New Moon in Leo for Passing Through



Today, this New Moon Alchemy Gathering, is a day to Celebrate

Happy Super New Moon

Happy Partial Solar Eclipse

Happy Perseids Meteor Shower

Happy Quan Yin Blessings

Element: Fire

Symbol: Lion

Colour: Gold, Yellow

Goddess: Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion


“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.” The Buddha


I hope this finds you well. So much happening around me and I am sure there is a lot happening around you too.  We all need to work with the interferences in out lives.  Sometimes this is easy and sometimes not. How are you finding the interferences in your life?


This crystal is a Stibnite Crocodile Dragon, bought for me by my Sun Son Legion of Light Kai, from the shamans there. He said it is a crystal that is only used and touched by True Shamans.  It is dangerous and poisonous so can only be handled by one of Pure Heart.  Thank you Legion of Light Kai.

A powerful healing crystal is protects, grounds and holds you to a sacred vibration here on Earth.  It amplifies what needs to be crystalline clear within and outside you, working on all levels to create shifts and deep inner work. It can form a barrier around you if you ask it to. BUT I would not advice  you to do this all the time. It should be used cautiously or NOT at all They can kill – so handle with care. In early days when they were used as utensils, they killed with food poisoning.  It is poisonous, like the snake – its venom can kill and heal….

The dimensions it allows you to travel through means you need to be very centred and grounded and balanced in your spiritual practice.  For me, it is like a teaching crystal. It stimulates mental clarity and productivity.  It enhances spiritual ability. It enhances your ability to make money here on Earth, making sure you use some of it to serve humanity, when you call in the money and receive it.

It vibrates to the number 8.  WOW how auspicious. That alone, tells you the spiritual power of the crystal and the magic it carries within.

Remember 8 carries a Karmic vibration so be mindful, conscious and respectful. When handled properly it really connects you to the Divine – it is like you have to pass many tests.  Very powerful in multi-dimensional work as it protects you as you go into the higher realms.


I am so excited today. 2 days ago, I was crying, as a friend of mine died and I did not know and got the news through Facebook!!!  I cried for myself and for her. I cried for the people going through illness. I cried for the people dying. I cried for the lost opportunities. I cried for the way people talk about a person who has gone over and I cried at the disrespect of people. I cried at the lack of care.

I even cried at my lack of care for her – for never asking what she was going through – for knowing something was wrong and not saying anything. I cried at my hardness and selfishness and my own cruelty.

I cried for almost two hours. Then I realise I was not crying for me alone, I was crying for everyone. This pain I felt was much more than me. It was much more ….. It was a release of water, tears, suffering, trauma on a really global level.  It was important to release pain before the powerful eclipse today. I had to enter the New Moon in Leo with all that pain released and gone.

What have you had to go through before today, 11 August, New Moon in Leo?



Attend in person or via Zoom.  Here is the link to event tonight at 7pm, 11 August:  NEWYOU


Lovely information on the Perseids Metor Shower here: Perseids Metor Shower



This New Moon Alchemy Gathering is:

1. A time to honour the beginning of new things in your life. Invite in honouring yourself.

2. A time to start again. Allow yourself to start again. From a point of knowing nothing.

3. A time to refresh and look at your life in a new way. Awaken to the freshness of you.

4. A time of new beginnings. Forgive the past and let go. Plant new seeds.


Attend in person or via Zoom.  Here is the link to event tonight at 7pm, 11 August:  NEWYOU


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