New Moon in Pisces 21.2.2012

Happy New Moon in Pisces 21.2.2012

Happy Birthday Pisces


Sorry this is late.  I was in hospital with the energy of NewMoon in Pisces.  I am energetically putting this out today with sparkling lights all around me.  Love Toks xxxx


by Toks Coker 21.2.2012


I Greet You

Activating the Sacred Grand Cross of Pisces

Death Causing a Birthing

Re-Birthing Your Grandness

I Greet You

eyes of truth

I Greet You

With Eyes if Dragon Truth

Anchoring Matrix of Thought Wonders

In the Portal of Painful Decisions

I Greet You

dog holding umbrella

I Greet You

In Your Refusal to Let Go

Your Need to Live Your Truth

Dissolving the Lies You Live Yourself

I Greet You

death of love

I Greet You

In Your Near Death Experiences

Your Super Conscious Movements

With the Elders of Light

I Greet You

flowing fish

I Greet You

Riding the Waves of Pisces

Hidden Underworld Underground Journey

Swimming Depths of Painful Truths and Non Truths

I Greet You

rays of light and hope

I Greet You

In the Headache of Your Deep Soul

Rays of Light and Hope Shining In

Energy Stream to Your Brain Cell

I Greet You

3 dragon ladies

I Greet You

In Your Criticism of Others

Sending Dragon Water Light

To Your Soul Heart

I Greet You

stripes of life

I Greet You

In Your Strips of Life

Making New Patterns

In Your New Direction

I Greet You

pink roses of love

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Pisces

Happy Valentines Day 14.2.2012

The following are blessings on Love and on Gratitude from two fabulous NewMoon & FullMoon People:  Aine Belton and Ioanis Konstantinopulos.  Thank you.  Love Toks xxx

Aphrodite’s Calling by Aine Belton

Aphrodite, calling me

with a shell from the sea

I can hear the sound of love’s symphony

Blow through my soul

And the tree that I am

Sheds leaves as I stand

Naked, bare

Defenceless to her love and care

Hidden no more.

I lay down my guard

I lay down my scars and my past

So I can be fully held in her arms.

Dear Aphrodite, Venus, dear love

The love that is deep within all of us

The love that I am

That I’ve always been

A boundless ocean, a fathomless sea

Waves of love flow through me

The rhythm of infinity.

And I am re-born to myself, cleansed and whole

Shed of skins, of layers old

Rising to shine like a star in the sky

A phoenix, with you dear love, eternal inside

Love’s Way

The Call Home

The Tide of Remembrance

The Dance of the One


Gratitude Calling by Yanni

handsome IaonisIn Gratitude we are Whole.

In Gratitude we are Here.

In Gratitude we are Now.

From this Space of Gnosis

We are Glowing in Resonance with Source Energy.

We are One with Source,

Transcending the Shroud of the Physical Body, the Illusion of Physicality.

In this Remembrance, in this Gratitude,

We Glow like a Radiating Sun and

We Realise that we are the Universe and everything in it.

Thus, anything we could possibly Desire is ours.

We have but to Ask, Allow, Receive and Give Thanks,

Now and Forevermore.

Ho and So We Are.

Yanni = John = God is Gracious

The Energy of Pisces & HOMEWORK

Pisces is about transcending the various forms of ‘death’ to a new ‘rebirth’.  Pmother earthisces is the last sign of the zodiac and a wise intuitive sign.  A sign that goes inwards and then outwards so be prepared to lots of emotions as you journey the path of no return, the path of return and the path to liberation and freedom.  This NewMoon in between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  NEPTUNE the Greek Sea God is good at dissolving boundaries and ‘crashing’ your illusions or maya.  Neptune goes right under your skin to make you look at issues you need to look at!  What needs loosening?  What cannot be loosened? What needs healing?  What cannot be heamother earth frillsled?  What needs dissolving?  What cannot be dissolved? Can we bring all these feelings to mother earth? This is shape shifting transformation to the underworld and staying there till you learn the lesson, then emerging to the light of day – like a seed sprouting out anew.  The key essence with this NewMoon is to give what is required and not get exhausted. What have you done that has exhausted you?  Did you offer kindness and it backfired on your energy?  Did you exhaust yourself with other people dumping on  you?  Did you burn out?  Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions so why are  you surprised when you have two extreme conflicting emotions and intense uncontrollable feelings? Themother earth valentines journey to YOUR UNDERWORLD is frightening and fearful. Writing your fears may help you understand them better and if you cannot write them then draw them. However with this energy there is no guarantee as you will have to go through your own experience to learn and to heal.  NO ONE can do this for you.  Then Draw your heart.  There is something freeing when you draw and colour your heart.  Try it.  Learning to prioritise your intentions at this time may be difficult and unsteady just do not give up on yourself right now.  Go through the torment, the anguish, the tornado in your life and call forth the Water Dragon to help you in your new way forward.  Welcome to the NewMoon in Pisces which will effect you for a while right up to the next Full Moon on 8.3.2012 and beyond.    Be gentle with yourself.

Deep Emotional Sad Songs with Pisces energy

Joan Baez    I Still Miss Someone

Joan Baez    It Ain’t Me Babe    

Joan Baez   The Rose (Viareggio, Italy, 1984)

Bianca Ryan      The Rose (with lyrics)   the visuals are very powerful

Hands of Light

hello world

vintage accessories by me

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, “You owe me.” Look what  happens with a Love like that!  It lights the whole sky.  Hafez 1315-1390  Sufi poet

We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Happy NewMoon in Pisces


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