Quantum Visioning: Your Blueprint

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Quantum Visioning Vision Board

This is a very PRACTICAL workshop to introduce you to the wonderful concept of goal setting and goal getting.

It is a personal journey of self-discovery of your desires (goals) and showing a way forward with guidance and direction.

It enables you to plan, motivate and inspire you to action.

It indicates a way to evaluate and control your performance, making you accountable.

The purpose of a Visioning Workshop is to set a benchmark for achieving success, offering a process towards that specific success.

PRICE: £150

Included in this price you have:


By the end of the course, you should be able to:


Preparation is everything when it comes to creating a Vision Board.


Come with an open mind.  Prepare to open your mind, body, and spirit, to learn a new way of learning and rising.  It is always good to begin like you know nothing, then your Ego does not get in the way of your learning.


Allocate a time when you will not be distractions from social media, telephones, etc.  You decide how long it will take you to finish the course.  Do you want to take a day or longer? I suggest you finish the course within a week of starting it.   Here are some suggestions on time that can help you. (i) Decide to work in batches of 20-30 minutes and then have a 10-minutes break. (ii) Decide to work in batches of an hour, then have a 20-minutes break. (iii) Decide you will allocate 3-hours a day, or half a day (iv) Decide you take out one whole day.


Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.


Have your pen and paper or journal to take notes. You will be allocated time to fill in your experiences, thoughts, learning, etc. in your workbook.


Have water beside you to drink and help with the exercises and learning. Water is flow and movement.


Take breaks during the exercises (rest, eat a snack, sleep, go out for fresh air, listen to nice healing music, etc.)

NO Alcohol

Ideally, no smoking too. 

Vision Board

For those who are working from the workbook you can create your very own Vision Board.

  1. Have glue, Sellotape, scissors, ruler, pens, crayons, stickers (e.g. numbers, letters).
  2. Have pictures of yourself
  3. Magazines – cut out words and pictures that reflect your goals and desires.
  4. A3 or A4 paper or soft cardboard.  Coloured paper (plain white, blue, gold) to create your Vision Board.

You can have candles, incense, and oils burning, if safe.  You can have a crystal to hold during the exercises. You can sit in front of an altar or sit in an altar you created.  You can choose an object or picture to represent your True Self you want to create e.g. Quan Yin. You can have soft music playing in the background.  You decide what you would want around you as you listen to the teachings and do the exercises and write in your workbook.

Quantum Visioning Your BluePrint

Your blueprint is a spiritual vibration.

Your blueprint is a divine order.

Your vision must be bigger than you. If it is not, you will stay in your comfort zone.

After many painful years of trying to meet a partner that would love, respect and cherish me, I spoke to Toks. I was feeling totally defeated and at a loss at what to do next. This was really important to me as I had not done anything like this before and was feeling quite apprehensive.

I appreciated her warmth, empathy and deep commitment and sincerity to help me and her non-judgement. After a meditation, I left feeling uplifted and energised. I did 2 months with her and shortly after our sessions, in November I met my boyfriend. We got married in 2022 and we are expecting our first child. Thank you, Toks.