfect vision.  I am breathing.  I am living.  I am on top.  I am here.  I am alive.  I pray you are blessed! I surround myself with positive things and people.  After darkness and sadness soon comes happiness. I will gain prosperity.  Survivor by Destiny’s Child with lyrics only

Restarting Your Life

Working with EaseRESTART your life every new moon.  There is no future if you cannot improve or change your present circumstances.  Moments of happiness are not enough if you keep repeating your old way of being.  To improve your teaching or your skill, you need to keep improving and not be stubborn or think you know it all.  Are your relationships stopping your progress?  Do you need to ‘twig’ your relationships to help your progress?  If you do something and it does not work out the way you want it just say I tried and it did not work out and then let it go.  Do not hang on to the ‘failure’.  Let it go. Unplug from ‘it’.  Send it back to source.  Let go.  Let go.  Let go.  Bring in the new way now not tomorrow now.  Start a new project with the energy of the new moon.  Dance and Sing in your new life.

Spice GirlBaby SpicePosh SpiceScary SpiceSporty Spice

SUNSHINE: Bring sunshine and shine into your life.  Enjoy shining in the lime-light and being noticed and valued.  If you suddenly feel like being noticed and appreciated and admired this is the Leo energy taking over.  Shine.  Be noticed. Be seen.  Enjoy the attention.  You deserve it. Be creative and if you are not start to be creative.  Do something creative for yourself.  Give and receive love.  Bring out the child in you and bring in happiness to your life.  Do something romantic with your partner only.  Make a wish to attract a love you have been waiting for; remembering the love you have in yourself already.  Do something nice – be of service to others with sunshine in your heart, your eyes and your smile.  Make your actions stem from personal love energy.

intimacyCAUTIONS:  Do the right thing – do not double date, cheat, lie, get into ‘naughty’ actions that may affect your karma later.  Be careful if you have multiple relationships.  Try to be honest.  Be watchful of your communication: emails, contracts, clauses in legal matters. Be aware of ‘old’ ‘stale’ relationships of convenience and stagnation.  Try not to repeat past mistakes.  Stop the deception. Do not pretend to be a friend when you only want business and you want to steal someone’s business or success.  When you feel tense do not eat food, just drink juices an water.  Do not create tension to get rid of tension.  You are in charge of yourself with the Leo energy. Remember when a fire burns you need cold water to cool it.  Action & Reaction are equal and opposite.  Remember Love can pass you by if you are too busy making plans. Live Life.

oxford street london jubilee celebrationScottish Bagpipes Oxford StreetBritish Guards

What we will Cover in the NewMoon Meditation Workshop

  1. hindu temple

    We will cover the above and more

  2. We will work with 4 Ways to Remove Blocks in your life
  3. We will be working with What you think is really wrong with you?  When you say you do not know what is wrong with you are in Child mode.  Unplug and Pull yourself out of Child and move to Adult. We all have Parent, Adult and Child in us.
  4. We will Call your spirit back to you and claim back your power.
  5. Unplug to Divine Timing not human timing or human order or human limitations.
  6. What will one prayer do for you to create a miracle?
  7. We will be working with the energy of 8.
  8. We will be journeying with the energy of Fire and raising like the phoenix.

African Beauty

We Greet You

With the Radiating Golden Sun Life Force

Infinity Necklace of Safety & Protection

Universal Bracelet of Gratitude & Creation

Magic Anklet of Blessings & Journeying

Eternal Earrings of Forgiveness & Peacefulness

We Greet You

orange rose of healing


  1. What will you be shouting about with good pride? Do something amazing.Jessie J
  2. What did you achieve before this NewMoon in Leo?
  3. What are you going to achieve after this NewMoon in Leo?  Make a Wish Log Dream List.
  4. What ignites your soul to want more?  Can you list 8?
  5. What blockages are you covering up?  What blockages are you revealing to yourself?
  6. List 8 reasons why you should be successful?  This could be in any area of your life.
  7. What action will you take to bring sunshine into someone’s life?
  8. EXERCISE: See yourself as a Lion and BREATHE IN THE ENERGY OF THE LION and walk with renewed purpose and focus. The past is over, we have learnt the lesson from the experience and we have been taught by our past. Today is the NOW, the present gift to ourselves is our creations of the new way forwards. The future is our inspiration and our dream we bring to us. Welcome to the energy of Leo.

ballet dress


Thanks for all the light you have held as a Legion of Light.

Thanks for all the light you continue to hold as a Legion of Light.

Thanks for all the empowering you always send out to the world.

Thanks for all the empowering you continue to send to the world.


I promise to Continue to hold the light for each and every Legion of Light.

I promise to shine the light whenever you ask.

I promise to always be a beacon of light in the dark.

I promise to continue to hold the loving light of love and healing.

All this I promise.

Love Always xxxxxxx

Love Toks Beverley Coker

 with Hands of Light

Legions of Light


on your marks get set GOHolding the Light

Todays Meditation: NewMoon in Leo 17.8.2012

Next Meditation: Friday 31 August 2012: Full BLUE Moon in Pisces & Sun in Virgo. A Blue Moon is when two full moons happen in a month: August 2 and August 31.

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Love Toks xxxxxx


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