New Moon Meditation

Some Facts about the New Moon

The new moon is the phase of the moon when the moon is not visible from Earth, because the side of the moon that is facing us is not being lit by the sun. The new moon is between the sun and the earth: it is 0-45 degrees in front of the sun. The new moon is invisible to us on earth because it does not reflect the light of the sun (except during a solar eclipse). The new moons un-illuminated side is facing earth. At the time of the new moon, the moon rises at about the same time the sun rises, and it sets at about the same time the sun sets. Astrologically the sun and moon are in the same sign. The Moon is a satellite and the Sun is a star, neither are planets.

When are they held?

The New Moon Meditations are held on the actual day of the new moon to invite in freshness into your life.

Please see the Calendar (Diary) page for new moon meditation dates.

Solar Eclipse 1999

Toks has been holding these Meditations for over 10 years.  She channels healing insightful Blessings that inspire and encourage one’s own personal spiritual journey.  It is as if she is talking to you and only you directly in her blessings. 

On these healing meditation days she sends out a lot of healing; which you can receive either remotely/distant healing or directly when you turn up for the meditation.  Both forms of healing are effective and intense; and a lot of people have had powerful insightful healing experiences that have lasted for days and many moons…..

MEDITATION:  Each meditation has a different theme working with the current energies so you are always ‘updating’ and ‘fine tuning’ yourself.  Turn up for the meditation and experience it for yourself… Many have been coming for years….These meditations are small intimate groups and not large crowds…..

LINK IN / DISTANT HEALING & BLESSING:  Many who cannot make the meditation or are abroad let her know they want to be included in the Blessing and Healing.  She then includes them: sending the blessings through a Portal Blessing Tube which is programmed only for the person it is sent to.  The healing is received when the person is ready for it or while asleep.  Her work is very very sacred and clean.  Her channel is of the purest order.


TELEPHONE CALL BLESSING:  Some telephone her so she can read the blessing directly to them: Toks has a ‘big’ ‘powerful’ voice.   She has been known to shake energies with her voice.  The call is a maximum of 11 minutes and is geared towards the Blessing.  Sit in silence for 15-20 minutes to ‘digest’ it into your life.  If you cannot do that immediately then make sure you do so later on in the day.


What is the NewMoon Mediation about?

The NewMoon Mediation is a healing guided meditation. It is a journey to your sacred space of light or sacred cave of light. It is a journey into your deeper self, your true self, your real pure note, your spiritual resonance. It is a healing meditation on a multi-dimensional level. A time of New Beginnings.

It is about starting afresh, planting new seed and connecting to your higher self. It is a self healing and self discovery meditation. It empowers you with the knowledge and fact that once you can attend to yourself you can attend to others with ease. It is about renewing yourself, rebirthing new ideas and activating creative life force in yourself and around you. It is a very rejuvenating meditation.

The NewMoon Meditation is a time to plant seeds in your life to create your own garden. This means to plant new seeds e.g. dreams, goals, ideas, inspiration, affirmation, incantations, mission, vision. These seeds will grow and flower into your garden of dreams, goals, ideas, inspiration, affirmation, incantations, mission and/or vision. This meditation is for you, for 'spiritual' planting, for bringing in the new and creating freshness in your life.

You begin to create for yourself a ‘new’ beginning, purpose, intention and direction. You look at new ways of thinking, being and acting to move you out of a ‘rut’. You take action as you plant positive ideas in your subconscious mind. You are able to begin new projects. You are able to pray for new beginnings, hope and a youthful outlook. You transform doubt, worry and anxiety into hope, strength, courage and peace.

Many have found it empowering, enabling them to return to their own centre and to begin afresh when they have felt stuck or disempowered. Many have reported that it enabled them to clearly see the reality of their lives and encouraged them to face the truth and move forward in a positive light. Some realised they wanted to get pregnant, a mortgage, a new job or a new partner. Others wanted to develop a better relationship with their family. Some realized they had to break away from people, places, and habits that no longer served them. While others suddenly recognized that they were on the right path and needed to continue their journey with freshness and vitality.

A time of reflection and introspection that returns you to your centre of Being. It is about praying, asking, receiving and giving thanks. It is about recharging your body, mind and spirit. It is CREATING blessings in your life NOW.

New Moon Meditation Group


“"Dearest Toks I am in Brazil at the moment and we had planned to do our final session with the sacred planet on the 29th: so once more it is turning out to be a profoundly auspicious event. I shall lead the 14 participants (11 of whom are British) in a NewMoon meditation at 5pm over here (which is 8pm your time) so I'm sure once more you and your group will be holding a portal open your side for some powerful new healing energies to become anchored.... As Always Love and Light
Your Son Gary xxxx "


“From the time I first met you Toks I was bowled over by your genuine, pure spirit that wants to help spiritually everyone who is on the quest for the path of light.  During times when I have been low, talking to you has uplifted me and put me right back on the positive path.  Toks you are a shining light that is always beaming and exuding love.” Nomanono Isaacs


"Dear Divine Sister Toks,

It was truly my honour to have met you and worked with you in Egypt. It was a real blessing from God to have known you. It was a joy to watch you dancing; which moved my heart and reminded me of my connection to the Divine Spirit.
You guided some of us in the NewMoon Meditation with your unconditional love; which proved you have deep knowledge and a gift to shift consciousness of others in a unique and beautiful way.
You taught me how to put protection from unnecessary attacks too; which was very helpful. You are one of the persons I can trust completely because of your honesty. I can feel when you are teaching or talking to me that your words come from your heart and there are no lies in your eyes.

All the best and hope to see you soon! I would like to come to see you: maybe when you do your next NewMoon Meditation.

Sincerity and Love
Junya Yoshino"

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