New moon for Taurus Blessings 25.04.09

Blessing channelled by Toks Coker for the NewMoon in Taurus 2009



I Greet You Divine Spirit

From the Depth of Mother Earth

From the Height of Father Sky

Golden Silver Eagle Flying High

Dancing for the ‘NewMoon’


I Greet You Flute Music

Playing to My Beauty

Sensual to My Senses

A Labyrinth to My Heart

Love, My Passionate Prayer


I Greet You Power Mustang Horses

Galloping in the Distant Plains

Golden Light around You

Carrying My Dreams

Soaring Union of Eyes


I Greet You Wolf Medicine Crystal Woman

Answer My Call: Set Me Free of Fear & Pain

Smudging my Auric Field

Whisper You to Me: Be Not Afraid

I Hear Your Prayers


I Greet You Great Spirit

Beautiful White Wolves

Magical Black Ravens

Grace Me with Your Presence

Mixed African Native American!


I Greet You Whispering Spirits

Ancestors, Past Present Future

Smiling Sanctuary of Creative Concepts

Silent Secure Solid and Safe

I Listen, Oh Mother Earth


I Greet You Victorious Venus

Communicating Sensual Beauty

Adoring Family & Partnerships

Warm Stars Twinkling in My Hands

I Taste Your Colourful Flavours


I Greet You Magical Forces of Nature

Breathing My Life Supreme

Free to Claim My Power

Proud of Who I Am

I Smell Your Delicious Fragrance


I Greet You Eagle Dream Catcher

Weaving My Sacred Visions

My Visions Come to Touch Me

Setting Me Free to Live in Love

I Feel Your Firm Tender Touch


I Greet You Valley of Dreams

My Whole Life Changed

Since YOU Came Into My Life

You Make My Life Complete

I Live My Great Visions


Receive I

Receive I

Receive I


Welcome I

Welcome I

Welcome I


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


I Thank You Great Spirit

I Thank You Great Spirit

I Thank You Great Spirit


Warmth of Invisible NewMoon on my Face……..


I Sense Your Love….


I Thank You

I Thank You

I Thank You


Blessing channelled by Toks Coker for the NewMoon in Taurus 2009


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