New Moon & Sun in Capricorn 1 January 2014


Happy New Moon in Capricorn 1/1/2014

Happy Birthday Capricorns

So much has happened already as we journeyed and transmitted into this new year 2014.  Forgive the lateness in posting this.  My life has been so full with holding and preparing workshops and certifications; as well as doing Starlight Tarot Wisdom Readings & Blessings for lots of people.  Come let us look at the energy of past and present….  and so they said it would be over and it is not over….

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  1. Invocation Blessing for New Moon & Sun in Capricorn Wednesday 1 January 2014Lunch in Turkey
  2. ENERGY OF NOW 2014: New Moon & Sun in Capricorn Wednesday 1 January 2014 (Element: Earth) 11:15 GMT London
    1. Decisions Before the New Year
    2. You may not know how to do something
    3. This is Your Life
    4. Never Quitting
    5. Scape Goat Energy
  3. QUOTEs: Happy New Moon & Sun in Capricorn 01/01/2014
  4. ACTION:Happy New Moon & Sun in Capricorn 01/01/2014
  5. What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop?
    1. For more details and to book THIS WONDERFUL MEDITAION WORKSHOP, New Year Fruits 2014click here: 
  6. Homework
  7. Testimonials: Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius 17/12/2013

Book this mediation workshop: For more details click here:  The groups are small intimate groups. Let me know you are coming by calling, texting or emailing me.  Also, if you can, please bring something to share e.g. salad, vegetarian, fruits. No pork please. See you. Thank you.

Happy New You 2014

Invocation Blessing for New Moon & Sun in Capricorn Wednesday 1 January 2014  Element: Earth


We Greet You

With the Energy of Oneness

Transmitting Light Shifts of Transformation

Happy New Year (01/01/2014) &

Happy New Moon in Capricorn

We Greet You

Emotrance in Action

We Greet You

With the Energy of Unconditional Love

Sensing Your Pain in Your Earthly Body

Moving Energy In and Out Through You

Healing & Transforming Your Relationships

We Greet You

magic of innocence

We Greet You

With the Sparkling Magic Wand of Innocence

Returning Your Legion of Light Essence

To Its Own Powerful Creative Space

Legion of Light

We Greet You

Xmas Cake & Lights

We Greet You

With Joyful Celebrations of Christmas

Anchored in Your Happy Family Memories

Blessings of Family Laughter & Love

Positive DNA Blood Ties

We Greet You

111111100% ready11on31Dec

We Greet You

With the Master Number 11

Code of Spiritual Conduct & Contract

11, 11:11, 11:11:11, 11:11:11:11, 11:11:11:11:11

100% Super Charged Setting Your Soul on Fire

We Greet You

Saturn March 2009 with its moon. Titan orange moon

We Greet You

With the Energy of Saturn

Anchoring Self Sufficiency

Realistic Reflection & Strong Boundaries

Work of God Adonia Allah Buddha Great Spirit

We Greet You


We Greet You

With the Focused Mountain Goat

Patient Persistent Determined Achiever

Hardworking Sure and Steady

Taking Actions to Completions

We Greet You

Blessings from the Buddha

We Greet You

With the Universal Source of Radiant Power

Being of Supernatural Service

Courageously Empowering Your Work

Bringing Compassionate Wisdom & Blessings

We Greet You

Happy New Year

We Greet You

With the Invocation of Smiling Sound

Embracing New Beginnings & Visions

Stirring New Happenings & Creations

In the Practical Application of Your Life 

We Greet You

Birth of Jesus Christ

We Greet You

With the Star of Bethlehem

Guiding Your Essence

Announcing Good News

In the Holy Sacred Anointment to Your Goals

We Greet You

Star of David

We Greet You

With Changing Colourful Rainbow Stars

Removing Interferences to Your Happiness

Moulding Your Pain Out of Each of Your Chakra

Bringing Wholeness to Your Being

We Greet You

Relaxed pose of the mind

We Greet You

With the Silence of Your Mind

Communicating Alchemically

With the Silence of Your Soul

Creating a Firm Boundary with Secure Protection

We Greet You


We Greet You

With Pinnacle Blessings of Grace

Fine Tuning & Strumming Your Earthly Body

In the Anointment of Your Greatness

For Your Vision Quest

We Greet You

Healing with Emotrance

We Greet You

With the Inca Masters

Taking Practical Alchemical Actions

Resonating Your Inner Auric Note

In the Island of Your Soul Spirit

We Greet You


We Greet You

We Greet You

We Greet You

Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for New Moon and Sun in Capricorn

