New Moon in Pisces 4.3.11

 Happy NewMoon in Pisces



Dear Pioneers & Ambassadors of Light

Welcome to the NewMoon in Pisces.

AN AUSPICIOUS TIME Today: Happy NewMoon in Pisces 4.3.11 [7pm-10pm]

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is about breaking through – a death of the old self to the new self – like the new moon.  Planting a seed to grow.  It is about facing our fears and boundaries we create due to our fears.  Boundaries WHICH stop us from growing to our true self is based on fear NOT love.

Invocation Blessing

NewMoon in Pisces by Toks Coker

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I Greet You

With the Crystal of Invocation

Calling Mother Father Healing

Chanting Ancestral Protection

Into the Sacred Centre of  Your Being

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Poem of Life

Touching Your Heart

Rippling Through You

Reflecting Accepting Breathing

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Melody of Your Life

Celebrating Your Inner Mystery

In the Music that you Make

Increasing Your Power

I Greet You

Toks & Titanya

I Greet You

With the Divine Magic of Happiness

Letting Go of Old Restrictions

Moving On with New Benefits

Delighting in Life’s Improvements 

I Greet You

july 2007 135clip_image003[9]

I Greet You

With the Divine Magic of Friendship

In the Contrasts of Living

Loud Laughter & Silent Stillness

Balancing a Wholesome Life

I Greet You

jo kingBoaGirl

I Greet You

With Iridescent Isis Flowering

Bringing Sexiness & Sensuality

Teaching Tantalising Totems

Beauty of Feminine Loving Power

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Flower of Life Cosmic Heart

Opening Multi-Dimensional Portals

Swift Moving Opportunities

Transforming Intuitive Knowing

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Spiralling Serpent of Light

The Star Dragon & the Master of Life

Practicing the Universal Law of One

Gaining the Trust of Time

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Trident Key of Life

Supposing I AM Inspirational

Really Somebody In this Incarnation

Alchemical Arrow of Wise Insight

I Greet You

buddha lotus heart

I Greet You

With the Buddha’s Light

Healing Your Hearts Desires

In the Drowning of Your Soul

In the Rising of Your Soul

I Greet You


I Greet You

With the Atlantians and Anunnaki

With the Flower of Life Merkaba

With the Whisper of the Water

With the Soul of God

I Greet You


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish

Adonai ‘Tsebayoth

I Greet You

I Greet You

I Greet You


Channelled with Love by Toks

Teacher of the Light

Teacher of the Dragon Light

Some other significant things happening:

7 days later: 11.3.11

HAPPY FULLMOON in Pisces/Virgo 19.3.11 Meditation from 4pm-7Pm;  actual time of full moon 18:10GMT

HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX 20.3.11 [last year it was 20.3.10]

clip_image003DAY AND NIGHT ARE OF EQUAL LENGTH during the Spring Equinox.   Ying and Yang.  Life and Death.  Left and Right.   Up and Down.  Two become ONE. THIS IS UNITY.    HOW ABSOLUTELY GREAT FOR SHIFTS – breaking through our boundaries – pushing forth – A TRANSFORMATION – LIKE THE SEA GOD WHO TRANSFORMED HIMSELF TO GET WHAT HE WANTED – THE WOMAN HE LOVED.  WHAT WILL YOU DO TO BECOME THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE?  WHAT EFFORT WILL YOU TAKE TO BE THE PERSON YOU ADMIRE?  Now that is the question.  Are you ready for a NEW YOU.  A NEW WAY OF BEING.  A NEW WAY OF BECOMING????? 

NewMoon in Aries 3.4.11 [1pm-4pm]

Private workshop: Dancing the Tease in You – Saturday 26 March from 2pm-5pm £120  Telephone Jo: 07958 314107

TWO FISH swimming in opposite clip_image001directions

Water – Pisces is a water sign, which makes it deeply emotional like the ocean and its waves.

Water is a sacred symbol that personifies the highest manifestation of the feminine principle i.e. SPIRIT – DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.  The DIVINE SOPHIA.  THE GREAT GODDESS.  

Water washes away our karma, our pain.  Water is the love – unconditional love – that washes away our unhappy muddy karma.  Dance and move like water, the ocean waves.

The OCEAN is a symbol of the unconscious in psychology with all the collective psyche, perceptions and impressions.

Toks Coker in Yorkshire 397Positive Qualities: Flowing in two directions at once.  Cause & Effect. North & South.  Male & Female.  Polarities.  Opposites.   Seeing two sides of an argument. Beliefs, Faiths, Sacrifice.   Pisces has lots and lots of memories and feelings.   Imagination.  Spiritual.  Friendly.  Dreamy.  Good Natured.  Kind.  Compassionate.   Easy going.  Can be submissive.  Affectionate.  Emotional.  Instinctive.  Intuitive.  Feel people and situations with ease. Creative.  Dislikes confinement.  Gifted artistically.  Need to feel free to dream!  Love luxury and travel.  Secrets hidden and revealed.  Pisces can be addictive yet creative and sensitive. Intuition – New moon in Pisces uses reflective intuition to help focus your mind and remove the confusion in your mind.  However this may be a difficult time to teach you to use your intuition.  There is a strong ability to mix with all sorts of situations and people – then to retreat.   There is a strong need to intuit.  To feel.  And yet a heaviness of resistance and a questioning – “Am I doing the right thing?” People with strong Neptune in their chart are usually in the healing and counselling professions. 

