New Moon in Cancer 1.7.11

My Darlings, Beings of Love Light


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HAPPY NewMoon in Cancer with PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE and GRAND CROSS and SORAS Series 13 New South on 1.7.11.

expect the unexpected

More valuable than treasures in a storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all.

BLESSING Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Cancer, Partial Solar Eclipse & Grand Cross & SAROS SERIES 13 New South 1.7.11


I Greet You

In the Celebrations of Family

Your Bar Mitzvahs Your Rituals

Your Appointments with Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

In New Rooting of Strength

Your Inner Becoming More

Your Sublime Knowing

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Courageous Bravura Bonding

Your Mutual Agreements & Targets

Your Awe-Inspiring Co-Creating

I Greet You


I Greet You

Drinking the Nectar of the Gods

In Your Enchantment with Life

In Your Movement of Living

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Four Legged Creatures

Laughing Happily in the Park

Chasing Dreams Making Friends

I Greet You


I Greet You

Lovingly Steering Into Your Eyes

Your Spirit Essence Chi Force

Your Soul Matrix Depth

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Beautiful Stretching

Passionately Reaching High

In Your Expression of Truth

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Quintessence of Safety

Transcending Impediments & Hindrance

Fortification Shield Protection Divine

I Greet You


I Greet You

Your Sensual Fabulousity

Your Magnificent Sexiness

Impressiveness Glorious You

I Greet You


I Greet You

Ancient Knowing Insight

Meaningful Eloquent Wisdom

Courteous Respectful Reverence

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Grand Cardinal Cross

Striking the Balance in Your Decisions

Dignified Poise of Self-Confidence

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Radiant Glowing Youth

Warmly Beaming Glorious Friendships

Feeling the Lavishness of Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Music Melody of Your Life

Unique Masterpiece Composition

Cultivating Healing Nurturing

I Greet You


I Greet You

In the Surgery of Your Changes

Apprentice Pillar in Rosslyn Chapel

Dreaming Completions and Beginnings

I Greet You


I Greet You

In Your Rare Cosmic Moments

Galloping Away into the Horizon

Matrix Luxury of Your Journey

I Greet You


I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You



BLESSING Channelled by Toks Beverley Coker for NewMoon in Cancer, Partial Solar Eclipse & Grand Cross & SAROS SERIES 13 New South 1.7.11


MEDITATION: We will be holding the NewMoon in Cancer with Partial Solar Eclipse & Grand Cross with Soras Series 13 Meditation tonight 7pm-10pm. Details:

NEXT FULLMOON MEDITATION FullMoon in Cancer/Capricorn 15.7.11


NUMEROLOGY MEDITATION in JULY 1.7.11, 7.7.11, 11.7.11


PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: Scientific: Very few people will see this eclipse due to its position. This eclipse is at the south pole. Sun and Moon at 9 degrees Cancer and South Node at 22 Gemini.,_2011

PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE: Energetic: The Solar Eclipse can reveal to us all how our entrenched emotional patterns and attitudes limit our ability to freely express loving, compassionate forgiveness towards all beings, including ourselves. CALL on Hilarion, Ascendant Master for Health and Healing to help you.

clip_image004NEW MOON IN CANCER: The moon is at home in Cancer. She is feminine, mysterious, sensual, inviting yet deeply healing from within one’s DNA matrix. It is ENCHANTMENT: Drink liquid nectar from the Cup of Enchantment. Drink in the energy of the NewMoon. It brings with it new beginning, new opening, positive closures and positive communication on a deep level.  Life becomes entertaining – even to you.  BECOME ENCHANTING.  BECOME ENCHANTED WITH YOUR LIFE.   Call in magic in your life.  Call in divine intervention.  Call in power. 

