Soul of Money Alchemy Workshop with Toks Coker


29 December 2016, 10am-5pm

So how was your Money Alchemy for 2016?

PATTERNS: What were the patterns that hindered you, blocked you and slowed you down?

PAINS: What are your pains with money? Your struggles and strife? Have you ever thought about them? Have you thought too much about them?

PROGRESS: Have you made progress but still feel like the underlying issue is still there somewhere, deep within you, tugging at you as you try to take a step forward in your life and bring in more money?

PRACTICAL: How practical are you with money? Do you manage your money well? Are you money smart? Do you save and invest? Do you have a diverse portfolio of investments? Would you like to?

SAVE: Do you struggle to save? Does your money come in and whoosh! It’s gone again?

CASH FLOW: Do you struggle with cash flow within your business and within your personal life?

KARMA: Are you aware that your business and life is a reflection of you and your Money values and your Money Karma? That if you transform yourself, you will transform your business and your personal relationship with Money?

BLOCKS:  What is your block to money? Are you aware of it? Have you thought about it? Would you like to shift it?

Your block could be spiritual, emotional or psychosomatic. It could be what’s stopping you from feeling fulfilled and expressing your unique gift to the world. It could be what’s stopping you from feeling worthy and loved. It could be what’s curtailing your happiness and your sense of self worth. If, like most people, you resonate with most of what you just read then you are definitely in the right place as this Soul of Money Alchemy workshop is designed to deal with and transform the very depths of these types of problems.

The Soul of Money Alchemy workshop will help guide you to powerfully transform your relationship with Money.



So many things to think about and it’s never only about Money. Money is love. Money is spiritual. Money is a Vortex of …..

If you attend the Soul of Money Alchemy with Toks Coker, you can come to the New Moon in Capricorn Alchemy Gathering for free. The New Moon in Capricorn Alchemy Gathering is on the same day as the Soul of Money Alchemy (10-5pm) though it is in the evening, from 7-10pm. Normally, the spiritual exchange for a Moon Alchemy Gathering is £44 – you can attend for free if you come to the Soul of Money Alchemy workshop during the day, £150.

If you would like to read more about the New Moon in Capricorn Alchemy Gathering, please click here: New Moon in Capricorn Gathering of Healing

If you have any queries, please feel free to call Yanni on 07961044895.

*This special offer is specifically for 29/12/16 i.e. you cannot carry forward the free Moon attendance to another date.



During this workshop YOU will:

  •   Reflect on what you achieved in 2016.
  •   Appreciate where you are right now and the resources you currently have.
  •   Transform your Relationship with Money: calling forth a New Sense of Freedom, Joy and Capability.
  •   Clear your Path to Money so that it Flows to You and You are Capable of managing it Responsibly.
  •   Invoke your Financial Abundance which is yours by Divine Right.
  •   Call Forth a New Sense of Self Worth, Self Esteem and Wholesome Confidence.
  •   Clear your Path to Happiness and Fulfilment.
  •   Transform your Relationship with Yourself.
  •   Transform your Relationship with Your Dreams.
  •   Clear your Path for 2017 and Beyond.
  •   Learn how to Live a Healthy and Satisfying Money-filled Life: improving your Relationships, Vitality and your ability to Contribute.
  •   Design measurable Results so that you Increase your Income and your Net Worth.

Make sure that 2017 is Filled Full with the Magic of More Money, More Financial Abundance and all the Blessings this brings.



This will be a day rich with great insights, practical tips, strategies and amazing potential. Gathering all the forces of money, we will activate your Money Force, that will enable you to make 2017 the best year ever for you.

Reflecting on the year/s gone, you will empower yourself with newness and freshness. There is so much packed into this day so please save this date now and book your ticket via the top of this page.

This workshop is a great opportunity to become aware of your block(s) to money. It will assist you to release upsets, dissolve barriers and uncover blind spots so that you have a powerful relationship with money as you move into 2017 and beyond. Remember, it is never only about Money!

Anxiety and confused feelings about Money are obstacles to our careers and our relationships. A dysfunctional relationship with Money can hold us back from achieving our highest potential and realizing our greatest goals and can be a cause for strife in our relationships and our self worth and self esteem.

You will be looking closely at YOUR OWN STORY WITH MONEY and the ways your beliefs around Money have limited and constricted your life. We will also look at how our consumer culture’s constant anxiety and quest for Money can be a real block to happiness in the here and now.



Here are some more Powerful Exercises that YOU will complete in this workshop:

You will look at the Magical Dimensions within you; by Clearly, Re-Defining and Identifying your True Goals, Vision and Mission for 2017.

