New Moon in Libra 13 October 2015



A lot of people are going through very deep emotional pain due to the way their mind is thinking and controlling them. The need to balance thoughts consciously and unconsciously is a challenge with this New Moon.  There are so many personal and collective questions in the world.  The Energy of Now turns to the way we think and the way we behave as a result of the way we think. Which of these questions hit home?

Lisa Iris Balance

Reflective HOMEWORK


  1. What are you saying or not saying that is upsetting others and creating miscommunication?
  2. How is your behaviour creating conflict in your life?
  3. Where are you refusing to look at in your life?
  4. Why is it so important to blame others and find fault with them?  Would you like it if someone was doing this behaviour of blaming and fault finding to you?
  5. Why is it so difficult to look at your own contribution to the ‘mess’?


  1. What type of RELATIONSHIP CONFLICT are you experiencing? With yourself?  With others?
  2. Have you apologised?  Do you not think that apologising would work better instead of arrogance, anger, irritation, wounding, self-sacrifice, etc.?
  3. What are you mirroring to each other in your relationship?  If you are accusing your partner of criticising and blaming you all the time – where are you criticising and blaming your partner or other/s?


  1. trappedWhere are you in denial in your life?  What are you failing to see in your life?  What do you refuse to face in your life?
  2. Where are you putting things under the carpet in your life?  What lies are you telling yourself to deny a truth?
  3. What are you doing and in so doing you are denying an experience happened?  Who are you really fooling?
  4. Where are you denying feeling trapped, stuck and/or tight?


  1. What are you going to do before this New Moon in Libra (13 October) that you should have done before?
  2. Where were you late in paying for something e.g. your tax returns, your mortgage, etc.
  3. Where has your timing been out of balance?


  1. What new boundaries and new way of behaviour are you going to create with this wound in your Soul and your Heart with this wonderful New Moon in Libra?
  2. What one new behaviour will you activate and carry out for the 7 weeks?
  3. What one new boundary will you activate and carry out for the rest of your life?

journey completes begins

 What will we cover at the Moon Gathering on Tuesday 13 Oct?

Red heartTuesday 13 October 2015 at 7pm  Red heartNew Moon & Sun in Libra  Red heartElement – Air   

Red heart01:06 BST Actual New Moon Time in London  Red heartBook HERE

Libra is an Air sign and tends to live in the Air. If you are finding it difficult to live in reality and THINK you are in a lot of pain and you cannot take anymore you are in the vortex of the Libran pain body.

Crisis Management As mentioned earlier, a lot of people are going through very deep emotional pain due to the way their mind is thinking and controlling them. Which of the above questions triggered something in you?  As you can see, we will be covering a very deep ‘crisis management’ process with this New Moon.  What would you like to cover and have shift? Come to the Moon Gathering and let us shift it together.  Find a new way of relating in your life.   New Moon is a wonderful time for new beginnings and newness. Come refresh yourself from you tired and stressful life.

Mind  We all know that One should become the Master of his/her Mind rather than let his/her Mind Master him/her. We will be calling forth this energy and more with this gathering. We will call in self respect to create your new reality to prepare you for the next 5 moon gatherings. Come experience a deep moment of truth in your life. Please let me know you are coming.  Grab your ticket here or pay full exact amount at door:  New Moon in Libra Tuesday 13 October 7pm

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Energy of Now

Sudden Outbursts

carryingSudden outbursts full of hatred, rage, cruelty, jealously, doubt, limiting decisions, guilt, failure, bitterness, grief, helplessness and loneliness come with this energy.  The last eclipse was about not taking on other people’s karma and being very clear whose karma you are living.  It was about making sure you are living your karma and not taking on other people’s karma and you are not carrying another person’s karma around with you.  It was about letting go of karma that is not yours and sending that karma back to the person it belongs too.