I Greet You

In Your Celebration of Life

In Your Actual Personal Satisfaction

With the Enchantment of Laughter

I Greet You

clip_image006SAROS SERIES 13 New South / SAROS SERIES 156: Energetic: This is a time of new beginnings and RARE experiences as well as, once in a life time realisations. I have felt this energy as empowering, radiating with intension and spiralling into me with a gentleness anchoring within. It is a CATALYTIC eclipse that will bring new insights to transcend past difficulties whose grips now lesson; which is such a relief; inviting in fresh air into our body system. Eclipses, like Grand Crosses, portend endings and beginnings, so happening together with the NewMoon is truly significant. It really does clarify thorny problems so that untangling can commence. Visually, the spiralling in this video is similar to what I experienced.

clip_image012[1]SAROS SERIES 13 New South / SAROS SERIES 156: Scientific: Eva, my astrologer friend, says a new eclipse series is beginning this partial solar eclipse. There will be 72 eclipses in this new 13 south cycle. This is really new: this cycle has not occurred before – the next one will be in 2029 and the last one will be in 3237. She sent me a link by Bernadette Brady M.A; who writes in her newsletter: “A new eclipses series is beginning. This is a rare event This new series will run from 1st July 2011 for 1200 years and will not end until 3237. This will be Saros Series 13 New South (to use the Jansky naming system) or Saros Series 156 (van den Bergh numbering system). This Saros Series begins as a tiny solar eclipse around the South Pole area on the 1st July, 2011, and captures in its birth chart a Grand Cross involving the New Moon in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. The closest midpoints are Pluto on the midpoint of Mars/Jupiter and Jupiter on the midpoint of The Sun/Neptune. “

Carol Ann Ciocco, fabulous lady,; posted two video animations in her newsletter. Thank you Carol. and

I Greet You

In the Feeding of Your Soul

In the Refinement of Your Frequency

In the Elevation of Your Soul

I Greet You

clip_image008CARDINAL GRAND CROSS: Scientific: occurs with this solar eclipse and is made up of the alignment of Pluto [Capricorn], Uranus [Aries], Saturn [Libra] and Moon [Cancer] in the shape of a cross. Imagine a circle is 360 degrees and 4 things divide the circle = 90 degrees. This Cardinal Cross is made up of 4 astrological signs known as the Cardinal Signs and each corresponds to a body part according to Jaon Hodgson: Aries [cranium, head, face, eyes, ears, jaw], Cancer [sternum, ribs, upper chest, stomach], Libra [lumber area, kidneys] and Capricorn [knees].

Image006CARDINAL GRAND CROSS: Energetic: This Cardinal Grand Cross comes gently and slowly into our lives forcing us to face the cross roads of our lives, our disappointments, our lessons, and decisions we have made and have yet to make to enable us to bring in more happiness into our hearts and lives. This hits us without us being prepared for the emotions and upheaval it causes in decisions we have to make and at the same time we are afraid to make the decisions or carry them out. The Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is the cross of crucifixion and resurrection [Capricorn], balance [Libra], emotions [Cancer]; and beginnings things [Aries]. The need to balance and make decisions at the same time can be emotionally time-consuming and confusing. Resurrection through suffering caused by self and others.

clip_image010The Cardinal Cross initiates change and reminds me of Kali, the Hindu Goddess. She destroys and then re-creates. She crucifies and then resurrects. The Cardinal Cross destroys and re-creates. It crucifies and resurrects. It is like the cross of Jesus. It creates an opportunity from the suffering which is usually very very deep. There is a need for change. Your sufferings and illness will come to the forefront of your life and will force a change. You put up your hands and surrender to the universe.  It forces you to say NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SITUATION. clip_image011You stand strong Facing of fear = Removal of fear. Cardinal Cross is forceful, pushy, sure, and ready. It hits hard at you directly forcing change and initiating change whether or not you want it or understand it or like it. It forces you to initiate, to create, to lead and to do. It forces you to face your fears and do something about them. Use this time to remove your fears of ill health, death, or procrastination and start the medication, let go the loss and open the door to happiness. It is so important to stop living in your past relationships that gave you so much unhappiness and live relationships that give you happiness and empower you.


