New moon in Taurus Options


What are the options around for you today?  How practical and realistic are you at the moment?  How practical are your plans and actions.  Are you taking action that pushes you beyond boundaries?  Are you listening to yourself?  What will truly make you happy and fulfilled???  Always the big question.  This time invites in work, romance and communication.   

The NewMoon Meditation is about ‘remembering’ your knowing, your feeling, your YOU!  How would you like to remember your YOU?  How are you remembering and feeling your YOU now?  Are you sad, lonely, and overwhelmed with feelings of scarcity, loss, grief, hopelessness?  Are you happy, surrounded by people who love you, feeling abundant, free and full of live?  Or are you in the middle frequency of these two opposites?

GOVERNS– throat, neck and vocal cords. 

Spend time in nature.  Sing.  Chant.  Pray.  Dance.  Say who you are.  Say what you really care about….Do body work.  Clear your space.  Spring Clean.  Do things that enable you to experience the beauty of life – your life.  Indulge your senses e.g. enjoy good food. 

Taurus rules the throat and the voice.  Speak your truth and express yourself to yourself and to others!!  Is your voice pleasing or grating to the ears??  Sing.  Speak.  Express.  Move.  Dance.  Express with NewMoon in Taurus.   Is there someone you should tell you love?  Tell them and free yourself of limiting the flow of love in your life.  Open and expand your throat chakra and invite in love with your words and the sounds you utter.  REMEMBER true freedom is loving unconditionally…… Are you expressing your true self?

In Your Hands


How ready are you to walk through your gateway?  Walk through your gateway to greatness and open up your life to new challenges with this NewMoon in Taurus.  Think thoughts that uplift and empower you.  Sit with people who lift and empower you.  Avoid negative people who do not bring you joy.  Tell them!!!!   See if you can bring them joy???!!!  That may be a challenge but with the energy of the bull you can do it.  You can bring joy to a miserable person’s life.    

When we are faced with seemingly huge obstacles or distractions, which conspire to divert us off our path, I sense this is an indication that we are at a point of major breakthrough.  It is as if the lower self senses that once we take that next step, there can be no turning back [as in an initiation, once opened, the gate can never be fully closed again].  The greater the challenge, the greater the gift!   Now is the time to step up and step through the initiatic gateway and serve the Light.   

Tell me, did you want something and not get it?  Did you try to get something and it did not happen?  Darlings, do not give up.  Use the concept of Honin Myo – Starting from NOW – and keep to your vision / purpose.  Let this NewMoon in Taurus help you find a practical solution.

Colours to Wear or have around you

Bring in flowers into your home, office, environment….Wear earth colours, throw in pinks and blues!!!!  Enjoy your colours this NewMoon in Taurus….xxxx


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