We have to go where no man or woman has gone before with Toks Coker, says Mr Spock.  We have so many places to go to:

Happy New Moon (18 December)
Happy Solstice (21 December)
Merry Christmas (25 December)
Happy New Year’s Eve (31 December)
Happy New Year (1 January)
Happy Full Moon (2 January)

In this blog post I talk only about –



Today, Monday 18 December is the New Moon and Sun in Sagittarius.  Element is FIRE.   Actual Time of New Moon: 6:31 am London. Time of New Moon Meditation is 7pm London. Time of Distant Healing is 8pm for 3 nights (including Moon night).

Quote: “They tried to bury us.  They didn’t know we were seeds.” Mexican Proverb

Symbol: Archer (you as the Archer with your Bow and Arrow)

BOW AND ARROW:  Which way do you want to aim your Bow? Up, Down, Straight, Left, Right? The choice is yours.  It is, after all, your Bow and Arrow.

Take the Bow and Arrow and take control of your life. Aim the Bow and Shoot the Arrow to your Desires, Wishes, Goals and Wants. You Aim your Arrow in a straight direction and shoot.  Mr Spock says it is logical and possible.

TRUTH: New Moon in Sagittarius is about being Truthful. In order to be effective, Truth must penetrate like an Arrow…..and it is likely to hurt.

WHERE: This New Moon Alchemy Workshop is about finding time to honour yourself and where you are right now. Are you ready to face where you are now? And look to where you want to be?

rootBeginCHANGES:  With all the changes and transformations happening, this is an important time to centre yourself and balance your Chakras. Come gather in a sacred space to help you balance your life on a very deep emotional, physical, physiological, mental and spiritual level.

BEGINNINGS: This is a potent time to invite in and honour the beginning of new things in your life.  A time to start again.  A time to refresh and look at your life in a new way. A time of new beginnings. This does not mean you throw away anything ‘old’.  It means you look at your life in a precise way and realise what needs to be renewed, cleaned, thrown away and requires going back to the drawing board.

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See you later today at 7pm. Click for details: NewMoon



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