What clashes are you having within yourself and with others?  What sets you on fire?  What blazes up and is fed by Air?  Oxygen feeds Fire. The movement of Air with our mouth creates the sounds we speak.  What sounds are you making?  What sounds do you hear?  What sounds are you thinking but not saying? What are you carrying around?

If you are suddenly attacked – I ask you – could it be because you ‘returned’ the person’s karma to them – at the last eclipse moon exercise we did – and you are not living their karma anymore? Be mindful of this. This could be a victory and the test comes with the New Moon energy to check that you have transcended this aspect of your life. Be courageous. Make a decision and carry it out.

All this chaos shows a need to balance, because there is a lack of balance in your life and in the other person’s life.  New Moon in Libra is a time to be mindful of your thinking, your mental mind and the self-talk you have with yourself. How do you respond to all this?  Are you able to be calm, kind, compassionate and forgiving?  I want to share an experience I had and shared on Facebook here:

see hear speak no evilToday I called a woman to wish her happy birthday and got a whole waterfall of abuse and hatred.

I said – Does that make you feel better? She said Yes and I replied – I am glad I made u happy on your birthday.

She continued shouting as I cried in my soul.

I could feel her anger and rage on this 8 day. I could feel her pain and the need to blame me for everything wrong in her life. She said I needed to be slapped as I was not slapped enough as a child. She said I think I am always right when I am always wrong. I kept quiet while I allowed her the gift of speech to happen on her birthday.

The other person on the phone – we had called together to wish her Happy Birthday – very calmly tried to speak to her. She got even more angry shouting louder and louder. When she finished she put the phone down.

The other person did not realise she had done so as he tried to speak in the silence that happened when the phone dropped! She has put the phone down – I said to him.

His response – I am shocked! If you had told me this happened I would not have believed you. I had to hear this myself to believe what has just been said! She must be in a lot of pain. She needs a lot of help from other professional people and definitely not you. She needs to see other mental health professionals who can truly help her.

My friends, we all have experiences that hurt and shock us! We all respond in different ways. We deal with our own feelings and respond the best way we know how – at the time.

healing abuseMy feelings are real to me, the man’s feelings are real to the man listening and the feelings of the woman shouting are real to her.

3 different people 3 different experiences 3 different responses.

Please look after yourselves and each other.

Today I wish you well in your experiences, your feelings and your responses.

Today I pray that all the souls crying out there in pain find a Divine way of healing and happiness. For this is all I can do today right now. Amen For I know I cannot help everyone.

Today I focus on the positives in my life and what I need to do to bring joy to my life and others around me.

Dear Great Spirit allow more healing through my work and open my heart to more wisdom and strength to hold sacred space when others are in pain.

Dear Great Spirit thank you for the gift of my work. Amen Namaste

  • The implication of the doctrine of karma is that we cannot blame anyone else for our suffering. Of course this does not mean that others are not accountable, they will reap the rewards of their own actions. 

  • The important point is that our suffering comes from INSIDE us, not outside.  Again, this may seem strict, but in fact it is extremely liberating. 

  • After all, we cannot change other people.  Or rather, the only way we can change other people is to change the way we relate to them, by first of all CHANGING OURSELVES. When we open our Buddha nature through chanting NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, we react differently to others, based on wisdom and compassion rather than anger or greed.  Because of this, people respond to us differently. 


i wish you wellWe all know that every fight has two stories.  We all know that we tend to project and blame.  We fight with our inner demons.  We have inner conflicts.  We keep them inside us and then they COMBUST and EXPLODE.  We find it easier to blame and project our issues on others rather than accept them within us. We hide what we are thinking – sometimes even from ourselves!  Life is full of hard choices and soft choices.  If we keep PROJECTING on others we are not taking responsibility for our lives.  We are side stepping.  We are avoiding. We are lying to ourselves.  Are you part of a ‘scam’ of projecting?  Stop it.  Release yourself from it.  Do not play the game.  Step out of it.  The silence is broken now (step out) so your heart will mend (liberation).


look after yourself and each otherThis is a time to rest and recover from the overwhelm of emotions brought on by the thinking mind, and by your experiences.

