Newmoon in Cancer is about emotions and nurturing and family.  This is an emotional time for everyone.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself feeling suddenly emotional for no reason or at the slightest thing.  Sensitive??  Emotional??  Crabby?? 

NewMoon in Cancer pulls on you EMOTIONALLY.  You may feel changeable, moody and very sensitive. 

©       You WILL feel more open and receptive.  Allow yourself to receive.  Be gentle with your own process…….Allow Allow Allow

©       We need to be strong from the inside out – Like the CRAB – sensitive inside and hard outside.  Be still internally….

©       Open your heart to yourself!!!   Bring in  harmony into your heart.

©       Working on the parent, adult and child – the child will need a lot of nurturing with this new moon.  

©       NewMoon in Cancer is about wanting to belong, longing to belong – to feel part of something wonderful. 

©       FEEL your emotions.  LIVE them.   

©       On the positive side of emotions it has been said that the world is a better place with all the positive caring nurturing mothering CANCERIANS.


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