New Moon in Libra 2017

Happy New Moon in Libra

Happy Diwali, Festival of Lights

Are you ready to clear all the clutter and heavy energy around you? Are you feeling stressed and tense about various aspects of your life or just one aspect of your life? Are you relationships difficult? Are you wanting clarity, and yet more clarity, in the muddle of your life? Are you ready to feel lighter and freer? Have you had enough of all the uncertainty? Then time to gather with me.

20 - New Moon in Libra (19-10-17)As my video above says, we need to balance all the extreme energies we have all been experiencing. We welcome the new spring of healing, empowerment and cleansing. It is common practice, before the night of Diwali, to clean, renovate, decorate the home or offices. This is really a great time to cleanse your home AND de-clutter your environment, home, mind, body and spirit. Have you started spring cleaning? I have. Anyone want house cleansing or energy cleaning please book a session with me.

This Diwali New Moon, let us activate our old and new Knowledge, lets us seek Self Knowledge, Self Improvement, Spiritual Development, the Right Path and Clear Decisions. This is the celebration of our INNER LIGHT over our Spiritual Darkness. This is a time of Great Spiritual Growth.

Let us determine to dispel the Darkness and see the Light, honouring both Light and Dark within us, seeking WITH CLARITY, the balance in our life. This New Moon seeks our Compassion on many levels. Are you ready for this seeking and this seeding?

On Thursday, we will invoke the Wife and Shakti (energy) of Vishnu. Vishnu’s wife is Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Wealth, Abundance, Good Fortune and Fertility. She visits us bestowing Blessings on us at the Moon Gathering.

Diwali FestivalWe celebrate Diwali, symbolising the Victory of Good over Evil, the Victory of Light over Darkness, of Right over Wrong, of Knowledge over Ignorance, and of Hope over Despair.

We have just 10 weeks to Christmas and the end of the year. How are you going to celebrate the New Year? Come let us prepare with this auspicious New Moon Diwali to finish the Year, 2017, in a great way.

We will enjoy healing and messages from African Ancestors, Acturians, Angels and the 8 Immortals. We will celebrate the Festival of Lights, Diwali, with lots of lights, representing the Triumph of Good over Evil. We will experience the Laying on of Hands, Anointment, Auric Cleansing, Crystal Singing Bowls, Deep Personal Insights, Healing Shifts and more. Distant Healing will be sent to those who have asked for it and to the World in general.

Did you notice the strong strange winds in London? Did you notice the ‘new’ colour like sepia and orange in the environment? Did you notice the colour of the moon? So many lovely colours with Autumn and the new energies coming in.

Time for balance in your life. So excited.

So much to do. See you Thursday.

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Love Always

Toks Beverley Coker

20 - New Moon in Libra (19-10-17) (2)We send healing on the New Moon to you and we silently honour you. We are sorry for the pain and suffering you are going through. We send you compassionate love right now in your Soul Journey of your Internal Infinite Soul.

YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You are receiving tremendous healing energy allowing you to receive whatever you need to receive. The beautiful Light of Compassion and Healing is sent to you with love. THIS IS SAFE AND TRUE

May this Distant Healing empower you and give you the resolution you are needing right now. Loving You – your Mind, Body and Spirit.

As we gather with friends we call in the animal totems, crystals and Portals of Light. We invite in great friendships, supportive people and friends, as we realise there is no forgiving and no sorry. We anchor a new belief of joy and sunshine. Freedom from liberation, allowing your masculine and feminine energy, to dance together in your heart.

Hello I C UBalance of Masculine & Feminine

We greet you with the Portal of Light anchoring Spontaneous Healing Transition. Allowing healing from 10 Directions to come to you to empower your life. May the unfolding of your Soul Dance bring you greatness and clarity in your life. As a Rose Bud is packed tightly,you, like the Rose Bud, are getting ready to open up to a newness and a new blossoming. Allowing yourself to opens slowly, unfolding with joy and opening to more. We Greet You. We Greet You. We Greet You.

10 DirectionsHealing Crystals

Let the Healing Portal open you up to more healing, more prosperity and more love in your life. May you be well in all you do. May you prosper in everything your do. May your life be filled with joy and with peace. Enjoy the healing from this portal. As you look at the portal: What do you enjoy looking at? How do you feel? What do you want to release? What do you want to manifest? What help are you wanting in your life?  What do you want for yourself? What would it feel like it you had all you want? What would it look like? What would it feel like?  What would you do? How would this energy moving through you bring you what you are wanting and feeling. Really feel it and sense it and smell it and taste it and touch it.  May the blessing you call for be yours now. Ho, and so it Is. Love Love

Portal of Light

Love Always

Toks Coker

xxx x xxx


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