So much has happened this year.  2015 has been a year of downloads, emotions, uploads and changes (both internally and externally). Then we have the sudden outburst as mentioned in the above section.

Yet can we ‘recover’ after all this ‘excitement’, the eclipses, the super moons, the equinoxes and so called retrogrades?  And the sudden outbursts.  Are you finding it very difficult to rest or recover easily after all this?

There is so much we have to do mentally and practically.  There is so much to process emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  There is so much to challenge even after the challenges we have won and surmounted. It has been like a roller coaster.

power to youAre we responsible enough?  Can we take time to rest the mind and body?  Remember it is a good thing torelax and allow time to relax.  Diligence and hard work create a masterpiece.  In between you need to rest and gather your life force as you build your strong confident centre and create your own masterpiece – your life.

Different Worlds Same Goals

Our Worlds are Different and our Goals the Same.  We all want to be happy.  We all want to be at peace.  We all want to be loved.  We all want security.  We all seek balance. We all want to consciously connect to our unconsciousness.  We want to unconsciously connect to our consciousness.  We want to do the impossible and be the impossible.  We want to dream the impossible dream.  And this New Moon in Libra is a good time to dream it.

The Impossible Dream

Il Divo – The Impossible Dream  Video Performance

Frank Sinatra – The Impossible dream (with lyrics) Video Performance

infinite power

There are 5 Moon Gatherings left this year.

Did you know that Christmas is on the last Full Moon?  It will be a very emotional day for everyone.

Last Super Moon of 2015

  • clip_image001[549] Tuesday 27 October 2015
  • clip_image001[550] Full Moon in Taurus – Sun in Scorpio
  • clip_image001[551] Hunter’s Moon – 12:05 GMT London
  • clip_image001[552] Element – Earth/Water
  • clip_image001[553] SUPER FULL MOON (last Super Full Moon of the year)
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11:11 New Moon Day

Full Moon before Christmas Full Moon

Last New Moon of 2015

Last Full Moon on Christmas Day


  • Thursday 31 December 2015
  • Time: 10pm (31 December 2015) – 1am (1 January 2016)
  • £50 contribution to be collected for RNIB

October Celebrations

  • 2 SGI World Peace Day
  • 4 Feast of St Francis of Assisi
  • 4-5 Shmini Atzeret
  • 5-6 Simchat Torah
  • 9   Birthday of Guru Ram Das
  • 12 Nichiren Daishonin inscribes Dai-Gohonzon
  • 15 Muharram (Islamic New Year)
  • 19-20  Birth of the Bab (Bahai)
  • 23   Ashura
  • 24   United Nations Day
  • 31   Halloween – Samhain

a day to manifestTime to Love YourselfCelebrating 11 Wonders of You


As you all know I write about the ENERGY OF NOW referring to the Energy of where we are energetically in our individual lives. This is arrived as though dreams, meditation, spiritual insights, practical sensing, all forms of awareness and observation; with loving compassion. This takes a few days to channel through.  When I finally sit on my computer to put it all together it can take up to three days to produce my spiritual blog.  Then I write my Newsletter and send that out to those who have joined my mailing list.  You can join it here:

As you will see when you look though my blog I have been going for quiet a few years, holding a New Moon and a Full Moon meditation with the spiritual focus to heal and empower.

Feedback  Over the years many of you have written to me and expressed to me your views and experiences of reading my Spiritual Insightful Blog. You have all informed me that you have found it to be quite accurate and helpful in your personal life.  Some of you say you read it on the tube on you way to work or during your break. Some of you say you print it all out and then carry it around with you and read it whenever you get a free space to read – and some have said they read it while they are waiting in a queue – it takes up the time in a nice way.  Some respond very well to the HOMEWORK section and love that; and tell me they missed the section when I have not included it!  Others let me know they love the PICTURES and they find the pictures healing, embracing and inspirational. Some send me pictures and artwork they would like me to use on my blog.

