RESISTANCE with this FullMoon in Capricorn?


Any form of resistance you are feeling at the moment is from the energy of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  Do not miss this opportunity to celebrate the energy of this FULLMOON in CAPRICORN.  For within the resistance is the great OPPORTUNITY and the Cancer energy works with the resistance and brings it through easily with flow into opportunity.  Come and celebrate your resistance knowing it is just an opportunity to real practical benefits of Capricorn FullMoon.  

Full moon in Capricorn makes us look fully at the emotional cup and apply practical sensible solutions positively and courageously. 

The FullMoon in Capricorn brings in the quality of practical, conservative, hard working, structured and down to earth issues working with the Cancerian issues of security, nurturing, intuitive, family, mothering, home, emotions and safety.   Capricorn and Cancer are opposites.  Capricorn is EARTH.  Cancer is WATER.  Water gently erodes earth.  Water gently breaks down earth.  How are you going to deal with opposites in your life? Will you resist and become emotionally charged?  Will you take constructive action?  A good time to communicate from the heart and not from emotions!  A good time to move ahead and grow and grow and grow in a practical Capricorn wayCAPRICORN GETS THINGS DONE PRACTICALLY.  CANCER GETS THINGS DONE CREATIVELY

An eclipse is a very powerful time to help you to see what is blocking you, what is revealed to you.  It is a time to ‘eclipse’ negative things.  It is a time to ‘eclipse’ great opportunity and positive things. 

The LUNAR ECLIPSE helps us emotionally, intuitively and deeply.  It is about going inwards in CELEBRATION of your life.  Then coming out in celebration. 

 A TIME….TO REFLECT….Opposing emotions…. feelings…. ideas….A time to release even more fears….insecurity…. problematic relationships…..deep painful relationships……  ……stabbing ties that make us question if this relationship is respectful to me and to them? …..being stuck in negative attachments that make us question ourselves: Do I go home with this relationship feeling empowered or belittled?…….. Fears that hold us back in our lives…..  fears that keep us company when no one else is there to drive them away …….fears that we hold on to because we may be too afraid to see that we are bigger than we think or believe we are. 


Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn

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Hello Radiant Ones I hope this finds you well. Thank you for reading my blog posts, sharing and commenting. It fills my heart with joy. 

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Super Full Moon 2019

  You Touch Me without Touching Me. You Keep Me without Chains. Happy Super Super Full Moon. I Love You. Happy Super Super Full Moon

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