New Moon in Libra 27.9.11


Two wonderful events just gone by:

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FullMoon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo on Monday 12.9.11

autumn equionoxand Autumn Equinox on Friday 23.9.11

clip_image001[31]One wonderful event coming:

20110417 038NewMoon in Libra occurs in the morning of Tuesday 27.9.11. We will be linking in at the actual time of this NewMoon and holding the  NEW MOON MEDITATION at my flat on Tuesday 27.9.11 from 7pm-10pm. Check out the link below: 

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 High Five. See you Tuesday.

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1.10.11, 10.10.11, 11.10.11

1.11.11, 10.11.11, 11.11.11, 29.11.11

NewMoon in Libra Invocation Blessing 27.9.11

nice pink rose lovely

I Greet You

In the Beauty of the Rose

Delicate Precise Fragrance

Manifesting Harmony & Balance

In the Visual of Your Eyes 

I Greet You

nice pink rosenice pink rose 2

I Greet You

In the Stillness of Your Mind

Reflecting Refocusing

Enjoying  Engaging

In the Body of Your Mind

I Greet You

newmoon in libra 27.9.11 027

I Greet You

In the Healing of Your Relationship

Quantum Leap to Relating

Activating Easy Communication 

In the Heart of Your Love

I Greet You

nice pink lillies xx

I Greet You

In the Completion of Unity

Surviving Impossible Challenges

Serenity Bestowing Tranquillity

In the Calmness of Your Aura

I Greet You

nice egyptian hands

I Greet You

Gently Touching You

Soothing Your Questing

Transmitting Innermost Depth

In the Dignity of Your Life

I Greet You

nice hands

I Greet You

Raising Hands to Receive

Golden Grains of Blessings

Growing Wisdom of Discernment

In the Choices of Your Life

I Greet You

nice egyptian i ask

I Greet You

Kneeling Before the Goddess

Asking for Support & Protection

Receiving Insightful Balance

In the Depth of Your Life

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Memory of Past Gone

Present Living Desires

Future Hopes & Wishes

Pathway to Your Cosmic Evolution

I Greet You

nice crayons

I Greet You

In Your Expressions of Colour

Illuminating the Brightness

Colouring Pathways of Happiness

In the Drawings of Your Life

I Greet You

nice buddha snakeGlasgow 20.8.11 137 - Copynice buddha snake

I Greet You

With the Salute of the Snake

Raising Hands Up

Celebrating with the Buddha

Breathing Spiralling Tube Torus

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


Channelled by Toks Coker for the NewMoon in Libra 27.9.11



LIBRA is about relationships, love,  balance/harmony, beauty, fairness.

couple together


This is a good time to look at and to reflect over your intimate relationships you have with yourself, as well as, with others: loved ones, partners, friends, husband, wife, etc. 

clip_image001[27]LOVE: Are you happy & at peace in the silence of your mind?   Are you really in love?  Has all the time, money and  emotion you have invested in the relationshipcourtship paid off?   Are you getting what you want?  Do you feel very used, unloved, abused, or taken advantage off?  Are you holding a resentment or hidden thought or desire? How supportive is your love?  Are you supportive, reliable and committed? Are you respectful?


BALANCE: Sometimes  sharing your feelings, thoughts &  actions brings balance into your relationship.  Know that dialogue is the first step to healing rifts, misunderstandings, withdrawals and separation.  It is also the way to end the underlying distrust and antagonism. Sometimes feeling the pain tearing at your heart as you try to express your truth is the first point of healing enabling you to open up the real truth within you.  In the talking is the revealing.  In the realisation of pain in one another may be the realisation of love.  Life and Love is really a healing mystery. nice glasgow betty boo 1

The WEIGHING SCALE is the complete symbol for Libra as balance in every area of one’s life is aimed for e.g. balancing male/female polarities, balancing emotional swings and extreme judgements. HARMONY is important to create BALANCE between opposites. Walking in balance between two opposite pillars of judgements and opinions is what Libra is about.  Can you do this in your life? How are you creating harmony and balance in the chaos of your relationship?