Sometimes the need to help and heal and save others makes them emotional dustbins of the zodiac.  So watch out that your kindness and compassion is not abused and you perpetuate the ‘victim’ mentality in yourself or others…..  Welcome to the contradictory NewMoon in Pisces…. Suppose I am REAALY somebody in this incarnation? 

NToks bed linen butterflyegative Qualities with this NewMoon in Pisces: Confusion. Indecision.  Opposition.  Inner Turmoil.  The two fish set against each other.  Self sabotage. Self undoing.  Contradictory.  Inconsistent.  Of Two Minds.  Feeling lost and unsure.   No wonder there is so much confusion with the NewMoon in Pisces.  Yet from this confusion in our lives comes the need to stillness and the rising of the phoenix or dragon! NewMoon in Pisces can activate low emotions like selfishness and hatred.  Boundaries:  Remember if you are finding it difficult to deal in boundaries and to make clear boundaries this is partly due to the energy of this NewMoon……the limitless and formless quality of the sign of Pisces makes this difficult.  Do not blame yourself.  Just know what it is and take action – purposeful action.  If you find yourself burying your head in the sand… not wanting to look at material aspects of your life…..playing the victim, drug addiction, alcoholism,  etc.…. These are all ‘hold ups’ with this energy.  Just remind yourself of the death and resurrection – the phoenix rising…… Heaviness – Is there a heavy weight on your body, your heart, your face?   What are you ‘entering’ into your body?  Is your body yours?  Ask yourself – Why am I feeling down?  Why am I feeling heavy?  This is a time to take control emotionally.  Do not collapse.  It is very important to develop the ‘fighting spirit’ – this is the fighting sage warrior spirit

clip_image001The Dragon is said to hold a flaming pearl under its chin or is reaching out to take it. For me, the dragon is Always active, as well as, Always still. This symbolizes dragon as the Keeper of the Tao – the balance of yin and yang the holder of the Pearl of knowledge.  In the stillness we will be accessing the pearl of knowledge.

clip_image001[13] NEPTUNE – THE GREEK SEA GOD, named POSEIDON – who looked after all lakes and rivers – who turned himself into a stallion to woo the GODDESS  DEMETER when she became a mare.  Good at dissolving boundaries Neptune can shape shift and mind-read.  God of clouds and rain.  God of streams and rivers and lakes.  King of the Underworld.  Two thirds of the world is covered in water.  This deity has a far reaching influence. The unknown force of Neptune vibrates a spiritual energy that is full of compassion, beauty and sacredness.   How sacred are you today?  Sensitive.  Trusting.  Neptune encourages imagination, sensitivity and idealism.  Neptune like the fish can be sensitive and yet can also be angered!!! The dream maker and dream breaker.  The romantic and the non-romantic. Neptune encourages us in connecting to the deep unconscious – to the void – to the vast ocean – to the universe – to the oneness.  This is Pisces. Welcome to the NewMoon in Pisces. Neptune is about mystery and intuition.  A time to get lost in your dreams and allow softness into you.  An emotional time to look at your dreams and re-affirm them and live them or let them go.   It is also a very mysterious time.   Pisces is a water sign so very apt to have a SEA GOD.  Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Einstein had strong Neptune theme in their charts?  I did not know that.

clip_image002[4]JUPITER, like his brother Neptune, encourages both good and bad things to happen!!!!  Jupiter ruled Pisces before Neptune was discovered in 1846.  It brings in our good fortune and optimism. It expands our sense of possibilities.  Think of yourself as one of the rays of colourful light breaking through a prism.  This is yOur adventure, yOur exploring and yOur opportunities. Living individuals who make up the totality and collection.  All yOur targets.  yOur reasoning.  Also yOur extravagance.  yOur excesses.  yOur indulgences.  yOur view on things.  yOur judgments.  Jupiter deepens yOur faith and yOur POWER OF HEALING = MYSTICAL.