You will identify ways of Achieving your Goals based on your Truth and not someone else’s limiting truth of you.

You will create a 2017 Dream/Vision Board for yourself based on an Energetic Transmission.

You will Co-Create your Future in a Healing Space by Empowering your Resonance and Essence; so that You can Tap Into your Future Where ever You Are in the World.

You will look at All your Options and Who and Where you are Now.

You will Anchor in Spiritual Power to Manifest your Goals, Vision and Mission.

You will Energetically and Practically Clear stuck limiting beliefs, fears, emotions and patterns that are holding you back or you are ‘entertaining’ out of habit.

You will explore Preserving Relationships that honour you in 2017: work, career, family, mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, in-laws, step children, step parents, lover, partner, wife, husband, colleague, etc.

You will look to understanding an emotional pattern from the past and seek to transform that poison to medicine. You will look at your Spiritual Psychology of Yourself: Transforming the dilemma in your Life Right Now.

You will burn a bridge that no longer serves you; so you do not go back to that pattern of blame, confusion, irritation, annoyance, bitterness or victim.

You will do a Simple Practical Exercise to Clear Time Lines and Create Power Lines to Journey through Past, Present and Future.

You will call in the Energy of the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water) Mother Earth, Gaia, Father Sky, YOU will call in a Practical Action to take in 4 areas of your Life to Manifest your Dreams and Hopes.

You will Receive 13 Creative Practical Steps to Move Forward with your Energy Matrix of Now.

You will privately write your New Moon wishes for 2017: experiencing Soul Making at Work in your Life.

You will Plant a New Seed in your Energetic Body and In Your Physical Body to grow to Love who you are Becoming.

You will look at the New YOU that you are now and that you are Becoming. Then you can answer the question: Who Am I? I am ……

You will practice the Law of Attraction with Magnetic Healing.

You will learn a Psychic Protection exercise to Carry You Forth with the Multi-Dimension of 2017 and Beyond.

You will learn how to Communicate your Truth in your Alchemical Resurrection process. You will be able to More Freely Express Yourselves in a Simple and more Holistic Way. You will be able to say: I am who I am meant to be.

    THIS IS A DAY OF MAGIC.  After all the Christmas Celebrations with family and friends take PRECIOUS TIME out for YOURSELF.
    If you have any questions, please call Yanni on 07961044895.



“The vortex was incredibly powerful and intense, it allowed me to open to the maximum, as it was safe, and let my wildest dreams surface and manifest energetically. I can feel my new life. I am it. And I look forward to all the hard evidence. I’ll be back. Lots of love.” Evgenia Fossett

“I have been to many workshops, but this one was very different and highly energetically charged. Toks has a very powerful voice and a great spirit. I truly enjoyed every moment of this workshop.” Inga Kavoluinaite

“These meditations are simply the best gift you can give to yourself. I love you Toks.” Genevieve Capovilla

“I found this gathering mind blowing. I’m taking away strength and power and inner magic. Toks is incredibly powerful.” Kathryn Drysdale

Dear Toks,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you are well.

I want to say huge thank you lots of things. I had an amazing year. I was following your words about true love and true happiness and I found it. Thank you for your lessons, thank you for birthday blessings, thank you for your friendship.

With Love                       EMAIL 24 December 2016 – name and picture of new family not shared for confidential reasons.


29 December 2016

The Soul of Money Alchemy day workshop, 29 December, from 10am-5pm will be a day rich with great insights, practical tips, strategies and amazing potential. Gathering all the forces of money, we will activate your Money Force, that will enable you to make 2017 the best year ever for you. Reflecting on the year/s gone, you will empower yourself with newness and freshness.

What to Bring with you:  (1) An open mind.  (2) Bring your own lunch and remember to cater to your special dietary requirements for your optimum health.  There are shops nearby.  (3)  If you can, bring a £50 note to work with. You take this back home with you.

Refreshments (tea and biscuits) will be provided throughout the day.

If you are coming please let me know.  For details click here: The Soul of Money Alchemy 29 December

On the evening of 29 December, we will hold the New Moon and Sun in Capricorn Gathering from 7pm-10pm. For details click here:  New Moon Gathering 29 December

31 December 2016

The New Year Entry Portal Gathering will be held in my flat from 10pm on Saturday 31 December 2016 till 1am on Sunday 1 January 2017. As always, we hold a fabulous ritual ceremony that closes 2016 and opens 2017 graciously. The proceeds will be going to RNIB.  For details click here: New Year Portal Opening & Entry

Please let me know if you are coming to any of these gatherings.
Happy New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year.

Love Always,
Toks xxxx


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