© Toks Coker

Inspiring Quotes

ENERGY OF NOW: New Moon & Sun in Capricorn  Wednesday 1 January 2014 (Element: Earth) 11:15 GMT London

We have entered 2014 and we reflect on the passions of 2013, the successes of 2013, the failures of 2013.  We contemplate our way forward and wonder if we on the right track and what changes need to be made to live a more fulfilled life.  Some may know answers to these questions and some will not.

Decisions before the New Year

Merry ChristmasBefore the New Year what decisions had you come up with, that you set, to enter into the energy of the New Year?   Did you stick with them and carry them through?  I made a decision to enter the New Year with happy supportive people around me.  I had a fabulous Christmas with my family full of love and laughter and sharing.  I was determined to enter with this energy into the New Year and I did.  The unusual happened and it became a fabulous energy with the celebration of this New Moon in Capricorn Energy.  Thank you Universe for the gift of happy gatherings.

Toks as Isis

You may not know how to do something  

We may not know how to do something right now with this new energy, but we know in our hearts that we will get the skills and means to do it this  year 2014.  This is the Capricorn energy of success and achievement that we have entered 2014 with.  I am so happy we entered 2014 with this energy. With this New Moon Energy we know that we may not know how to do something right now, with the energy of now, but we have learnt ways (from our past) of how to do some things; and how not to do some things.

This is Your Life

Let us celebrate your life with this new energy and this new year.  THIS IS YOUR LIFE.  You developed some strengths, some new skills, insights and wisdom.  You discovered great qualities in your character.  You had magical moments, omens, synchronicity and good luck that created great paradigm shifts.  You made new friends and got new things for yourself e.g. clothes, shoes, carpet, car, holiday.  You have experienced the dreams that came true and you have celebrated.  If you have not celebrated your achievements please make sure you do.  Go have tea and cake or watch a movie to celebrate.  Recognise the opportunities you took that worked.  Really integrate your gifts from 2013 and close your eyes and BE.

Never Quitting

This energy is aWithdrawalbout never quitting.  You may feel overwhelmed with all that is happening around you and feel like quitting and burying yourself away from people. So many people try to do something with their lives and get so many set backs that they do not now know how to continue; and then they quit.  They give up and give in to smoking and drinking as well as having arguments.

Please do not give up on your life and on your dreams and on yourself.  Please really determine to conquer your limitations within you.  Really determine to conquer the limitations you have set yourself.

Remember Edison  had an idea in his mind and he kept to the idea; yet he failed over a thousand times! He kept his belief in his idea and in himself and changed the world. He said he had found 1000 reasons that do not work and he had taken 1000 steps in his adventure!  Call in the energy of Edison’s self belief and summon the will within you to do something with your life.  People got to Mount Everest even when they were told it could never be done.  People fly the plane now even when there was a strong belief that you could not fly people in the air.  Please treasure your self and your new way of thinking that brings in happiness to you.

We Greet You

With Rainbow Lights of the Turkish Kasikci Diamond

Bringing Care to the World

Living Energy of Affection

Opening Doorways to Greatness

We Greet You

Scape Goat Energy

Scape Goat Energy is the energy of fear in many guises.  The energy Connecting to your inner selfmakes you look at yourself in a reflective way.  It makes you question yourself and reflect on what you have achieved and what you have not achieved.

It may make you feel like a scape goat.  Where are you a scape goat in your life?  Who is your scape goat?  Where are you a scape goat?

It could make you look at a guilt e.g. loosing your babies, of not having enough, losing your relationships, your money, your identify, your self.

You may feel like a victim with this new moon energy and you may feel like you need answers to your questions in your life. Go out and get the answers.  Ask and you will receive. Knock and the door will open to you.

This really is a new time to let go of old negative energy, to really release the old and the scape goat energy or victim energy you have around you.  You may have to do many exercises to do this and keep this energy out of your system consciously in an awakening way.  You need to be awake to your life.  Use this meditation workshop to help you anchor your needs.