BEAUTY: Do you likea DSCF0108 yourself?  Do you like who you are now?  Of do you miss ‘the old you’?  Do you feel undecided, unsure, insecure in the stillness of your mind?  Seeking balance within you may make you see imbalance in others and in yourself.  It is really important to be clear about what you are intending and wanting for yourself to make you happy, peaceful or balanced.  Being complete is being holy! How holy are you? How complete are you?

nice buddha roseFAIRNESS: Am I or the others crazy? Albert Einstein.  Seeking fairness involves a major shakeup in thoughts, words and actions.  These paradigm shifts and knowings involve an internal balance transforming old out-dated  beliefs to new better shifts in consciousness.  Portal shakeups and shifts within your consciousness create a revolutionary shift within which enables a freeing of your spirit. This is taking responsibility for the part you play in  your life and living a life of fairness.

nice pink spiral

x3 NewMoon in Libra GODDESSES:  Maat is Goddess of Law and Justice; Fairness, Diplomacy and careful Balance.  Venus is Goddess of Love, Pleasure and Relationships.  Aphrodite is Goddess of Beauty and Relationships. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.

kiss by the windowThe Divine Couple are Shakti & Shiva who complete each other.   Are you the Divine Couple? Do you complete each other? Shakti: Feminine, Mother Earth, Night Creation. She is the Divine Force, destroying negative forces and restoring balance to the cosmic order and in ones life.  She has many names e.g. Devi, Parvati, Durga, Kali. dancers by the windowShiva: Masculine, Father Sky, Day Creator.  He is destroyer of evil and regenerator.  Shiva rides a white bull and has a small drum he holds which he uses when he dances. He also holds a Trident in his hands.  The Trident is the symbol of Shiva. The Trident [Trisula] is Shiva’s weapon and symbol of Shiva symbolising creation, protection and destruction. It is the 3-fold jewel Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.


Without Shakti, Shiva would be inert, aloof, inactive. With her he manifests his full potential. They both need each other to bloom.  nice twin roses in blue bottleA relationship is a meeting of two whole individuals bringing different strengths and weaknesses; and in the coming together is the perfection of oneness.  They both learn from each other and they both work together seeing obstacles as opportunities for growing together and building a meaningful relationship with honour and respect for each other.  Are you creating value in your relationships?  What value are you bringing into your relationship? What value are you creating in  your relationship?

a Glasgow 20.8.11 290


nice pink roses twins sunflowersWe will be using an energetic Trident / the Lemurian Tuning Fork,  a Triangle of manifestation and a Square for solid grounding in this air sign.  The purpose of this healing exercise is to manifest our purpose clearly. This is a time of great cleansing, clearing, balancing and magnificent healing.  A giant wave of protection and clearing will happen within the powerful healing portal of light.  The vibration of these sacred LADYsymbols fine tune and balance the energy of the body; creating a meeting of polarities within the person, bringing back into the person their own spiritual note and balance.  Looking over one’s shoulders and looking within; as we search to find our True One Self; is crucial for anchoring balance. This exercise helps to create a vibrational harmony within the person helping to balance individual and planetary polar opposites. The Healing Codes activated transform dark/half-lit codes within the individual to full light codes:  transforming poison to medicine.  Radiating Radiating Radiating.

eagle light


  1. List 6 blessings you have received and Give GRATITUDE for all blessings you receive from the universe no matter how small. 
  2. List 6 free gifts, apologies, etc. have you received from the universe.  Bless all today……
  3. List 6 things you do that nurture yourself
  4. List 6 things you do/give that nurture your relationship
  5. List 6 things you do that create value in your life
  6. List 6 things you do/give that create value in your relationship


BEARwood wolfIMG_0471


nice glasgow betty boo red dressnice glasgow betty boo phonenice glasgow betty boo marylnnice glasgow betty boo 3s

I love Betty Boop. She is a feminine woman warrior power.  She is a natural beauty. My friends, Sunny and Tim, have a Betty Boop shop in Glasgow and sell on ebay: born2booop.

man in pyramid hand snake bird from isabellenice buddha snake


I Greet You

nice buddha snakeGlasgow 20.8.11 137 - Copy

I Greet You

With the Salute of the Snake

Raising Hands Up

Celebrating with the Buddha

Spiralling Tube Torus

I Greet You

swan nicenewmoon in libra 27.9.11 121


I wish you balanced emotions, spiritual intelligence, peace, joy and

Knowledge of your true light  

Love Toks xxxx

“If you light a lantern for another, it will also brighten your way.”   Gosho Zenshu 1598

newmoon in libra 27.9.11 022


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