CALL on Ascendant Master Djwal Khul, the Tibetan to help you. He Removes fear from your soul memory. He Resolves health problems.  He Protects the healers and those doing spiritual work. He Works with those who heal. He sends Goodwill to all men. He is the Messenger of the Masters, and Advanced disciple of Master Kuthumi, his teacher. Worked with Master Morya. He is One of the Three Wise Men [Morya, Kuthumi and Djwal Khul] who followed the Star of Bethleham to the Holy Infant and protected him from King Herod. 

I Greet You

Rising High above the Trees of Africa

Djwal Khul Healing Your Soul Memory

Hilarion Welcoming Your Presence

I Greet You

clip_image014This Cardinal Cross with the SAROS SERIES 13 New South will suddenly without notice initiate changes in your relationship with yourself, others, work, etc. What suddenly caused you to take action with a great reality check on your life? My doctor told me I was a time bomb waiting to explode so I changed my diet and started exercising to lose weight. I realized that my heart and will need to be in right relationship with myself. In order for this to be so, I need to move out of my emotional “comfort zones”, and let go of any emotional attachments, which may be preventing me from coming into right, loving relationship with myself, with other and the planet. Go through the portal doorway and climb the steps leaving the crumbles behind.

clip_image016The need to RE-ROOT yourself, to establish strong roots is very important with this Cardinal Grand Cross NewMoon Partial Lunar Eclipse. With every Completion & Ending is a New Beginning, an Opportunity. As we all know whatever ends at the time of a Total Solar Eclipse will probably not restart ever again. Whatever starts with a Solar Eclipse invites in newness and freshness and deep breathing into your life force. The Cardinal Signs have a Cardinal Force. They start new things like a new season: Spring Equinox (Aries); Fall Equinox (Libra); Summer Solstice (Cancer); and Winter Solstice (Capricorn). Seize all your gifts and opportunities with strong rooting. Can you identify 7 gifts / opportunities now?

clip_image018CALL on Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Moon. Artemis is also named Diane in Roman mythology. She is Goddess of the hunt & the hunted. Be persistent as a huntress or hunter. Call on the persistent energy of the NewMoon in Cancer to help you in your PERSONAL ‘FAMILY’ HAPPINESS. Ask for help in sorting out arguments / disagreements. We reach a CROSS ROADS in our lives and have to make decisions e.g. break ups, job problems, fighting, arguments, eruptions, anger, annoyance, disruptions, etc. Ask for help in protecting your power and energy. Any Violation of your auric field makes you feel like you are loosing power and you have no control over your life and feel someone has power over you.

NUMEROLOGY to cover this NewMoon with Partial Solar Eclipse on 1.7.11

3 Working with the energy of 3 we have had 3 eclipse: a Partial Solar Eclipse 1.6.11, a Total Lunar Eclipse 15.6.11 and now a Partial Solar Eclipse 1.7.11. The number 3 relates to Mind Body Spirit, Father Mother Child, Sun Moon Earth, Life Death Re-Birth, Past Present Future

1 Number of Leadership, Adventure, Initiative, Originality, Determination, Focus, Individuality, Purpose and Direction.  Identity. Self Worth.  Like the New Moon is about new beginnings, new journeys.

2 The number Eleven adds up Two, that means mastering and releasing polarity in the end… the spectral tone of creation, the releasing of the core, break-down of façades.

Words that add up to 11: The words ‘Angel’, ‘Vibration’, ‘Light’, ‘Wisdom’, ‘Purity, Purpose, ‘Healing’ in numerology aligns with the number ‘11’. My name ‘Toks’ adds up to 11.

