Welcome to Sacred Services with Toks Coker

Soul Ascension Egypt

A Visionary Quest to Your Soul Alignment. We connect to the mysteries of the sacred land, walking the path of the ancestors. We receive personal and collective messages. Throughout the retreat you will experience and receive different tools to support your spiritual development, intuition, and empowerment.

Price: £250

Duration: 12 Days, 11 Nights

1-2-1 Training Session

This is Divine Timing for your learning from the Zone of Genius. You decide to refine yourself and open to expansion. You surrender your old stories, blocks, and stuck paradigms; that no longer serve you.

Price: £250

Duration: 60 minutes on Zoom

Distant Blessing and Healing

You request Distant Healing for yourself or a loved one. Healing will be sent from the Hands of Light Healing Portal. We want to release burden and move forward. 

You choose how long you want the blessing and healing sent (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months).

Quantum Healing Activation

We hold beautiful space to take Quantum Leaps, receive Quantum Healing, with Quantum Activation. We stand strong in our powerful process and success. We let go of any need to suffer – to stop giving permission to others to disrespect you – to clear drama and trauma. You are not separate. You are ONE. The Highest Truth

Price per Session: £250

Duration: 120 minutes

Maximum Number of People: 4-6

1:1 Spiritual Coaching

Who is this for? For the person who wants personal attention from Toks, and immediate answers, with accountability. For the person who wants a dynamic bespoke session full of focus and determination. For the person who is ready to do the work and take responsibility for the results.

Price: £550

Duration: 90 minutes

Free Discovery Call

Conversation to get clarity about a service or product. To identify your key challenges, you are facing. To look at solutions to your key blocks, (such as: limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, fears, etc.). To discover what is holding you back (such as: victim, trauma, old patterns, etc.) from your dreams and desires. To listen to you attentively as you ask your questions and to give answers that make sense.

Duration: 30 minutes

1:1 Intuitive Card Consultation

Who is this for? For those who want the truth about their situation. Looking for clarity, focus, and solutions. Emotionally charged (fear, doubt, judgement, trauma, desperate, insecure, etc.)

Price: £150

Duration: 30 minutes

About Toks

Hi, I’m Toks and my strength is dealing with the emotions of a person and transforming that fundamental darkness into medicine. I’m very loving. I’m very strict. Don’t come if you don’t want the truth and don’t come if you don’t want strict guidance. Saying YES to Life is not always an easy thing to do, as we meet our personal (and collective) challenges and difficulties, in any area of our lives: personal, business, relationship, family, etc. My powerful life experiences and training enable me to help people in all sorts of ways. I am truly blessed to be able to do this. As you look through my website, I hope you feel the compassion, healing, commitment I have, to wanting you to be happy and safe.

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