Stop blaming yourself for someone else’s mistakes or choices.  If ‘they’ did not choose you ‘they’ did not choose you.  Fact.  It is their choice and their decision.  Live with it.  You do not need ‘them’ to be OK in your life – you need your true inner self to be OK in your life. You cannot live on another person’s view of  you and you cannot live thinking what ‘they’ will think if you do or do not do something.  Really free yourself with the new moon and sun in Capricorn energy and walk your walk slow, sure and steady.

QUOTEs: Happy New Moon & Sun in Capricorn 01/01/2014

This New Moon we are looking at quotes that resonate so powerfully with the New Moon in Capricorn by Paulo Coelho in his book The Alchemist

Paulo CoelhoWhen led by the hand, one will never stumble.

No project is completed until its objective has ben achieved.

His heart whispered, “Be aware of the place where you are brought to tears.  That’s where I am, and that’s where your treasure is.”

Love would never keep a man from his destiny.

“Where your treasure is, there also will be your heart,” the alchemist had told him.Gift of Gratitude

“The path was written in the omens, and there was no way I could go wrong,” he said to himself.

“Never stop dreaming,” the old king had said, “Follow the omens.”

“When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it,” the old king had said.

Making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first make the decision.

Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories of all people are connected, and we are able to know everything, because it’s all written there.

ACTION: Happy New Moon & Sun in Capricorn 01/01/2014

This energy is one of celebration as we enter a new era of love and hope.  How auspicious and wontoks-coker-0851-lresderful to start the New Year with a New Moon Meditation.  The way you start your New Year is always an indication of where you are in your life at the time.  It lets you know how you are feeling about yourself and what you are wanting for the new year in your life.  Do something amazing by suddenly creating an idea and then taking action to let it manifest. Visit someone you have never visited before.  Remember a birthday and send a card.  Make offerings of blessings for yourself and invoke a blessing for yourself.  When someone says a blessing for themselves hear it with love and happiness for them. This new year and new moon meditation is really a time to know and feel what must be done to take action in your life and feel it in the quiet recess of your soul.

What will be covered in this Meditation Workshop?

Jupiter and AthenaWe will cover all the above and more……

We will release 2013 and bring 2014 into your life. We will release what no longer served us and we will declare what we let go of in 2013 as we enter into 2014.

We will declare what you are wanting for 2014 in the silence of your mind and in the power of invocation with the spiral energy of the vortex of healing power.  We will leave with a feeling of knowing and inner joy and peace you have not felt for a long time or have never felt before.

For more details and to book THIS WONDERFUL MEDITAION WORKSHOP, click here: 

HomeworkRitual Ceremony

  1. Light 14 candles for new year and let them burn at once OR light a candle a day for 14 days to illuminate the way of 2014 for you.
  2. Reach your hands to the flame and bring the energy of the flame to you offering to yourself and the world and say:
    1. “May I be healthy happy and fulfilled.  May all those I know I love be healthy happy and fulfilled.  May all those I am challenged to love be healthy happy and fulfilled.  May all beings beings be healthy happy and fulfilled. May this healing flame ripple out to touch peoples hearts all over the world that need it.”
  3. Sing a song that is positive e.g.  We are going… Heaven knows how we will get there….. We know we will…
  4. What were you doing 14 minutes into the new year? What were you doing 14 minutes after the new year?  How did you feel about that?

Testimonials: Full Moon in Gemini & Sun in Sagittarius 17/12/2013

Viskara Jo Gary Waki FullMoon in Gemini 2013I felt my heart open and expanded.  I received clarity and inner truth resounding in my whole body.  Grateful for being here.  Blessings for this place Toks and who took me here. Vistara

This evening was powerful and clear.  More affirmations aligned perfectly to the sequence of signs and events that took me here.  Beautiful to share these sacred steps, these healings with the circle.  Love and Blessings for all.  Mitakaye oyasin!  Waki

As always, mother, you have an amazing ability to sense every feeling in the group and summon the perfect cohesive healing so that we leave more whole.  I adore you. Your Son, Gary

Thank you for your kind, insightful, beautiful healing Hands of Light tonight. Jo

Feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

With Rainbow Blessings

Love Toks xxxxxx

Toks Coker 2013

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