11 Number of Awareness, Six-Sensed, Creative, Discerning, Dreamy, Inspiring. The first doubling of two figures, a master‘s number. DOUBLE DIGIT represents the endless connection and gateway to the unknown and known mysteries of the universe and beyond

  • Master number
  • Power number
  • Masonic number
  • Magic number
  • Miracle number
  • Mysterious number
  • Intuitive number
  • Awakening number
  • Ascension number
  • Holy number
  • Divine number
  • Activation number

7 July, 7th month of the year.  My month and my birthday.  Number of the mystic law – mysticism – what is hidden and what is revealed.  Number for the sage – the warrior – the healer – the seekers of light – the seedings of light forces – primal activation of light – the power of life force – Buddha wisdom – heart compassion – inner knowing – deep inner understanding – feeling – good fortune – luck – divine inspiration and change.  Lots of energetic activities and happenings.  Welcome your magic – your enchantment – your being of light in physical form on earth.  Embrace your magical self.  Anchor your being of light activation now.

clip_image022NEWMOON IN CANCER

What is a NewMoon?  A New Moon is when the sun and moon are in the same astrological sign.  We have the NewMoon in Cancer and it is a good time to set the seed of creating your vision, planning and establishing new goals. This is a SEED MOMENT.

Symbols of Cancer


Cancers animal totem is the Crab has a soft interior and a hard shell.  The power of this animal totem is immense.  This is about what you allow into your shell/home and what you do not allow in. Do you have clear or confusing boundaries?  Is your behaviour always putting you in ‘victim’ or ‘bully’ mode?  Are you withdrawing and retreating in your life feeling like a victim?  Are you being bullied – in the office, at home, amongst your friends? What kind of boundaries do you experience in your life?   There is a great need to be aware of your boundaries. There is the inner and outer self:  What is your inner self saying?  What is your outer self saying?  Cancer, the crab, is about secrecy, mystery and privacy.  What do you keep/hide inside your shell and what do you reveal?  Do you keep secrets?  Are you trust worthy?  Cancerians are good at keeping secrets, confidences as they loyal and trustworthy.

Cancers element is Water which is emotional.  Water fits intoclip_image027 any container it is put into. It evaporates and becomes mists and becomes the clouds which then pour down on earth to be rain.   Water is deep and mysterious like the sea. Water can nurture or can kill.  Are your emotions nurturing you or are they killing you?  Are your emotions making you look at your ‘mother’ / ‘father’ / ‘child’ issues?  Are they ‘nesting’?  Are they safe or dangerous?  Are you comfort eating?  Are you nit-picking?  Are you feeling safe?  We will be meditating on the purity of water.

Sun and Moon in Cancer – the Moon is in her natural sun sign, Cancer.  Moon is mystical, emotional and magical. Cancer & Moon are highly intuitive / sensitive.  Cancer loves family, nurturing and empowerment. This is a great time to spend with loved ones, and open express your hearts desires. Feel and express lovingly to your loved ones and family in a way you have not done before. Cancerians make good initiators, creators and leaders.They also know they need to feel their hearts. So this is a time to share time with loved ones and feel love and feel support and personal satisfaction.

I Greet You

In the Feeding of Your Soul

In the Refinement of Your Frequency

In the Elevation of Your Soul

I Greet You


clip_image029This is a time to Nourish your soul, yourself – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is about FEEDING YOUR SOUL.  This is about your SECURITY; your SUPPORT SYSTEM and your SAFETY. This is about your PERSONAL SATISFACTION as opposed to material and professional satisfaction.  What do you need for yourself to be successful on a personal level? This is about establishing a firm foundation for your personal happiness.  How is your HOME?  How are you FEEDING yourself, your foundation of personal happiness?  This is to do with BELONGING.  Do you feel you belong to yourself or to no-body?  Do you feel isolated, lonely or alone?  Do you feel happy, grinning like a Cheshire cat?  How are your feelings of belonging, security, personal happiness, satisfaction, safety, and trust?  Welcome to NewMoon in Cancer.

Who is that ONE person you are going to share unconditional love with during this NewMoon in Cancer? Your mother, your father, your brother, your sister?  You boyfriend, your girlfriend, your husband, your wife?  Who in your personal SPECIAL circle of friends? 

How will you do this?  A picnic, a walk in the park, holding hands, laughing or sharing moments. This is about spending quality time together.  Not about texting or taking phone calls while with the person.  So switch of the phone and TV and enjoy REAL quality time together.




Love Toks

Teacher of the Light

Teacher of the Dragon Light

Magical CEO [Constantly Empowering Others]


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