New moon in Taurus – Qualities

Taurus Qualities


BULL – Negative: argumentative, stubborn, angry, ferocious, selfish mind, feeling isolated and alone, defence, defiance, consuming.  Defence is the first act of war.   

Positive: grazing, relaxed, happy, pleasures, the self, nurturing, connecting.

Bull = Claim = Ownership    Claim what is yours.  Let go what is not.  The bull which can destroy the china in the shop or can set the pace rolling to success.  Have you confronted what you have feared?  Claim your fear.  Confront with the energy of the bull.  Do not break anything or anyone though! Hahahaha  When you have confronted a fear – was it really that difficult?  I am sure once you did face your fear you realised it was not so big after all!!  So what fear are you gong to claim and own?  Then take the challenge and let go of it?

Bull = Action    Take action.  Action.  Action.  What action?  Think to yourself – what action do I need to be taking right now that I am not???  Make yourself strong like the bull and take action.  Set your mind on something this month and do it.  Mean what you say.  Do what you do.  Make a strong impact on your own life now.  Do your research and take action.  Whatever you do take action in the NewMoon in Taurus.  Even a small action is better than no action.  Congratulations

Positive Taurian Qualities – loyal, value, money, determination, back to basics, focus, grounding, taking control, planning your goal, practical application to detail in your life, pure grit determination, no matter what energy, solid ideas, solid actions, solid decisions, bull ferocity, good use of time, good use of energy levels, wanting the best, good foot, good home, good luxury, good taste, feeling good, sharing,  ambition, starting a new course, improving yourself e.g. financial, romantic, practical self, loyal,  no nonsense approach, determined.

Negative Taurian Qualities –  Fixed Earth Energy – stubborn, SELFISH, taking control, take-over bid, jealous, envious, gossipy, may be too too practical, unforgiving, destructive, angry, careless, uncaring, depression, sadness, withdrawal, frustration in relationships, frustration in partnerships, not able to make decisions, fixed in your ways, not flexible, not listening to opinion of others – like bull,  charging, stress factor, ignoring – chill factor!   BEWARE – over indulgence in seeking pleasures and enjoyment in all ways, possessiveness, jealousy, envy.  Avoid excessive spending.  Taurus can be lazy, over indulge, and suffer from apathy. 


Take action in at least one area of your life using the positive side of the bull energy

Claim what is your and let go what is not.  Let go old habit or relationship.  Claim your fear and face it.


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