New Moon in Virgo

Are you ready for an alchemical change this New Moon? Or perhaps you have had your alchemical change and you are needing help with processing through the change?  Then you have come to the right place. We will be sitting down or lying down to create a masterpiece for your life in a sacred environment that heals and supports your process.

There are many lessons to reflect on. You may feel your Soul being tested and strengthen  with this New Moon; as you learn that even those who are successful and experienced can and do make mistakes.  We will realise, collectively, that to achieve the goal does not necessarily mean to succeed at the task, as there may be issues that arise, as you strive to achieve your goal.

This New Moon invites us to change our paradigm, as we realise that it is possible to redeem even the most horrendous mistakes and transgressions. Let us forgive each other and our selves.  We need to value what we have, and be loving and grateful for what we have, otherwise we may loose it. Let us anchor forgiveness and love.

New Moon in Virgo accords us a practical ‘look’ at our situation with mindfulness, patience and wisdom.  As we empower our Inner Self, let us really feel the depth of our very own innocence, power and vitality. This is made even more possible with the gathering of energies from different vortexes of power namely:

NEW MOON & SUN in Virgo

MUHARRAM (Islamic New Year)

ROSH HASHANAH (Jewish New Year)

NAVRATRI (Hindu 9 Nights Celebration of the Divine Mother)

We will be calling in all this power to list 7 steps to call in your Good Fortune. Can you think what they are?

Come join us  after work, at 7pm, on 20 September Wednesday, with your friends and family.  If you can bring something sacred with you to put in the alter.

Book your space here or pay cash at the door.

Why should I come?

1. Are you feeling

stressed, overwhelmed, empty?

tired, lost, forlorn?

abandoned, emotional, lonely?

confused, stuck, listless?

un-grounded, floaty, dazed?

anxious, suspicious, worrying?

depressed, suicidal, angry?

2. Do you find it hard to trust people, even yourself?

3. Do you keep starting things and not finishing?

4. Do you keep doing the same things, to ease you, only to find they are not?

5. Do you feel like a dog (waiting to be told what to do) rather than a jaguar (pro-actively taking action)?

6. Did you realise that you have been wasting your time with the wrong people and the wrong projects?

7.Are you finding it hard to start something new? Or simply start anything?

8. Are you always finding excuses for yourself and others for not doing something for your life, business or relationship?

9. Have you given up on yourself? Your beliefs? Your life?

10. Are you ready to try something new?

If you answered YES to at least 5 of the above then you should come to the Healing Moon Gathering.

What are the benefits to me?

The Hands of Light Healing Matrix Meditation will enable you to:

Get clarity where there has been little or none.

Bring in the long awaited clarity that seems to have been elusive.

Relax your mind when it has been busy with your mental chatter.

Calm your mind with an overwhelming calmness.

Reduce your stress level to a zero rating.

Experience profound feeling of peace and relaxation.

Re-prioritise your life when you thought you could not.

Start again with a freshness of Spirit.

See the opportunities around you and take them.

Take control of your life and feel more in charge of your life.

Take responsibility for the things that happen to you.

Activate your own creativity – your infinite creativity.

Start again – refreshed and renewed with a new focus and determination.

You to go through transitions in your life.

Induce a state of balance and self love.

Learn 7 ways to call in your Good Fortune.

Learn new ways to help yourself to be happy.

Open your spiritual development and growth and anchor in your gateways to light.

Try something new if you have never done this before such as create a crystal portal matrix for healing the world and yourself.

Yes, Yes, Yes – I am coming.

See you Wednesday then when we will share more valuable information, relevant to your personal life. Come join us  after work, at 7pm, on 20 September Wednesday, with your friends and family.

Book your space here or pay cash at the door.



7 Actions for New Moon in Virgo

Valuing your time and money.

Refining your skills.

Delivering quality.

Doing something new.

Balancing your giving and receiving.

Honouring your self in relationships.

Clarifying in your mind and priorities.

7 Challenges for New Moon in Virgo

Over extension of self and time.

Not speaking out.

Over critical of self and others

Expecting too much from self and others.

Resisting change.

Lacking emotions.

Forgetting to look after self: overwhelm with workload.

7 Seeding’s for the New Moon in Virgo

Seeding your Miracle.

Seeding your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Seeding your Practicality & Attitude.

Seeding your Creativity & Inspiration

Seeding your Work & Relationships.

Seeding your Money & Wealth.

Seeding your Future Newness

7 Blessings of the Moon Mediations

Safe & Secure.

Cleansed & Protected.

Awake & Enlightened.

Healed & Supported.

Peaceful & Relaxed.

Freshness & Lightness.

Motivated & Inspired.

There is so much to cover: we will wait till we gather to teach more on the New Moon.  

Invocation Blessing

will be channelled on the New Moon

Come join us  after work, at 7pm, on 20 September Wednesday, with your friends and family.  Book your space here or pay cash at the door.

Love and Light Toks xxxx


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