New Moon in Taurus Actions and Affirmations 2009

Moving Forward

Taking actions that make your life more comfortable in a practical manner.  How are you receiving this ebbing flow of earthly grounding and earthly knowing?  Are you in the state of ‘knowing’?  Are you in the state of ‘earthing’?  What state are you in? Is your house clean?  Is your car clean?  Are you clean?  Did you perfume yourself today?  Do you look after your body?  NewMoon in Taurus is about the body and looking after the body and the pleasures and the earthiness of things…..

I start a book of blessings.  I start a book of wishes / desires.   I pay off my debt steadily.  I plan sensibly.  I plan to be successful.  I choose to value myself.   I deserve and I experience a healthier life.

2.  Garden time e.g. planting fresh plants / seeds or repot house plants.  Spend time in nature.  Sing.  Chant.  Pray.  Dance.  I weed out poisoning aspects of my life.  I plant a lovely garden in my life.   I plan sensibly. I am proactive.  I am practical and strongly rooted in rich soil.  I intend my life to be a successful garden of fragrance and colour. 

3. Visiting friends & Intimacy: laughing, sharing food, sharing knowledge, encouraging one another, supporting each other, loving, etc.   I have supportive people around me.  I choose to value myself.   I invite in pleasure into my life.  I invite in love.  I open my heart to receive more willingly.  I invite in laughter into my life.  Laughter heals me.  I enjoy all my senses – I smell the lovely food with my nose; I touch your skin / the food with my hands; I taste your lips / the food with my lips; I lick my fingers;  I see your beauty with my sight and I hear your words with my ears.  I am a sensual physical being.

4.   Out door time e.g. sitting in grass, bare feet on grass, lying down and looking at sky, relaxing with nature.  STILLNESS required connecting to life and nature.  I step into my own life through my labyrinth gateway.  I am grateful for the wealth inside of me and the wealth outside of me. I am worthy of myself.  I trust in myself because I trust in the Divine.  All production is Divine whether or not I understand it.  I want to think like God.  I believe I am worthy.  I trust myself.  I trust the Divine.  All is well in my world. 

5.  Exercising mind, body and spirit.  E.g. Reading a good book.  Yoga.  Meditation.  Prayer.  My body, mind and spirit are beautified in every way and for every day.  I value myself 100%.  Money is my mental, physical and spiritual friend.

6.  Opening your life i.e. opening out your hands to Father Sky and Mother Earth.  I invite in happiness into my life.  I am surrounded by positive powerful helpful supportive people.  I am worth it.  I see myself in everyone.  I am one with nature.  7 areas of wealth come to me happily.  I see myself in you.  I see you in myself.   I am able to be love.  I am specific in listing my wants / desires / goals.

7.  I drop the story in my life and I drop the thoughts in my life.  I drop and let go.  I get over it!  I can and I do ‘recover’ my life.  I ‘rewrite’ my life.  I step into my own life through my labyrinth gateway.  I take the 7 steps I need to get to my true purpose.   I am practical and strongly rooted in rich soil.  Laughter heals me.  I want to think like God thinks.

8.  Complement yourself.  I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.  I see myself in everyone.  The past is my teacher, the present my creation and the future my inspiration.  I am defined by my now and not by my past.  My past serves me wisely.  I am a genius.  I am a genius.  I am a genius.  I dance like Fred Astaire.  I am sensual like Marilyn Monroe.   I am worth. I am worthy of love.  I am worthy of contentment.  I am enough.  I do enough.  I have enough.  I am enough.  I am love.  I express love.  I am love.  I have love.  I have love.  I have love.  I am worthy.  I have value.  I am worthy.  I have value.  I have value.  I am valuable…

HOMEWORK on Actions and Affirmations

1.    Which actions / affirmations apply to you?   Make up your own affirmations / actions.    

2.    Make a list of 7 actions to do and 7 affirmations to practice with the energy of the NewMoon in Taurus. 

3.    Type them up and put around your home or office or carry on you.  Record them on a cd / mp3 and listen to them.

4.    Make use of all your 5 senses – see, hear, touch, smell, taste – this NewMoon in Taurus.


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