The people whose TESTIMONIALS you read are real and alive.  The people I share are people I know personally and I have met. Everything on my blog is unique to the way I work for myself and others.  Thank you for the feedback.

great qualities

New Moon & Sun in Libra Invocation Blessing

Red heart Tuesday 13 October 2015 at 7pm  Red heart Element – Air Red heart   

 Red heartBook HERE heart

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker

control you

We Greet You

With the Energy of Balance

Recognising Your Need for Balance

In the Ups and Downs of Your Thinking

We Greet You

change inner darkness

We Greet You

With the Deep Inner Work

Your Deep Inner Conflict & Chaos

Seeding a New Dignity Within Your Life

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Bad Choices You Have Made

Staying Still, Sinking and Rising

From the Depth of Your Suffering

We Greet You

revere your life

We Greet You

With the Inner Messages You Receive

Helping You Make Your Choice/s with Reverence

On the New Path You Tread with Fun

We Greet You

inner change

We Greet You

With the Magic Mirror in Your Hand

Reflecting a Needed Change

In Your Third Eye where Change Takes Place

We Greet You

excellence of you

We Greet You

With Your Unconscious Mind

Communicating With Your Conscious Mind

Connecting Your Awakening to Enlightenment

We Greet You

passage portal matrix

We Greet You

With Your Closures Closing Doors Behind You

Wiping Out the Past

Looking Now to the Open Expansion of Time

We Greet You

living true

We Greet You

With the Seeding of Newness

The Importance of Living True to Yourself

Freeing You in the Liberation to Your Truest Truth

We Greet You

Lisa Iris Isis

We Greet You

With the Centred Power of Isis

Calling Forth and Anchoring Your Centred Point

In the Stillness of the Sacred Centeredness of You

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Your Personal SuperConsciousNess

Your Sacred Self, Your Higher Self, Your Holy Spirit

Opening Your Compassion, Unconditional Love & Spiritual Intelligence.

We Greet You

angel protection

We Greet You

With the Collective SuperConsciousNess

Connection to Cosmic Consciousness

Christ Consciousness and Buddhic Consciousness

We Greet You

let children play

We Greet You

With the Cherished Moments of Life

Great New Stories You are Going to Creatively Live

In the Wonderful Opportunities on Your Pathway

We Greet You

crying for help

We Greet You

With the Sacred Spiritual Weapon

Breaking Down Known/Unknown Barriers

Releasing Pain Beyond Pain

We Greet You

qualities of life

We Greet You

With the Diamond Qualities

Enchanting Light Reliable Balanced Loving

Strong True  Happy Beautiful/Handsome

We Greet You


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for the New Moon in Libra on 13 October 2015

chi internal energy life force

QUOTES by Frederick Douglass 

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.


The soul that is within me no man can degrade.

Once you learn to read  you will be forever free.

The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion. 

Man’s greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers, to things needed to be done.

I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.

My first wife was the colour of my mother and the second, the colour of my father.  Frederick Douglass was with his first wife (a black lady) for 44 years till she died. He was with his second wife (a whiFrederick_douglasste lady) for 11 years till he died suddenly of a heart attack.  She said: Love came to me, and I was not afraid to marry the man I loved because of his colour.

Frederick Douglass (born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, c. February 1818 – February 20, 1895) was an African-American social reformer, abolitionist,orator, writer, and statesman. After escaping from slavery, he became a leader of the abolitionist movement, gaining note for his dazzling oratory and incisive antislavery writings. He stood as a living counter-example to slaveholders’ arguments that slaves lacked the intellectual capacity to function as independent American citizens. Even many Northerners at the time found it hard to believe that such a great orator had once been a slave.

Toks Coker

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