Shape Shifting The ability to shape shift and soak up other people’s habits and mannerisms is very common with the energy of Jupiter and Neptune with this NewMoon in Pisces.  This is shape shifting transformation.  This is flowing, dancing, moving, beauty, art, poetry and romance.!!!

clip_image002[9]Pisces is the last astrological house. It is death while Aries is birth. Aries is the baby of the zodiac, new beginnings, new life while Pisces is the elder of the zodiac, endings, completions, moving on. Pisces works with both issues of Death & Life:  It is the end and beginning of all things.  It is end of the cycle of evolution and the beginning of the cycle of involution.  It is the rhythm of life and death.  It is the state of KU and KE and CHU. With the two fishes swimming in both directions it in the journey of going inward to the hidden, the unknown, the unseen, the unchartered, known as the state of KU. It is the state of going outward once you have gone inward. The Piscean journey is the sacred homeward bound journey. It is an ending and a beginning all at once – like the lotus flower which seeds and blooms at once.  This is the true act of the Buddha – manifesting, hidden, revealing….  When you get to Pisces you get to the Path of Return, the Path of No Return and the Path of Liberation.  This is the last stage of the journey to the source and the return to the source!!!  Confusing?  I know.  Feel it – do not think it – feel it…..NewMoon in Pisces is to commit to growing up to whom you are becoming or who you have become.  It is feelling feeling feeling.  It is dreaming dreaming dreaming.

EXERCISES: NewMoon in Pisces is question time on an intuitive level. 

funeral remi and iWhat has to ‘die’ in your life?  What has to ‘die’ so you can take action in your own personal life in a practical way?  What do you need to die?  What aspect of you needs to ‘die’?  Death allows a new beginning.  The death and the resurrection of all things. What pain do you experience?  What suffering?

friends laughingWhat is the Sacred Centre of Each Human Being?  Is it the Merkaba? A crystalline energy field with two counter rotating fields of light spinning in the same space.?  Is it one’s Ka? Or ones Ba?  Is it the Pearl that forms as we journey through life?  Is it the Void?  The Stillness?  The Emptiness.  The Darkness?  What is it?  Is it the Holy of Holies?  The Central Chamber?  Is it the most central chamber in the Temple of Solomon, which contained the Ark of the Covenant?  What is the inner most centre of any sacred temple?   What do you think yours is?  It is the Divine Wisdom of all.  It is where we merge with the Divine and the Source of all.  Welcome to the NewMoon in Pisces.  What a wonderful thing.  What a wonderful thing.

August 2008 Ilkley London Skipton 036buddha stillWhere is your stillness in your body? Where does your mind sit inside your body?  Where does your heart sit inside your body?  Where is the stillness in your body?  Pisces is stillness in death.  It is the void.  Alpha and Omega.  The infinite.  The eternal journey we must all take.   Going inward to interrupt old patterns.  Listening to higher level of instructions – not your level – a higher level.  Pisces helps us to more easily tune in and tune into our next step!!!!!  Yes I said that.  Yes with all the confusion around you.  A time to understand your beingness.  A silent quiet soul time — there will be some silent moments in this meditation ……Breathe… and just listen…. LISTEN to the stillness to the nothingness – to the noise – to the chatter in your brain…..Let go the need to hear voices and sounds in your ears and your inner ears …  let go the chatter.  KNOW the answer is on its way…in the stillness of sound and movement and in the complete void of sound.  KNOW.  I KNOW.  In the stillness of the moment I KNOW…I know because the answer comes in the in-between of the silence.

buddha stillIs your Kindness your stupidity?  Look at your areas of compassion and thoughtfulness.  Have you been kind to someone recently – someoneyou know or do not know?   Have you been kind with yourself?  How kind are people to you?  How kind are you to people?  Do you expect more than you give?  Do you give more than you expect?  Look at your life and reflect. Compassion is more than kindness.   NewMoon in Pisces is compassionate and sensitive. 

What is your chatter?   This NewMoon in Pisces brings in modern technology as it is a bringer of change. It brings in Communication in all its forms:  mental chatter, mental mind, body chatter, spiritual chatter. In short a busy mind!  What is your chatter?

Numerology 3

Pisces is the 12th House in Astrology.  It is the last house.   1+2 = 3

March is the 3rd month of the year.  = 3

clip_image001[15]The Number 3 represents: Father/Son/Holy Ghost.  Mind/Body/Spirit.  Sun/Moon/Earth.  Life/Death/Rebirth.  Past/Present/Future.  Maiden/Mother/Crow.  Mother/Father/Child.  Isis/Osiris/Horus.  Trinity.  Divinity.  Pyramid.  Sacred Geometry – Tetrahedron – three dimensional triangle.  Octahedron – 3D Diamond.  Star Tetrahedron

NewMoon in Pisces teaches us that true Enlightenment cannot be given, taught, or bought!  It is a state of life achieved through continuous disciplines, principles and cosmic universal truths. It is a know fact that no one is ready to learn until he or she seeks to find the answers. 


NewMoon in Pisces Book:   The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a magical fable about following your dream.


 NewMoon in Pisces Film: The Bullet Proof Monk, staring Chow Yun-Fat

NewMoon in Pisces Quote: “True love is love that allows you to reach your Personal Legend!”   The Alchemist

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I Remain

Always With Deep Respect

Like You, Always An Illumined One

Toks Beverley Coker

clip_image001[20]With Hands of Light & Starlight

Moon Lady Sage Warrior

Hands of Light

For the Light of Your Life

Lighting Your Way

“Excellence is DOING Ordinary things Exceptionally Well.”

“If you Light a Lantern for Another, it will also Brighten Your Way.” Gosho Zenshu 1598

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