New Moon in Pisces 17 March 2018

We gather for yet another intense download. I am celebrating many new things with this New Moon. I completed two certifications to refine my skills. I am in the process of assessing my personal relationship together with my partner. I am also looking at redefining my life, purpose and vision with a new website in the mix and a new pricing scheme. So many new things to celebrate. I will also be seeding some new seeds too. What new things are you celebrating?

What has to ‘die’ so something new can come in?  What has to be released so you can feel free?  What has to be renewed so you can breathe?  What needs to be purged to make way for more newness and freshness? What has to be rebirthed in you?  What type of ‘hell’ or ‘heaven’ are you going through at the moment, that has to be released, removed, broken and cleared, to help you breathe newness and freshness into your life plan? What new beginning are you going to embrace this New Moon?
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Emotions runs high this New Moon as Pisces is a WATER sign which is all about EMOTIONS. It is two fish swimming in opposite directions, so it is all about what directions you are going and what oppositions are you experiencing in your life – personal or working life.

So many people are experiencing abuse on a major level.  Some are not even aware of it as they are so used to it they think it is ‘normal’.  What are you allowing in your life that may actually not be honouring you?

Many people are being ‘beaten’ by bullies in various ways.  My client was mugged and beaten outside her flat by three men in ski masks, for her big diamond ring. What motivated these men to beat an woman and leave her with broken fingers, swollen bruises on her face and body. She just had an operation on her fingers that will take two years to heal! This is pure cruelty.  What emotions drive a human being to abuse another? What emotions drive you?
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There is good and bad karma. Good karma is what we all want. Bad karma is anything that negates our existence.  What lessons do you need to face and learn this New Moon?

How is your past life affecting you in this life?  I worked on clients to release the influence of the past life that was negative and they found the experience profound, tiring and peaceful.

How is your mental problem a reflection of your karmic patterning or karmic family? How often are you ‘shouting’ or ‘abusing’ or ‘attacking’ another due to mental problems? How are you coping with your mental problem and that of others?

New Moon in Pisces is a good time to go deep into aspects of yourself and ‘know’ yourself. Are you ready? Do you think you can handle this? as the Spice Girls would say.
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There are so many levels of pain – emotional, physical, mental, bodily, spiritual, psychosomatic.  It can be felt in your skeletal body when you have an accident, when your teeth and muscles hurt. It can be felt in your emotions when you have a broken heart. It can be felt in your mind when your mental mind feels tortured by fear. It can be felt in your spiritual body when you feel restless and unsettled, causing you sleepless nights and days.

When I experienced pain from an accident I would say to myself – This is a good sign. It means I am getting better because I can feel the pain.  My nerves are feeling the pain. I am getting better.  I may still be in pain and this pain is letting me know I am getting better. Thank you pain! – This kept my with a positive mind-set.  I healed so quickly the doctors we pleased and surprised.

Looking at our pain connects us to the deepest aspect of ourselves. We may find this easy or uncomfortable.

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Honour water with this New Moon in Pisces, a water sign. Flowing water like rivers, waterfalls, fountains please us.  Stagnant water like puddles, ponds, rivers can breed mosquitoes that kill, smells that are repugnant and negative feelings.  Your tears are flowing water helping you to break free of an emotion that has been logged in you for a long time.

At our Alchemy Moon gathering tonight we will be working with the energy Water, drinking blessed water and honouring water.  We will be sharing and experiencing flow and releasing any stagnant energy around you. There will be ritual and prayers.  There will be silent time to go within and heal the fragmented parts of you and call yourself home to you.

We will be working with the element of Water to sooth, heal and empower, creating flow and movement with ease in an area of your life.

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inviteThis really is a time to reflect on your life and learn from your mistakes. This New Moon look at your life and look at areas where you need to improve. What is missing in your life? What do you like?  What do you not like?  What can you do about your life?  Seed  your desires with strong conviction. Perhaps you need to tidy your affairs, your home, your clutter. Perhaps you need to take responsibility for your life and stop taking other peoples karma on. Perhaps it is time to look at priorities in your life – what serves you and what does not serve you?  Perhaps it is time to look at your health or your relationship issues calling for a healing of health, rifts in relationships, etc.

This is a good time to heal yourself. Healer heal yourself first.

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St Patrick's Day

Write down your desires, wishes and goals.  Write down what you want and call it forth. I spoke to my client and she said she was afraid to write down her wishes because she felt it would mean she had to take actions to make them happen and she did not want to take actions to make them happen. Every Alchemy Moon Gathering has been about taking actions in your life and manifesting something you truly desire. It helps you to live your truth.

How about giving yourself time to live a life of true happiness and not hidden or suppressed happiness? Be gentle with yourself. Really determine to do something new and different now. How about forgiving yourself? How about forgiving others? How about deciding to move on? How about working with the quality of compassion for yourself first and then others?  How about loving yourself? Truly loving yourself.
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Take time out to reflect, to rest, to be in a quiet space to think. Take time out from arguments, disruptive situations and people. Take time out from confrontations. Take time out from unhappiness.  Take time out for yourself to rest, relax and sit is silence. Take time out to be with people who want the best for you and who will hold a strong belief for you even when you are weak.   Take time out to believe in yourself. Take time out to know yourself. Take time out to be more YOU. Take time out to recalibrate.  Take time out to BE. Take time out to attend to yourself – your wounds, your pain, you forgiveness. Take time out to be with yourself.

WATER: Be in water. Play in water. Swim in water. Look at water. Drink water. Be water. Allow water to flow. Flow like water. Invite in flow in your life. Flow in your blood. Flow in your body. Flow. Flow. Flow. Invite in Stillness. Stillness in water. Peace in water. Softness with water. Silence with water. Sacredness of water. Activate water energy in your life.  Pisces is a water sign and we have the fishes of Pisces swimming in opposite directions. Be like water. Still. Flowing. Silent. Deep. Quiet. Reflective. Calm. Peaceful. Be yourself – balanced and refreshed. Happy New Moon.


See you tonight at 7pm when we gather to heal, to regenerate, to relax, to be with people who care and to shine your inner light on yourself. We will cover all the above and more. Allow your own initiation into more magic.

For more information click this link MOON GATHERING TONIGHT

  • Saturday 17 March
  • 7pm Workshop
  • Time of New Moon in London 1:14pm
  • New Moon in Pisces
  • Element – Water


I allow my own healing and growth. I manifest great healing and joy in my life. I experience both expected and unexpected manifestations that empower me and protect me. I allow more magic into my life. I give myself permission to be more. I give myself time to heal and be more than I even thought possible. Infinite possibilities are happening to me now. I take responsibility to grow. Toks Coker

Love Light Joy

Toks Coker xxx


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