Practical Advice – Stillness

Newmoon date: 25.2.2009


Where is your stillness in your body? Where does your mind sit inside your body? Where is my Stillness? 


Where does your heart sit inside your body?  Where is the stillness in your body?  Pisces is stillness in death.  It is the void.  Alpha and Omega.  The infinite.  The eternal journey we must all take.  


Going inward to interrupt old patterns Listening to higher level of instructions – not your level – a higher level.  Pisces helps us to more easily tune in and tune into our next step!!!!!  Yes I said that.  Yes with all the confusion around you. 


A time to understand your beingness.  A silent quiet soul time — there will be some silent moments in this meditation ……


Breathe… and just listen…. LISTEN to the stillness to the nothingness – to the noise – to the chatter in your brain…..Let go the need to hear voices and sounds in your ears and your inner ears …  let go the chatter. 


KNOW the answer is on its way…in the stillness of sound and movement and in the complete void of sound.  KNOW.  I KNOW.  In the stillness of the moment I KNOW…I know because the answer comes in.

What is the Sacred Centre of Each Human Being?  Is it the Merkaba, a crystalline energy field with two counter rotating fields of light spinning in the same space.?  Is it one’s Ka? Or ones Ba?  Is it the Pearl that forms as we journey through life?  Is it the Void?  The Stillness?  The Emptiness.  The Darkness.  What is it?  Is it the Holy of Holies. 



The Central Chamber?  Is it the most central chamber in the Temple of Solomon, which contained the Ark of the Covenant?  What is the inner most centre of any sacred temple?   


“Thou art a priest forever, after the Order of Melchizedek.”


Remember is you are finding it difficult to deal in boundaries and make clear boundaries this is partly due to the energy of this NewMoon……the limitless and formless quality of the sign of Pisces makes this difficult. 


Do not blame yourself.  Just know what it is and take action – purposeful action.  If you find yourself burying your head in the sand… not wanting to look at material aspects of your life…..playing the victim, drug addiction, alcoholism,  etc…. These are all ‘hold ups’ with this energy. 

Just remind yourself of the death and resurrection – the phoenix rising…….A LOT TO COVER WITH THIS NEWMOON IN PISCES.  This, as usual, is another yet powerful meditation for you all to attend to. 


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