Quantum Healing Activation

We hold a beautiful space to take Quantum Leaps, receive Quantum Healing, with Quantum Activation. We stand strong in our powerful process and success. We let go of any need to suffer – to stop giving permission to others to disrespect you – to clear drama and trauma. You are not separate. You are ONE. The Highest Truth

Who is this for?

For anyone who is feeling disconnected, discontent and wanting to activate accelerated healing and growth.

For anyone who simply want to have a top up and quality time alone or with a small group of like-minded people, family, and friends.

For you if you want to organise your own group to gather together to experience this wonderful healing. Call Toks to organise a date and time.


Live or Online.  In person Live in a sacred space. Or online on Zoom (if person cannot get to venue or is far away). We can have the zoom groups different from the live groups.

What to do

Lying down and relaxed. Wear comfortable clothes. Have blanket for warmth.


Please bring your own recording gadget. Or receive recording via email with link. Please download immediately as it will not be there for long.


To gather and receive Quantum Healing Activation, Sound Healing, Light Language, Arcturian Healing, Hands of Light Healing. Questions and Answers. Discussion.


Collective Intension is submitted by each person upon applying. The collective intensions will create a lovely mosaic.

At registration

When you register, please write your own intensions. The collective intensions will create a lovely mosaic. Come with your intension on the day.


Wear loose comfortable clothes. Have water to drink. Have pen, crayons, and paper for writing and drawing. Have your written intensions.

How long will it take?

It is suggested to allocate at least 4 hours. As you are doing this at your own pace it may take longer – it is up to you. Let us say Yes to Your Life. 


“Lying on the floor made me feel I let go and relaxed.  The Light Language went through me.  I felt a deep cleaning and release, like something came off me.  I am thinking clearer and feel happier than I have been in years.”

Price per Session: £250

Maximum Number of People: 4-6

Duration: 120 minutes